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Essential Oils Prevent Infection in Nasty Cat Bite, Healed the Lumpy Scar, too!

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Infection Is a Major Concern with All Cat Bites

In early FEBRUARY 2021, Jaeci…our emotional cat…bit my left hand HARD causing a localized, painful infection leaving a lumpy scar as the wound healed.

woman's hand, swollen and red on day 2 after cat bite, covered with a bandage
My hand swollen with a localized infection from a nasty cat bite.

Jaeci and I had a misunderstanding…

I was laying on the sofa. She wanted to cuddle and ‘knead’ me. I needed a blanket layered between my skin and her needle-sharp claws. She was sitting on the blanket and wouldn’t move. When I pushed her to move off, so I could pull it up, she bit me HARD on the back of my left hand (my ‘good’ hand) as my right hand was out-of-commission after shoulder surgery two weeks earlier!!!

Infection Is a Major Concern with All Cat Bites

2-4-2021 / Day 2

Cat bites can be dangerous, leading to blood poisoning and serious consequences from infection. Rather than going to our hospital’s Emergency Room, I treated the cat bite on my hand at home with many applications of anti-infectious, scar-reducing essential oil blends and C60 Olive Oil.

Immediately, I went to stop the bleeding using firm pressure – part of the injury was a puncture wound in a vein – followed by rubbing anti-infectious essential oils on the wound and surrounding area.  Then I used analgesic, pain-relieving, oils to minimize discomfort.

12hrs later
My hand was only mildly red, a bit swollen, and very sore. I couldn’t make a fist, although my fingers weren’t swollen. Drank lots of water to help the healing process. Watched the wound closely, applying oils every few hours to avoid infection…my main concern with this cat bite.


One of my favorite blends for infections (or to avoid one) is Melrose®, a tea tree (Melaleuca), Rosemary, Clove essential oils blend sold by Young Living Essential Oils.

Other essential oils I applied to the cat bite wound were:
~ A custom anti-infectious blend I had just created for a customer, with Rosemary, Clove, and citrus essential oils in the formula.
~ Lavender essential oil to ease pain.
~ SpurGo™, a custom anti-inflammatory essential oils blend to reduce swelling / pain.
~ Scar-Be-Gone™ an excellent essential oils blend created to prevent permanent scarring
~ Plus Arnica gel.

Didn’t want the infectious microbes to get a foothold!

woman's hand, day 4 after cat bite with puncture wound and scratch
Four days later, cat bite injury is responding well to at home essential oils treatment.

2-7-21 / Day 4  Good News Update!

The cat bite healing turned a corner for the better:

  • Much less pain
  • Swelling was going down
  • Redness was shrinking towards the original wound, rather than spreading
  • Minor discharge had stopped

My hand was still stiff from  swelling and still tender, so I put a clean bandage back on to protect it.

What made a TREMENDOUS difference was C60 Olive Oil applied topically. A friend gave me some for my shoulder (after rotator cuff surgery in January), which I hadn’t used for that yet, since this bite took priority…but thank-goodness for her gift! The pain relief was almost instantaneous for small wounds (like my husband’s cut fingertip) and obvious within a few hours with a more serious wound like the cat bite.

Normally, I would have been a skeptic, thinking C60 EVOO was a health ‘fad,’ but not now. We will be ordering ourselves a large supply from this UK distributor. Their pricing is very affordable compared to most sources.

woman's hand,16 days after deep cat bite showing lumpy scar and healing scratch
Cat bite infection is completely healed, but a lumpy scar remains.

Infected Cat Bite Cured, Leaving a Lumpy Ugly Scar

2021 February 19 ~ Day 16

Just over two weeks since the cat bite. I could make a tight fist now and use my hand completely, but that lumpy scar was still quite prominent.

2021 February 25 ~ Day 22

A week later. Scar lump was still quite large and bumpy. At this point I was wondering how long it was going to take for the body to heal it completely?

woman's hand, 28 days after deep cat bite with lumpy scar healing
A month after the cat bite, lumpy scar is smaller, but still visible.

2021 March 4 ~ Day 28

The lumpy scar was getting better (smaller and seemingly flatter), but was taking awhile even with 2-3x daily applications of scar reducing essential oils and the C60 Olive oil.

2021 March 6 ~ Day 30

Thirty days seems to be the ‘magic’ turning point for when scars from surgical wounds or cat bites start their ‘disappearing act.’ I was noticing this on my shoulder surgery incisions as well.

2021 March 10 ~ (Day 34) Cat Bite Update: The scar ‘lump’ seemed visibly smaller / flatter every few days.

woman's hand, 38 days after deep cat bite, lumpy scar completely healed
Cat bite scar is much smaller and flatter.

2021 March 13 ~ Day 37

The scar ‘lump’ was steadily getting smaller and flatter.

2021 March 14 ~ Day 38

What a difference from two weeks ago! By this time I was feeling very encouraged and pleased with the healing process.

woman's hand, 66 days after deep cat bite, no evidence of injury visible
Five weeks after getting bitten by my cat, the scar is almost gone.

2021 March 14 ~ Day 38 

Showing the scar ‘lump’ from different lighting angles, so you can see how well it’s healing. I’m hoping the scar ‘lump’ will be completely healed by the end of this month or early April.

2021 Mid-April ~ Day 65

The cat bite wound / lumpy scar was almost completely gone. There was still a very slight lump visible when I moved my fingers, but no one else would ever know I had such a nasty bite slightly over two months ago.

With the right resources and knowledge, we can take care of ourselves and heal many injuries in a holistic way.

woman's hand, after a second cat bite with minor puncture wound and scratch

2021 Mid-April

And then a week later, my cat bit me again! Gosh, was I angry with her! At least this time, the bite wasn’t serious and I knew exactly what to do to help it heal.

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