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Sonoma Lavender and Wine Festival 2013

honey bee on lavender flowers
What a delightful aromatic experience! Lavender can be a relaxing, stress releasing fragrance OR invigorating & stimulating.
chinese tourists in sonoma county lavender fields The Sonoma Lavender and Wine Festival was swarming with enthused Chinese tourists standing in the rows of lavender for photo opts. Delightful!

The Sonoma Lavender and Wine Festival 2013 ~ Our first year to go. What a delightful aromatic experience! Lavender can be a relaxing, stress releasing fragrance OR invigorating & stimulating. Within minutes of getting out of our car at the Sonoma Lavender & Wine Festival last month, the air infused with lavender’s distinctive herbal fragrance….we were feeling it’s uplifting effects! Everyone was friendly, smiling, having fun, almost silly & giddy….not ONE crying kid or disgruntled parent. Amazing!

cynthe brush, photographer, laughing at the sonoma lavender festival The lavender aromatherapy had an instant effect on me, too. Was going to take my hubby Bill and our Ukrainian friend Olena’s photo, but she ‘got’ me first….much to my amusement.

We sipped Lavender Lemonade; listened to talented guitarist Nate Lopez whose music enhanced the ambiance; watched ladies making lavender wands; sniffed lavender soaps & body creams; tasted and sniffed lavender ice cream, scones, sea salt, sugar, spice rubs, and Herbs d’Provence…If you’re anywhere in the SF Bay area in late June, put this on your to-do list.

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2 thoughts on “Sonoma Lavender and Wine Festival 2013”

  1. Dear Cynthe, I would like to know of any courses regarding the frequency of essential oils please.,either within a classroom venue or online courses. I have great admiration for your work. I am in the wellness business also, but would like to learn more.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Pamilar,

      Measuring frequencies of essential oils, plants, human reactions to foods, gemstones, disease, etc. is a bit esoteric. I’m not aware of it being taught as a course. I’ve come across references to these measurements in the clinical aromatherapy certification training I took and in other books like “Reference Guide for Essential Oils” (pp. 3-5) by Connie and Alan Higley. They site research done by Bruce Taino of Taino Technology (Cheny WA), who was interested in studying the relationship between frequency and disease. He tested the effects of coffee followed by essential oils on a young man’s healthy frequency of 66MHz, as well as the effects of positive / negative thoughts and prayer. He and Gary Young (Young Living Essential Oils) also tested fresh and canned foods, fresh and dry herbs, and essential oils. You can find this information on-line at:

      You may also research findings from these scientists:
      According to Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book “The Body Electric,” the human body has an electrical frequency. Much about a person’s health can be determined by frequency.

      Dr. Royal R. Rife found every disease has a frequency. Certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and others destroy diseases. Substances of higher frequency will destroy diseases of lower frequency.

      I’ve come across other interesting health references on frequency healing through sound and vibration. For instance, it’s well known among orthopedic doctors that a cat’s purr heals and strengthens bones. Professional athletes are treated with frequency equipment that help their bodies bones heal faster after injury.

      Hope this whets your interest on this fascinating subject!


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