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Try Essential Oils to Soothe Poison Oak’s Maddening Itch

essential oils for poison oak
Lavender Essential Oil applied directly to the skin to help with a terrible case of poison oak.

1-31-07 Notes from my Essential Oils Healing Journal:

A few years ago I heard a testimonial about someone who used undiluted Young Living Lavender Essential Oil applied directly to the skin to help with a terrible case of poison oak. When this person ran out of Young Living Oils Lavender, he tried ALL the quality essential oil brands available in local stores…and NONE even came near to relieving the horrible itching, except for the YLO Lavender.

– Something else to do is put 1-2 drops (NOT more) of undiluted Young Living Nutmeg Essential Oil over your adrenal/kidney area (mid-back above the waist, both sides of the spine). It instantly helps calms my son’s hayfever-asthma (allergic reactions).

– Also, salt is a natural anti-histamine. Isn’t itching a histamine reaction?
Increase your salt intake a bit, drink salty broths/soups.
Maybe even add a small amount of sea salt to your bath water….though perhaps water is irritating to the infection? Salt also acts as a disinfectant.

– I have been having trouble with a persistently stubborn, very itchy patch of eczema in my left eyebrow. The most soothing healing oil I’ve used is Young Living Essential Oils ‘Believe’ – a blend of Frankincense, Balsam Fir, and Rosewood. It’s not super expensive like both Frankincense & Balsam Fir are. Smells wonderful! And is incredibly soothing.

Just looked in the Higley’s Reference Guide for Essential Oil. They have a comment from someone who used Young Living Essential Oils blends: Joy & Harmony with great success on poison ivy. She says ” …getting desperate I used Joy and sometimes Harmony…on the poison ivy. The itching would stop for most of the day and I would forget about having poison ivy. I didn’t start the Harmony and Joy until about 3-4 days into the flare up, but it’s now the 6th day and I’m not itching, unless I take a shower or sweat profusely. From my experience….I’m convinced that the….Rose, Rosewood, and Palmarosa ….have all helped in the healing of [my] skin conditions.”

And, finally, I’d suggest giving therapeutic-quality, indigo blue German Chamomile Essential Oil a try. Considered the strongest anti-inflammatory among essential oils….it is gentle enough to use (with proper dilution) on babies & small children.

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If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Oils & Blends, read more on ‘Buying The Best’.

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