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(pronounced sin-thee)

ADVERSE TO PILLS AND PHARMACEUTICALS, except when absolutely necessary, but with a keen interest in heath and alternative self-help options, I was introduced to Essential Oils in 1999 by an alternative healer / friend – a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. For me, a long-time vegetarian, gardener, and organic health foods consumer, using pure therapeutic essential oils for self-help and harmony is a natural venue.

An enthusiast – observant, perceptive, and caretaking – I’ve “mothered and ministered” others from a tender age starting with my baby sister…pets, friends, parents, partners, kids and co-workers.

Began creating self-help essential oil blends with my daughter-in-law, Briana’s collaboration. Some of the blends have yielded remarkable results… soothing & clearing herpes lesions, minimizing scar tissue, relieving dizziness from vertigo, easing backaches, muscle spasms & cramps etc.
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My services :
~ Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation: Research and education on individualhealth issues.
~ Creating custom essential oils blends for folks’ healing journeys.

Beauty and fragrance, nurture and nature with a special affinity for flowers and trees, critters and creature comforts – I appreciate everything wonderful! My creativity has found expression in all natural botanical oil perfumes.

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