Distance Healing with Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Studying & working with therapeutic essential oils (since 1999) led to taking ISHA’s Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy workshops in 2006-07…and becoming the local workshop coordinator for the on-going northern California series.

A ‘simple’ student research project is a coursework requirement. Exuberance and enthusiasm is a not-so-subtle characteristic of mine. ‘Simple’ very quickly transforms into ‘creatively detailed’….

On an intuitive whim and with genuine curiosity, I ambitiously chose to do a project requiring skills I had never used before or even experienced. The research experience was fascinating – particularly for me -since I documented everything I observed and learned with detailed notes.

Inspiration came to do a 6-week distance healing for a friend of mine with debilitating asthma (side effect from overuse of strong intravenous antibiotics necessitated by a life-threatening internal staph infection). She loves plants & gardening, but can’t inhale or apply the essential oils (EOs) directly, because of her condition.

Some background on therapeutic essential oils:
~ The oils work on a vibratory level, affecting a person’s energetic field without having to be applied physically.
~ The frequency of oils is raised in combination with intent & prayer.
~ Dis-EASE has it’s source in a person bio-energetic field, corresponding to a drop in one’s frequency, below the average healthy rate of 62-68 Mhz.
~ The use of therapeutic essential oils raises the recipient’s frequency to a state of harmonic resonance towards wellness / well-being.

Some background on my friend’s health situation:
~ In 2005, my friend collapsed with a life-threatening internal staph infection that attacked spinal vertebrae in her neck & nervous system…a close brush with mortality.
~ After surviving the crisis (though just barely), my friend’s health has been going up-and-down with little improvement, recurring bouts of severe vertigo, and no sense of her health stabilizing.
~ Sensitive to pharmaceuticals, she developed an intolerance even for gentle alternative remedies and nutritional supplements to bolster her immune system.

During the daily, 6-week course of distance EO treatments:

  • Her health stabilized
  • Her vertigo subsided
  • Her energy improved
  • She became able to tolerate health supplements
  • Her attitude became much cheerier
  • And she made major decisions to simplify and unburden her life (including the sale of her house to move closer to her adult daughter & son and grandchildren)

Since she is a very private person and didn’t keep detailed notes, it’s difficult to say for sure the distance EO healings “made all the difference.” But I’m a keen observer and like to track patterns. My friend wasn’t getting anywhere – except managing to stay alive – while developing progressively more dire side effects from the intensive intravenous antibiotics and steroid inhalers. Within 3 weeks (21 – weekday treatments), her health had significantly improved….and stabilized…as long as she didn’t exhaust herself with worry, responsibilities, and over-doing things (her natural tendencies). She was very grateful for the healing work, none-the-less, which she feels is an excellent approach for individuals with asthma & chemical / environmental sensitivities.

The Treatment Set-Up:
~ Determine a mutually convenient, treatment time when the client can be in a receptive state to support a return to well-being.
~ Depending on the urgency of the health issue, this can be with daily or weekly sessions for a specified course of time…days, weeks, months.
~ If daily sessions are scheduled, take a break from treatments on weekends / holidays.
~ Plan on 30-45 minutes per session. (There is rarely a need to exceed an hour.)
~ At the time selected, choose oil/s for your client that their being asks for (by using a pendulum on their behalf). Read more pendulum use suggestions: here and here.
~ The treatments are done with the intent “of the client’s highest good,” helping to co-create with the client, their spirit guides, and Creator, the client’s return to well-being.
~ As a philosophic healing policy, avoid the temptation to “will” your client to health! We are mere humans. Life and death, health and well-being are our Creator’s domain.

Healing proxy bear doll

~ I prefer working with a proxy ‘stand-in’ for clients…customized with a personal object from them like an email or photograph, a fax of their signature, a necklace, scarf, hat, etc. The personal object / photograph is used so, my pendulum can pick up the client’s vibrations.
~ The ‘medical assistant’ proxy I have worked with very successfully is a large hand sewn, wild-eyed, cuddly, black bear doll…Natasha…that my sister made me many years ago. Natasha sits calmly in my room until she’s needed to comfort someone in a health crisis. (Natasha’s healing career began more than a decade ago, when she comforted the wife of a friend, after he suffered a heart attack. Natasha ‘roomed’ with this friend, until her husband’s health stabilized and he returned home from the hospital.)
Client’s responses to the healing sessions need to be tracked. This can be done with a short email, noting whatever comes up each day or each week….
ie. any health changes (good or bad), any thoughts, sensations, feelings, slept very well, struggled with insomnia, had weird dreams, feel more energetic-tired, crave certain foods, felt happy-angry-sad-impatient-hopeful, etc. If private issues come up, clients don’t have to share specifics, but should note them in a personal journal….and simply email the healer a generalized statement.

distance healing proxy bear doll with pendantdistance healing proxy bear doll with photo
Examples of personal objects used for healing sessions: (In photo above)) Natasha wearing a hat. (Left) Wearing a pendent. (Right) With a photograph.

Distance Healing Treatments
 are available in my professional clinical aromatherapy practice as a health advocate / educator and wise-woman-crone. If you would like to receive a treatment, please visit our ‘Best Health Consultations’ page (see link in prior sentence) , fill out & submit the Client Health History Form along with your payment to reserve an appointment.

Feel free to email me with feedback or questions about this article.

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