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‘Sticks and Stones…’ Essential Oils for Beach Injuries, Bruises, etc.

image caution sign about tripping hazard
Dabbed a Lavender-Helichrysum blend Bruise-Be-Gone™ on my sore shin as an anti-inflammatory disinfectant to stop any bleeding and to soothe tenderness.
jenner california beach vista, vertical format Jenner Beach ~ Sonoma County Coast CA

Sunday was fading into mid-afternoon, which seemed later with November’s daylight savings ‘Fall Back’ time change. I’d had it with sitting at the computer and wanted a nature outing, fresh air, and a walk.

We live less than an hour’s drive from the Pacific ocean with lovely sandy beaches, steep cliffs, and rugged sea stack outcroppings just off shore. The water is frigid, only suitable for swimming in a wet suit, but the beaches are fabulous for brisk or leisurely walks and photographic inspiration.

My husband and I basically had the Jenner beach to ourselves, seeing only four other folks but never crossing paths in the two hours we were there. Access is via a fairly steep, rutted path (muddy or sandy depending on the season) which puts off more timid or less agile beach goers.

Our outing went just fine, traversing the beach from end-to-end, exploring driftwood shelters, climbing over rocks chasing the setting sun…until we finally headed back at dusk. Jenner beach is strewn with driftwood (as you can see in the photo), rocks are buried in the sand, and large mounds of kelp are washed ashore from time-to-time….all of which make for tripping hazards and beach injuries for the unwary.

Well, you can guess what happened! Busily looking for the path back up the cliffs to where our car was parked, I didn’t lift my left foot high enough to clear the end of a driftwood log. SMACK! In the blink of an eye, I fell on my hands and knees HARD. Felt my heels kick up in the air as I watched my Nikon camera lens dig into the sand in front of me. (Yikes!) A classic cartoon-type tumble, it would have be humorous caught on video if there wasn’t the real possibility of an injury. I rarely fall or lose my balance, so not only was I surprised, but a bit shocked.

First Aid Training Advises Making a Quick ‘Damage’ Assessment…for Beach Injuries

~ My camera with it’s lens cap secured appeared to be okay. (Photographers will appreciate that #1 priority!)
~ My right shin was tender, feeling bruised, and slightly scraped….but not seriously.
Fortunately, I was wearing long pants and didn’t fall on any rocks or branches.
~ My hands weren’t scraped up, because I was wearing gloves.
The weather was rather nippy….and Jenner Beach is most always windy.
~ I didn’t appear to have whiplash from the impact shock. I seemed to be okay.

Got up, brushed myself off with gratitude, and trudged up the steep path to the car. Once my hubby and I were safely back in the car, I pulled out my padded wallet-sized pack of tiny essential oils bottles that I carry for first aid situations. Dabbed a Lavender-Helichrysum blend Bruise-Be-Gone™ on my sore shin as an anti-inflammatory disinfectant to stop any bleeding and to soothe tenderness.

As I sat in the car, noticed my shoulders ~ especially the left one ~ were a bit sore. Not really surprising, since they took the weight of my fall and the shock of impact. And although right after the fall, I thought my shin was the ‘main’ injury, it became evident after a couple of weeks that my left shoulder was the real issue.

Now, two and a half months later…
My shin is long healed with a small ding (scar) left in the skin, which wouldn’t be visible if I had applied Lavender consistently though the healing process. (Tsk, tsk. When will I follow my own advice?!!)

illustration of inflamed shoulder jointBut my left shoulder is STILL slightly sore when I raise my out stretched arm to my side at shoulder height and slightly forward, parallel to the ground. Suspect I may have a rotator cuff sprain / strain, which is slow to heal. The slight, but stubbornly persistent discomfort minimizes when I apply FlexR™ a synergistic joint injury essential oils blend designed to ease inflammation & pain helping ligaments & muscles heal.  The ache gets more noticeable after our Tai Chi classes, especially when we practice two Yang-style Sword Forms with weight-bearing overhead motions. I’m considering adding some rotator cuff strengthening exercises to help it heal completely. If you’re dealing with chronic shoulder pain, you may find the following resources helpful.


Rotator Cuff Injury Prevention and Recovery
6 Shoulder Stabilization Exercises
Rotator Cuff Exercises
Shoulder Pain Rehab Video


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