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Pendulums – A Handy Tool for Use with Essential Oils

As Clinical Aromatherapy students, we’re refining our skills in using pendulums for determining which therapeutic essential oil/s & which energy balancing technique/s are needed to support an individual’s mind and body to regain well-being.

Tara Marcus (who hosted our study group at Shambhala Ranch a week ago) did a short presentation on the pendulum for us. We learned several interesting points:

Confirming essential oil selection with a pendulum

~ Pendulums need to be hung on a chain, string, or ribbon at least 7 inches long. You may purchase a specially made pendulum or use a pendant-style necklace or more informally, any object on a string….like a builder’s plumb bob.
~ Hold the chain lightly between your thumb & forefinger with a 4-6 inch length from your fingers to the pendulum.
~ Linda Smith of ISHA, the creator & instructor of the Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy trainings, told me that if the pendulum length exceeds 6 inches then the energy you measure is more likely your own, rather than the person you are assisting. (Thought that was an extremely interesting point. However, I’m too new to the art of using a pendulum to know “why” that may be.)
~ It is important when working with a pendulum to be grounded – relaxed, standing with knees unlocked or sitting, with a neutral attitude of observation (ie. Don’t decide ahead of time what the pendulum will tell you. Your thoughts / attitudes affect the action of the pendulum and can keep the pendulum from showing you anything!)
~ Pendulums can only clarify Yes/No queries and Either/Or comparisons. (ie. Will an essential oil help this issue? / Is the root of the health issue, emotional OR physical? / Which therapeutic essential oil will support…[person’s name]….today? Then, name or think of oil/s, you’re considering using to get feedback from the pendulum on which is ‘right.’ )

Pendulum reacting to biofield of essential oil in bottle

~ As a general guide: Clockwise rotation indicates = YES* Counter-clockwise rotation = NO* Any other motion, back-and-forth, side-to-side, erratic directions, or even lack of motion indicates ‘not enough energy or information’ is available. *Some folks feel before beginning each pendulum session, one should ask to be shown the YES and the NO motion for THAT session. With some people, the positive and negative response may be opposite from the norm.

Using a pendulum to select essential oil for a client.

Pendulums may also be used to measure bio-energy fields: ~ Check the energy of a bottle of therapeutic essential oil (hold the pendulum an inch above the bottle)…see what motion you observe. ~ Or check your own body’s energy centers (sometimes called “chakras”) by holding the pendulum 4-6 inches in front of your throat or heart or belly button or lower abdomen….see what you observe. ~ Test the bio-field of a favorite houseplant or an orange or a bag of spices (fresh curry powder works great!). Begin by holding the pendulum about 18 inches away from the ‘test object’. Once the pendulum’s still, slowly approach the item watching carefully for when the pendulum begins to move. You can visually measure the bio-energetic field in 3-D space, including above and below your test object.

It’s quite fascinating to SEE the vibrating energetic spaces we live in, oscillating at our unique and constantly changing frequencies, frequencies that are dramatically affected by laughter, dismay, stress, and relaxation. So, experiment and see what you discover!

If you’d like to read more on how I use my own pendulum, here’s another article I wrote on it.

Photo credit: Katrina Small / Model: Caroline Hagopjan

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