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Soothing Yellow Jacket / Wasp Stings with Essential Oils

Yellow Jacket or Wasp on flower
My girlfriend Pam got stung by a mad yellow jacket right on the tip of her big toe, while she was on the phone with me.

As long as we’re chatting about insect stings & spider bites, thought I’d include another therapeutic essential oils self-help success story:

always buy the best essential oilsNotes from 9-5-2004
My girlfriend Pam got stung by a mad yellow jacket right on the tip of her big toe, while she was on the phone with me. Must have hit a nerve ’cause Pam said it felt like the toe had been smashed by a hammer!

Suggested she put LAVENDER essential oil and a great Young Living Oils blend called Purification on it immediately…. or as soon as she could.

Pam told me later the pain from the sting diminished instantly with the therapeutic essential oils applications! How’s that for a great summertime essential oils first aid tip!!

11 thoughts on “Soothing Yellow Jacket / Wasp Stings with Essential Oils”

  1. Thank you for sharing your tip about lavender oil for stings for years I have kept APIs Mel in the house.
    I love lavender and always have it in the house
    Will definitely try it.

  2. Hello!! I just got stung by a wasp and put this combination on immediately and the pain stopped just a few seconds after application. Thank you so much for sharing this combination.

    • Fantastic! Jodi ~ Am always delighted when these marvelous essential oils help yet another person from discomfort. Thanks very much for sharing your experience.

  3. I consulted google who led me to you as soon as my husband was stung on the head by a wasp. Well, 30 minutes after the sting because he tolerated it until it hurt too badly. I put the lavender and purification on it and very soon, he was fine! Thanks. By the way, I was stung not more than 20 minutes later, and the oils helpd but didn’t prevent a trip to after hours medical clinic for a shot. I usually have to do this after a sting, but this was on my thumb and the swelling didn’t have anywhere to go. Thanks for the remedy I will remember!

    • Glad to hear these essential oils helped! Frances ~ Curious, did you use them only once on yourself? Or several times? Sometimes Peppermint helps. And drinking LOTS of water, so your body can detox the venom.

  4. Yellow jacket venom and I do not get along at all! I once had to go to ER due to swelling from 6 stings on one arm. I guess I am allergic to them because the swelling continued for 72+ hours. That was years ago. Now I was stung yesterday by only one. I put anti-itch cream on it and thought it might be ok. Today it is really bothering me so I will try the Lavender and purification. Thanks.

  5. Well it does help! The pain is much less, but it continues to swell some. So in about 15 minutes I will reapply. I smell that wonderful lemon scent! Thanks!

    • Marilyn ~ You’re most welcome. Always glad to hear when a reader benefits from our articles! Thanks for letting us know. Let others know about how well the Lavender and Purification work. I use them for mosquito bites to lessen the madding itch.


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