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The Secret Power of Essential Oils and the Aromatic Way

I’d like to share an excerpt from page 52-53 of Dr. Penoel’s book “Natural Health Care” that seems basic and important in understanding the ‘being’ of essential oils:
“…The extraordinary phenomenon of photosynthesis converts electro-magnetic and light energy received on the surface of leaves and needles into biochemical energy. Through this process a great variety of complex molecular compounds are produced, including fats, proteins, cellulose, etc., which serve as the foundation of nourishment for other living things. Fairly recently in the earth’s history (a few hundred million years ago compared to three and a half billion years since life first appeared), a very important phenomenon occurred: The evolution/creation of plant sexuality. This first appeared with the conifers and was followed by the evolution of our charming companions, the flowers, multicolored and perfumed, a source of constantly changing and renewing rapture. Nature continued to discover the value of the Aromatic Way in the plant kingdom, in the form of essential oils manufactured by various structures of many plants. Development occurred rapidly from that point on. A frenzy of spectacular creativity created unending variety. As of 1997, chemists had identified 70,000 different types of aromatic molecules, and new ones are being discovered every day! These molecules constitute the most concentrated and the most easily available form of combined Matter, Energy, and Information.

Herein lies the secret of the power of essential oils. It is this Aromatic Triad, carried by aromatic molecules (matter) imbued with energy potentials and information potentials unequaled in the living world that penetrates into the core of the organism through Osmobiosis…”

~ Katrina S.

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