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GERMAN CHAMOMILE Essential Oil’s Healing Properties

photo of german chamomile flowers therapeutic essential oil bottle by original swiss aromatics
A gently healing therapeutic essential oil contains the strongest anti-inflammatory compounds of all essential oils.
photo of german chamomile flowers therapeutic essential oil bottle by original swiss aromatics
German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita), a gently healing therapeutic essential oil contains the strongest anti-inflammatory compounds of all essential oils.

~ GERMAN CHAMOMILE (Matricaria recutita, Chamomilla recutita) from the daisy family has the strongest anti-inflammatory compounds of ANY therapeutic essential oil, yet, is extremely gentle in use. It’s excellent for pain & stress relief, healing skin & mouth wounds, and soothing arthritic – rheumatic inflammations. Good for children. Non-irritating. Generally, non-sensitizing, though better diluted with a carrier oil for sensitive skin, babies & small children, the elderly, and infirm.

The remarkable feature of German Chamomile essential oil is its color – a deep indigo blue from its chamazulene content. It also has lactone compounds like coumarin with a distinctive “green / freshly mown grass” fragrance renown for anti-inflammatory effects that may be used to reduce lymphedema swelling & puffiness, as a nervous system sedative (calming / pain-killing), while being supportive of the liver (detoxing), and an immune system booster (minimizing auto-immune dysfunction).

German Chamomile ~ A Traditional Medicinal Herb in European Pharmacopoeia

Primary uses are for anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic applications. Internal usage indications are: gastric ulcers, gastritis, flatulence and peptic disorders. External applications are also a very important with most commercial products formulated to soothe inflammations and skin problems. Plus, German Chamomile is often used as a home inhalation remedy for respiratory tract inflammation and infections.

PROPERTIES: Analgesic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antispasmodic, decongestant, digestive tonic and is hormone-like.

BODY SYSTEM(S) AFFECTED: Emotional Balance, Nervous System, Skin

FRENCH MEDICAL USES: Acne, Cystitis, Decongestant, Digestive Tonic, Eczema, Gallbladder, Hormonal effects, Liver, Ulcers

OTHER HEALTH USES: Neutralizes Allergies; Blood cleanser; Digestive support: helpful for chronic gastritis, increases Liver function / secretion / detoxing, stimulates Pancreatic function; Oral health: mouth sores, teething pains, toothaches; Skin regenerator: abscesses, boils, burns, cuts, dermatitis, open leg sores, rashes, skin disorders, wounds, inflamed joints, ingrown nails; Stress & Anxiety related issues: fretfulness, insomnia, migraine headaches, menopausal problems, tension.

~ For Pregnancy usage guidelines, consult a Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner.
~ May irritate sensitive skin, dilution in carrier oil advised.

Reference Guide for Essential Oils
Tenth Edition by Alan & Connie Higley. Abundant Health, OCT 2006.

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart, Care Publications, 2005

A Farm Project: CHAMOMILE – GERMAN by Richard Alan Miller © 1999 offers a scientific discussion of German Chamomile’s active compounds with commercial cultivation suggestions and research comparing various medicinal preparations: steam distillation vs. alcoholic extracts, herbal teas (tissanes), etc.

7 thoughts on “GERMAN CHAMOMILE Essential Oil’s Healing Properties”

    • Dorji ~ Thank-you for writing. I am not an essential oils distiller. I do know German Chamomile is steam distilled according to precise methodologies and exacting temperature, time, pressure settings for maximum concentration of naturally occurring healthful chemical components. The distillation is usually done in stainless steel vats.

      The company I purchase my pure essential oils from has an international customer service email address. You could make inquiries there, perhaps?

      Here are some links to articles that you may find helpful. I used this Google search phrase: german chamomile best distillation methods
      Here is a link to information on German Chamomile production. (information on German Chamomile begins in the middle of the page.)

