The Healing Path

…A Journey of Challenge, Grace, & Inspiration ~ Working with Therapeutic Essential Oils

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9-19-07 A dear friend of mine is having a terrible time…she’s very ill and getting progressively worse. The official diagnosis is chronic lyme disease with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction, fibromyalgia, depression & anxiety disorder.

In a recent email, she wrote “As for my own personal treatment, I have been getting regular raindrop therapy from a very gifted friend, who is a neural RN and also an LMT. I also use a lot of EOs at home, but lately I’ve noticed that the treatments, both the at home and… professionally administered, are useless. The aromas are pleasing, but that’s about the extent of the benefit. Sadly, my body doesn’t even respond to the raindrop treatments anymore. Nobody is more disappointed than I am to admit that. I’m afraid my lyme spirochete is stronger than the EOs. It’s certainly proven to be stronger than the antibiotics I’ve been taking for well over a year now and the hydrogen peroxide intravenous treatments I had for 8 weeks.”

Besides being extremely ill, despair is obviously threatening her well-being. In my observations it’s crucial for our well-being – whether we’re standing at death’s doorway or continuing on with life – to summon up courage, trust, and faith in the face of life-threatening challenges.

There is much I have learned in the ISHA Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy workshops. Here are some key points anyone can use for self-healing and which I use in clinical practice with family, friends, and clients. The following is adapted from my email reply to my friend:

“We don’t know where this ‘dark clouds’ journey of yours is to lead…or how long it is to last, but we can be sure you’re paying off loads of heavy karmic debt and receiving the ‘silver lining’ kindnesses that are owed you through the process. You are handling the situation as gracefully as you can, but I’m sure many despairing thoughts intrude. When I’ve gone through dark and/or scary times, my mind & emotions have reflected negativity to me.

As illogical as this advice may seem, in light of what you are going through:

  • Keep CONTROL of your mind & emotions.
  • ONLY dwell on sweet, loving, hopeful thoughts.
  • Practice GRATITUDE every moment.
  • BEG to Creator for help in doing so, if you need to.

Here is more of what I have learned that you may be able to use in self-care:
Essential oils (as Nature’s creations) have an innate “intelligence” that aid the body’s healing as is best, in the moment.
~ Therapeutic essential oils don’t heal, but give the body healing compounds to strengthen our immune systems.
~ Therapeutic essential oils can work in harmony with pharmaceuticals.
~ Pure essential oils raise in frequency as much aThe Healing Paths 15% in response to loving prayer. So, start with a prayer of gratitude and ask for healing guidance, before “anointing” yourself or taking the oils internally. Ask your essential oils practitioner to do the same.

~ The two MOST destructive emotions to health are (in order):
Do not dwell on those emotions. Do not supress them. Acknowledge them. Release them (through your feet and hands) to Gaia – mother earth – and ask that she turned them into nutritious compost. She knows what to do with negativity. Create a simple ritual for doing this until there is no more negativity to give away. Fill yourself up with LOVE, JOY, and GRATITUDE after each release, acknowledging the act by inhaling an essential oil you love.

Keep using the oils. Inhale them frequently as a cleansing, transformative, reminder to support your positive emotional outlook.

Be loving. Especially to yourself. Your body, mind, emotions, personality are on loan to you from Creator as a rare gift, so you can unite with your creator in this lifetime. Treat yourself and your body like the true treasure it is. Minister to it as you would to a precious client in delicate condition.

~ For chronic issues, therapeutic essential oils can be even more powerful in dilution: 5-10% dilutions can have a homeopathic effect (which is 5-10 drops EOs in tsp. of carrier oil OR 15-30 drops of EOs in 15ml for massage or raindrop or for a custom blend).

~ It is also beneficial not to use the same essential oils all the time. You may select them purely on intuition or research oils for a particular issue (and then use your intuition) or you may dowse for the best oil for you for the day or at a given moment.

It has been absolutely fascinating to learn about these wonderful oils and the sweet miracle of guidance. And especially to observe the subtle, dependable, benefits of traveling a healing path.”

* * *
To our readers: It is my hope you find some healing “gems” among these suggestions. Feel free to email me with feedback.

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