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THIEVES Essential Oil Blend Knocks Viruses Cold!

young living essential oils thieves blend
Thieves® Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils Blend by Young Living

Autumn & Winter bring ‘flu season.’ Some really nasty colds & flus have been making folks sick in the San Francisco Bay area (CA). I’ve been experimenting with Young Living Essential Oils’ awesome anti-viral blend THIEVES to keep from getting ill.

always buy the best essential oilsAt the first signs of subtle symptoms that my body’s fighting ’something’… ranging from extra tired eyes, unusual achy tension in my shoulders & neck, aching on top of my head / forehead, a dribbly nose, or sore throat – I go to THIEVES.

I put 3 drops in a veggie cap diluted (1-to-3) with 9 drops of a quality vegetable oil (Organic Almond or Jojoba). I take these 3 x day – morning, noon, night – until all symptoms are gone (2-3 days). My hubby takes them every hour or two, until he feels okay.

The other thing that seems even MORE EFFECTIVE is to rub 3 drops of Thieves onto the soles of my feet, 2 x day – morning & night…a real one-two punch that knocks viruses out cold!

A great ‘hot’ essential oils blend for cold weather, Thieves works by stimulating the immune system to heat the body, especially the head and upper body (feels like a short-lived fever). Even a subtle temperature rise will kill certain viruses and bacteria.

Thieves also has a wonderful fragrance for diffusing during the winter holidays to keep your home germ-free.

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