Best Health Consultation for Immune Support & Well Being

best health consultations for your well being

Our educational health advocacy services:

  • Best Health Consultation
  • Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation and
  • Personal Essential Oils Blends are YOUR resource for learning what lifestyle choices (such as foods, nutritional supplements, aromatherapy, and even which medical treatments & medications prescribed by your doctor) may best support your immune system. Choosing options that resonate with your energy bio-field will enhance your life and well-being.

Best Health Consultation for Well-Being

Discover what choices support your immune system and which therapeutic essential oils may enhance your health! After obtaining a diagnosis from your physician, our Best Health Consultation can be done (via email or by phone). We will discuss your particular health-wellness issue(s), supportive life-style choices, and essential oil(s) or custom therapeutic blends appropriate for self-care applications along with usage examples. I am happy to offer ideas on how to use essential oils you may already have at home.

If you would like to receive a health or clinical aromatherapy consultation / treatment, please fill out & submit the Request for Health History / Fragrance Preferences Form below prior to calling or emailing for an appointment. This will clarify the focus of our Best Health Consultation For Well-Being, assisting me in understanding your health issues and personal needs. Remember to print a copy for your own records.

Best Health & Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation Fees

  • $35 / Quick Consultation: Easy questions (up to 15 minutes)
  • $62 Short Consultation: More involved questions (up to 30 minutes)
  • $170 / Full Consultations, (2 hours or longer) Consultation+Research time depending on the health issue you would like assistance with including first phone call or email inquiry, reviewing your health history, researching your health issue, including the best essential oil choices with a follow-up phone call about results. If additional time is required, billing will be in 15 minute segments ($26)
  • $53 / Follow-Up Self-Help Suggestions via email.
  • $26 / Follow-Up Consultations for Current Clients: 15 minutes
  • $44 Follow-Up Consultations for Current Clients: 30 minutes
  • PLUS the price of your custom blend & shipping. Custom blends vary in price due to individual medicinal grade essential oils & current market availability.
  • We accept payment via Paypal by personal check or credit card: DiscoverMastercardVISA (Please PHONE: 800-307-3564, do NOT email.
  • If you prefer to pay by check, please make the check to: Cynthe Brush Global. Mail the Health History Form along with your check, which will be deposited prior to our consultation, to: Essential Oils For Healing, 1970 West Shadow Valley Drive Prescott AZ 86305. Please keep a copy for your own records.

Please Note:
All phone calls are paid by the client.

For NEW Phone clients call: 800-307-3564 to schedule an appointment, I’m happy to discuss your case for 5 minutes, without charge, about issues you’d like to work on. If you wish to discuss your case in more detail, please arrange for a pre-paid consultation to be charged at my rates listed above.

For NEW Email clients sending inquiries to, I will answer one brief question about what you’d like to work on. Then you may decide if you wish to schedule an appointment. The time and date for appointments can be arranged via email.

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, between 12 noon and 5pm, AZ time. Booking at least one week in advance is recommended. CANCELLATIONS require a 36-hour advance notice.

Aromatherapy Treatment Sessions

The techniques I use for individual are described in detail in my “Distance Healing” article (see link below). These sessions may be done remotely or in person.

To get an idea of how I approach life, healing journeys, and these wonderful essential oils. Please read:
The Healing Path…A Journey of Challenge, Grace, & Inspiration
Distance Healing with Therapeutic Essential Oils

Artisan-Crafted Aromatherapy Blends

Artisan-Crafted Essential Oil Blends are a special aromatherapy TREAT as well as supportive self-help healing tools.  In my role as a health advocate / aromatherapy self-help educator, I’m always interested in researching ‘just the right healing oils’ for clients, family & friends. It’s a joyful, creative process of discovery to meld unique synergistic blends. I get tremendous satisfaction, observing how therapeutic essential oils – wonderful botanical gifts – enhance our health and well-being.

If the Gaia’s Pharmacopeia blends don’t fit your needs and a custom-created blend is what you want, please fill out & submit the Request for Health History / Fragrance Preferences Form (see link above) before emailing or calling to set-up an appointment. I will use my professional knowledge, intuition and alchemist gift, along with your comments and my questionnaire, to create your blend.

Our synergistic blends are carefully formulated and individually hand-crafted for you from our current stock of precious 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic jojoba carrier oil, if a therapeutic dilution is more appropriate for your situation. We do not have pre-blended inventory. Custom blends vary in price due to individual medicinal grade essential oils & current market availability. Your custom blend formula will be recorded for future purchases.

Each essential oil has its own frequency and healing attributes, which have assisted others with physical, emotional-psychological, and spiritual issues. These healthful effects are achieved by raising our bio-field frequencies, supporting our immune systems with powerfully healing compounds, and by bringing our emotions into balance to face life’s personal journeys. Or they can be worn simply as a delightful signature fragrance.

Personal consultations include 5 minutes of FREE email / phone conversations reviewing your particular health-wellness issue(s), researching & creating custom therapeutic essential oil blends appropriate for self-care applications. Custom essential oil blend orders include a reference sheet or email detailing the EOs in the blend with usage suggestions.

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