      Good-Luck in your research!
      Cynthe Brush

  1. In the past month, our Tai Chi teacher, Joanne, has dealt with two painful health issues:
    1) an inflamed infected wisdom tooth (which she ended up having extracted a week later)
    2) and this week, a chronically sore C5-C6 neck vertebrae

    In both cases, I recommended she use GERMAN CHAMOMILE to reduce inflammation, counteract infection, and for pain relief.

    Jan 23rd ~ She phoned me in desperation about a terrible toothache, asking me to bring some essential oils for pain relief, so she could teach our class. I suggested 1-2 drops of German Chamomile applied right on the gum around the offending tooth. Followed by Young Living’s PanAway essential oil blend rubbed in gently over her cheek and along the jaw line. Amazingly, her pain level was reduced to tolerable within 15 minutes (faster than Aspirin)!! Joanne was relieved. The rest of our class was impressed.

    Here are Joanne’s comments “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you rescuing me. Without that help, I don’t think I could have made it through the class; it was a 10 + pain, and I had just pushed on through it all day with it getting worse, but I did not want to call everyone and cancel the classes.”

    Feb 1 ~ Joanne emailed “As for the tooth, it came out extremely easily with no pain since. Dr. Z asked me not to use anything on it at first, as I was to replace gauze pads every twenty minutes for the first two hours. Later in the day, after rinsing with salt water, I applied some of the German Chamomile. I had a meeting in Tiburon this morning, so I rather quickly brushed, rinsed, and ran off. It feels as if nothing at all was done – until I put my tongue up there and find a rather large space. At night, I will probably continue to use the oil.
    Again, many thanks”

    Feb 20 ~ During yesterday’s class I noticed Joanne seemed to have a stiff neck. Asking her about it, she said after being rear-ended in a couple of car accidents when she was younger, and now with chronic arthritis, she’s ALWAYS in pain. I suggested since she had the German Chamomile…to use it (2-3 drops) in combination with Lavender essential oil (5-6 drops) on her sore neck that evening to see if she could get some relief.

    Feb 21 ~ Here are Joanne’s email comments from this morning: “You beat me to it!! A note was already written to you in my head when I awoke this morning. The Lavender and German Chamomile worked wonders and gave amazing relief. This regimen will definitely be an important part of each day now.
    With appreciation and all good wishes,

  2. Hi, My kid is suffering from papular urticaria. Tried english medicines. steriods etc. but they disappear for some time and reappear. Read that Chamomile is effective to use. Can I apply this oil directly on his lesions? will it work? What else can I do to cure it naturally

    • Hi Swathi ~ Do you know what the cause is?

      In doing a quick bit of research, found this info: “Acute papular urticaria and angioedema are essentially exaggerated allergic reactions limited to the skin and tissues just under the skin (subcutaneous tissues). The reaction may be caused by a drug allergy, by insect stings or bites (fleas / mites, especially), by desensitization injections (allergy shots) or ingestion of certain foods (particularly eggs, shellfish, nuts or fruits) by people who are allergic to these substances. In some cases (such as reactions to strawberries), the reaction may occur only after overindulgence, and possibly result from direct toxic histamine release into the blood.”

      Not exposing your child to the allergen would be the first step. If it’s insect bites, that can be problematic in certain environments. In that case, it would be important to use natural insect repellents appropriate for the child’s age on the skin to minimize the insect bites, which can be made from diluted essential oils. Diffusing insect repelling essential oils in the house / sleeping under a mosquito net, etc. may also help.

      Roman or German Chamomile are both anti-inflammatory. Depending on the age of your child, I would dilute the German Chamomile, if you can find it. Which country do you live in? I may be able to direct you to a supplier.

    • Sam ~ Doubt it would work. From quick reading on-line found a sebaceous cyst has keratin, a type of protein, in it. If it were a fatty cyst, we have a blend for that. You could consider having the cyst removed by a dermatologist and then use essential oils to heal the incision site.


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