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Monster, Monster Go Away!

toy monster and gargoyle with bottles of relaxing essential oils
Lavender is renown for it's gently effective stress-reduction and relaxation properties, a classic essential oil to relieve insomnia.

Are there monsters in your child’s bedroom? Calm their bedtime fears with relaxing essential oils…and they WILL sleep with this easy-to-make Anti-Monster Spray Recipe.

Easing Kids Bedtime Fears with Essential Oils

Read my friend Pamela M.  Seyler’s e-newsletter earlier this month and laughed in delight at the Anti-Monster Spray recipe she included. What a wonderful way to use essential oils to ease kids bedtime fears and to help them sleep! Here’s what she wrote:

“We all know that monsters under the bed at night can be detrimental to parents and kids getting a restful night’s sleep. Here is a super easy “Monster” spray that you and your kids can make to keep those scary creatures far away!

always buy the best essential oilsYou will need:
~ One 6 oz. spray bottle (choose a shape, size, and color that best represents your fight against monsters)
~ 8-12 drops lavender essential oil (Young Living brand highly recommended)
~ Witch Hazel* (available near the alcohol in any pharmacy…to help disburse the EOs)

Fill your spray bottle 3/4 full with water, 1/4 with witch hazel, add lavender EO drops, shake.

To Use: Shake bottle, lightly spray under bed, in closets, or any place else ‘monsters’ hide. Spray on your hands and let child inhale ‘monster’ protection.

TIP: Decorate your spray bottle with pictures or small items that can be tied on to the bottle.”

Pam didn’t remember where she found the Anti-Monster Spray recipe, so I did a web search and found LOTS of sites offering sprays for sale, recipe variations, etc. The most common essential oils used were these combinations:

Lavender & Chamomile
Lavender & Sage
Lavender & Sweet Orange

Notice ALL the sprays use LAVENDER Essential Oil in common. Lavender is renown for it’s gently effective stress-reduction and relaxation properties, a classic essential oil to relieve insomnia. (Read more about Lavender’s healing benefits at the link.)

Helping kids deal their fear-of-the-dark vulnerabilities seems to bring creativity and playfulness to the fore. Here are some charming comments from the sites listed in our Sources at the end of this article.

Do you have a Monster infestation problem in your child’s room? Spray under and around child’s bed, and in the closet to repel all ghouls, ghosts, and monsters. Works for witches and trolls too. Pure essential lavender and sage oils freshen the room and are known for their aromatherapy benefits to aid in peaceful sleep. Freshens room and linens.

Secret weapon against night-time troubles. Also works on Under-The-Bed Monsters and Window-Scratching Fiends. Use at bedtime, spray on closet doors, under the bed, on window sills and on pillows for extra protection. Promotes safe sleep for kids. This spritzer is safe to spray on skin. Monsters are scared of this spray!

And finally, here’s a cute rhyming chant to use along with the Anti-Monster Spray:

Monster, monster, go away
in this room you cannot stay
Monster, monster, get out of here
This potion chases you away

Several sites on the web offer ready-made Anti-Monster sprays for purchase. If you don’t have essential oils on hand and you’d like to try a pre-made spray, check out these sites.

Anti-Monster Spray:

Closet Monster Spray:

Magic Monster Spray:

Pam Seyler’s website:

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  1. If you don’t want to do it yourself, check out We have a wonderful-smelling spray available now & a fun, illustrated children’s story coming out in Dec 2013-Jan 2014 that tells the story of a little boy with a monster in his room, and how he overcame his fear of monsters. In researching online prior to writing the book, we read many articles from child & adolescent psychologists and parents about recommended methods for dealing with fear of monsters, and interpreted this into a fun, rhyming story which gives parents direction on how to help & gives kids the tools necessary to overcome their fear.


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