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Use of Anise Hyssop in Herbal Medicine


Carol Little.

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Studio Botanica

FROM CAROL LITTLE: "I am planning to grow Anise Hyssop again this year, in my tiny garden. I love its fragrant broad leaves and gorgeous purple floral spikes. This beauty is definitely one of my favourite pollinators and it’s a joy to watch the buzzing bees who agree that this is a special plant friend. Anise hyssop medicine is fragrant and offers many benefits."


I use Anise Hyssop as a tea, in a tea blend, or as a tincture. Any remaining flowers + leaves? I make herbal projects like the ones below. All tasty + fun to make!

Anise Hyssop Medicine:

This lovely fragrant herb offers digestive support and can alleviate uncomfortable gas and bloating. We can use Anise Hyssop in a delicious tea to help to relieve congestion and to relieve bouts of harsh excessive coughing. With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory attributes, Anise Hyssop (tincture or tea) combines well with licorice root to soothe bronchitis and help to clear up respiratory infections. As a gentle cardiac herb, Anise Hyssop is a wonderful addition to a supportive formula to strengthen a weak heart.

Anise Hyssop Medicine ~ Infusion

Such a well-loved tea herb, this special fragrant plant lifts up anyone when enjoyed hot or cold! It’s an easy herb to grow and such a pretty addition to your garden. I hope you’ll grow this one, even if space is limited to a large pot on the balcony.

Anise Hyssop Projects:

The edible flowers find their way into floral ice cubes and make a delightful addition to festive tea parties with my girlfriends! They impart a light anise flavour and can serve as a beautiful edible garnish as well. Separate the tiny flowers from the stem and elevate the presentation of a chilled summer soup or fruit salad. Last year, a chilled Vichyssoise soup was adorned this way and very impressive!


Read The Complete Post Anise Hyssop Medicine + fragrant herbal projects on Studio Botanica.


Studio Botanica

About the Source Company:

Hello! I am a traditional herbalist in Toronto, where I  have a private practice working primarily with busy homemakers, professional women, business women and entrepreneurs. Instead of the “Grab ‘n Go” approach to health,  I like to  share my “One Small Change” programme which leads women along the winding road to better health! I have worked with the Bach Flower Remedies for over 30 years as an adjunct to my herbal protocols.

Studio Botanica is an expression of my passion. I work with local women + via skype with women all over the world! Herbs CAN help! By the way, the designation R.H. means registered herbalist which is the recognition of professional status here in Ontario.

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