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Myrrh Essential Oil Offers “Instant” Relief for Vaginal Yeast Infections

bottle of myrrh essential oil
Got "a raging yeast infection"... the last full moon. Wonder what the moon has to do with yeast infections? Am sure there must be a relationship...

One of the best ways to gain experience – and confidence – about the healing benefits of essential oils is to practice on yourself! We all have day-to-day or out-of-the-blue health issues that crop up.

With an interesting variety of minor health issues, I’ve decided to be my own client in my self-healing experiments. In the process, have assembled a journal of notes on my trial-and-observation method of learning.

12-8-2006 Notes from an email exchange with a friend

Interestingly, I, got “a raging yeast infection” (haven’t had one in years) a month ago – the last full moon around NOV 1st (2006). Just had another full moon on DEC 4th-5th. Is that when yours started? Wonder what the moon has to do with yeast infections? Am sure there must be a relationship…

Used steam distilled Essential Oils and nutrition to clear it up incredibly fast in a few days. Here’s what I did:

– Mixed 2 drops of MYRRH (therapeutic-quality) essential oil in 1/8c of plain organic yogurt and spooned it carefully into myself (since I couldn’t find the applicator women use for vaginal creams / medications).

– Did this morning & night for two days.
(HINT: Wear a pad to keep from soiling underwear.)

– Took a probiotic capsule of Nature’s Way Primadophilus REUTERI (very aggressive against digestive candida) daily for a week. Figured if I had a vaginal yeast infection (external candida), I likely had digestive candida as well.

– Took 3 dropperfuls of Mineral Essence, a nutritional supplement, in 1/4c of organic, unsweetened Cranberry Juice every morning for a week along with the probiotic.

Amazingly, the symptoms subsided in 3 days and haven’t returned! Never got relief so quickly, 20 plus years ago, when my vaginal yeast infections were more problematic.

My friend’s comment: Thanks so much for the tip. I tried the Myrrh immediately and I think it’s helping. Lots of things correspond to the full moon, so this isn’t surprising – and I started my period yesterday. Oh joy. ~ Prema S.

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5 thoughts on “Myrrh Essential Oil Offers “Instant” Relief for Vaginal Yeast Infections”

  1. Hello ~ Thank you so much for the tips! I have been using doterra essential oils due to their purity. They are Certified pure therapeutic grade. Meaning medical grade. I have been using Frankincense, lavender, geranium and fractionated coconut oil in a capsule and inserting as a vaginal suppository nightly. This remedy has helped many women cure abnormal pap, yeast infections, over growth of vaginal bacteria. Thank you again for sharing ~ It is so helpful to connect and share wisdom.

  2. Good stuff, also, if I may add… To lower your risk of heart disease, include plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.
    Omega-3 fatty acids decrease your cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular functions.

    One of the best sources of this nutrient is salmon, but it can also be
    found in flaxseed, walnuts, and tofu. Try eating something with Omega-3 fatty acid several times a week.

    • I don’t think ingesting myrrh, would do the trick. You could apply it to your lower abdomen and on your back over your kidneys. (Essential oils are absorbed quickly through the skin and then circulated through your entire body.) You could also apply Myrrh EO to bladder organ points on the palms of your hands / soles of your feet to support your immune system. (See these charts as guides. Or make a yogurt cream described in the article to use as an overnight genital application with padding to keep from soiling your bedclothes.


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