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Versatile ‘All-Purpose’ Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Here are my family’s favorite Young Living therapeutic essential oils with general – not detailed – comments on what we use the various oils for. I encourage you to review our reference books to select & buy a few for your use, so you can have detailed information at your fingertips.

DO look up the following EOs, when your books arrive. Take note of the cautionary statements. Some oils may irritate sensitive skin (like mine), if not diluted and/or cause detoxing reactions – itchy red skin rashes, emotional responses, vividly insightful dreams, etc. All fine reactions, if one’s ready to work with them.

It is helpful to have Vita-Flex / Accupressure points reference charts for working with therapeutic essential oils on the hands and feet.

The charts are from Connie & Alan Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oils  (Rev.Edition – AUG 2002), one of my favorite books for learning about how to use essential oils.

A VERY Subjective, Rather Long, Selection…Here goes:

VALOR® – for Energy balancing-harmonizing / grounding & courage (of course) / insomnia / deodorant
NOTE: We’ve put this at the top of the list (out of alphabetical order) because Gary Young, Young Living Oils master EO blends formulator, feels this is his most important proprietary blend.

MUSCULAR Aches & Pains
~ AROMA SIEZ™ – We use Aroma Siez after our Tai Chi classes or a long day of gardening. Smells spicy. Works wonderfully.

1st AID in a Bottle
~ LAVENDER – Blemishes / burns / cuts / scar prevention / rashes / depression / insomnia / stress / calms sneezy tickles (is an anti-histamine)
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COLD & FLU season / Avoiding TRAVEL germs
~ LEMON – rubbed into your hands, on your feet / 1 drop added to 8oz. drinking water / lymphatic cleansing / INCREDIBLE in cooking – cookie dough, ice cream, sauces, frosting, fruit pies, etc. in any dish that calls for lemon juice or zest.

NOTE: Lemon essential oil can be sensitizing. Best used diluted or to alternate with another mild EO, like Lavender.
I used Lemon EO as a natural underarm deodorant-lymphatic cleanser for several years (when I was still an EOs novice). Unfortunately, now if I put it in drinking water or apply topically – I immediately break-out in a very itchy, red, detox underarm rash that lasts for a week or longer. Still, it’s one of my very favorite EOs, Luckily, I can use Lemon EO on my hands & feet with no problem.
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Another great EO for COLD & FLU season / Avoiding TRAVEL germs
~ THIEVES™ – use judiciously…this is a TERRIFIC, but somewhat “hot” blend. Best applied to your hands & feet or taken diluted with organic olive oil in an 00-size veggie cap.
HINT: Put the olive oil in first 2-4 drops, then add 1-2 drops of Thieves.

 – uplifting / calming / relaxing

~ NUTMEG – an amazingly powerful oil! Use only 1-2 drops rubbed in on the back over adrenal/kidney area. Brightens up your head within seconds. Relieves mid-back aches, if stress related. 1 drop rubbed in, stops my older son’s asthmatic reactions INSTANTLY! Also, stabilizes blood sugar levels.

~ PEACE & CALMING® – Very unique blend. One of Bill’s & my friend, Pam’s favs…lots of citrus, some patchouli. (Much too intense for me.)
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Another great EO for INSOMNIA 
 – Uplifting. Sacred. Powerfully healing. An expensive, but thick oil, so a little goes a long way. A super EO for chronic insomnia (stimulates the body’s production of melatonin). Works superbly for my husband, who struggles with being able to fall asleep.

~ RAVEN™ (Bill – my hubby’s fav – very wintergreenish) or
RC™ (my fav – lots of eucalyptus)
Obviously, inhalation is the best application for bronchial / lung issues. May also be used in a moisture diffuser (a few drops in the water) or on a diffusing pad for air diffusers or applied topically on the throat, chest or accupressure points on your feet & hands.

4 wonderful Youngl Living Essential Oil blends for EMOTIONAL Support
~ HARMONY™ – One of Bill’s favs for relaxing.
(Too intense for me….my sense of smell is much better than his.)

~ SACRED MOUNTAIN™ – Awesome blend! Both of Bill & I LOVE it! The conifer oils make it good for pain, too.

~ SARA™ – A LOVELY blend. Nice as a perfume. I find it uplifting, heartening.
Was developed for survivors of sexual abuse – ritual abuse, so if those are issues for you then you may want to have your journal at hand in case feelings come up.

~ SENSATION™ – Another lovely blend to use as a perfume.
NOTE: Had one girlfriend react very negatively to the Ylang Ylang in this blend. Brought up uncomfortable emotional memories from her childhood that she didn’t want to look at. However, she informed me just last month (July 2007) that it’s no longer an issue for her.

Rose Geranium essential oil is produced from the plant's leaves, not the violet flowers
Rose Geranium essential oil is produced from the plant’s leaves, not the violet flowers

1-7-05 Assembled this list several years ago, have learned LOTS since then. If you have questions, feel free to email me… It’s inspiring to share ideas and experiences once you start using these oils!

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