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Lavender & Peppermint: 1st Aid for a Steam Burn


Burned the back of my left hand with a blast of steam from my teakettle. OUCH! I used therapeutic-quality essential oils to heal the fairly large – 1.5 inch x 1 inch – burn.

image showing barely perceptible scarring from a kitchen steam burn on back of hand
Pink oval illustrates the 1×1.5 inch area of a kitchen steam burn on back of my hand. The light yellow marks highlight the remaining, barely perceptible, scars. The burn was healed using therapeutic essential oils.
image of lavender blooms
Lavender angustifolia blooms

After immediately cooling the burned skin with cold water and several ice cubes, I applied a drop of LAVENDER essential oil for “cell regeneration” and a drop of diluted PEPPERMINT essential oil (1 drop Peppermint / 3 drops almond oil) for its “cooling” properties. Used this combination twice a day for two days. No blister formed and the pain/sensitivity was minimal.

Learn more about how to use pure Lavender & Peppermint essential oil for your family’s first aid needs:

On the third morning, I accidentally rubbed the damaged skin covering off while drying my hands. The obvious danger was that the open wound would get infected! Because I have sensitive skin, I wasn’t confident about putting undiluted essential oils directly on the now exposed injury. By evening, it was painful, swollen and reddened all around the burn. Areas away from the wound along a vein were tender to the touch…I was a bit alarmed.

melrose young living essential oils blend
Melrose, superb for preventing infections, is an excellent addition to your first aid kit.

So, I consulted my Essential Oils Guide and discovered that MELROSE (a Young Living Essential Oils blend) is listed specifically for “healing burns,” as well as its “strongly anti-infectious properties.” I used a dilution – 1 drop Melrose w/2-3 drops almond oil on a non-stick gauze bandage, which I taped over the burn, changing it morning and evening for about a week. The swelling and redness were gone in a day. And the burn healed steadily.

My last minor concern was whether or not there would be any scarring. There’s virtually none. I can see a very subtle change in the skin texture, only because I know exactly where the burn was. It would be imperceptible to anyone else. This experience has given me total confidence in using essential oils for burns, skin wounds, and my family’s first-aid needs.

combo photo of open hand and hand as fist showing subtle scars from a steam burn
Healing essential oils prevent infection from burns & cuts, but also minimize residual scarring. You can barely see the scars in this recent photo.

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    As a result of this experience, I now use Young Living’s essential oil blend MELROSE on any open skin injury that could possibly get infected: burns, cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds, blemishes, hangnails, etc.

    I’ve been very pleased to discover MELROSE may be used UNDILUTED “straight from the bottle” and doesn’t sting or hurt open wounds! This would be an excellent essential oil to keep on hand for parents with little kids and for folks who work with their hands or outdoors.


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