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KUNZEA ( Kunzea ambigua) Essential Oil’s Healing Properties

This Tasmanian essential oil is recognized by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act as an external treatment for ear, nose and throat inflammations and infections and more...

(Credit: Article adapted from Dr. Daniel Penoel’s Newsletter, August 15th 2007 with botanical information from

Kunzea ambigua ~ The Aromatic Treasure from Tasmania

Common Name: Tick bush
Family: Myrtaceae

Kunzea ambigua is a tall spreading shrub 2- 4m high. It is sometimes confused with Tea Tree (Leptospermum), but is distinguished by the ‘fluffy’ appearance of the flowers, caused by numerous long stamens. It is fairly common in heaths and woodlands on sandstone.

The leaves are tiny, 5-12mm by 1-2mm, crowded on short lateral branches and covered in oil dots.

The white flowers have 5 petals which are almost hidden by the many longer stamens when the flower is open. They are very attractive to butterflies and several kinds of pollinating flies. Flowering season: October to December.

This Tasmanian essential oil developed by John Hood in the 1990’s is recognized by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act as an external treatment for ear, nose and throat inflammations and infections; for common respiratory ailments; to reduce pain, for muscular and joint conditions; and for the relief of minor conditions of anxiety and depression. Alleviates skin conditions such as eczema and rashes, in people, as well as pets.

Dr. Daniel Penoel MD ~ An Aromatic Medicine Practitioner’s Comments

Dr. Daniel Penoel MD, the French doctor and practitioner of Aromatic Medicine has discovered the most important properties of the oil are revealed through its internal use, to great effect in many case studies. In Australia, oral intake of essential oils is not practised, unlike the long standing medical application in France.

The most striking aspect of this oil is the presence of a pool of C15 molecules, 5 of them in fact, which are really important where inflammatory reactions need to be modulated.

~ Paraphrased from Dr. Daniel Penoel’s Newsletter (August 15th 2007 )

“Truly the results obtained over several months of using this oil have been impressive. For example, I had a female patient with Crohn’s disease of some 15 years duration. It had reached a level of serious destruction of the bowels.

My intention was to help her overall condition. She had previously been a jogger but had had to give it up. She began taking Kunzea oil internally and after 10 days felt a deep change. She began to run again and could now run up to 10 km. She was also struggling with food disorders and after a month had changed her attitude and gained more control. Ultimately she was able to make major decisions in her private life.

This shows the part Kunzea oil can play as a complementary treatment in difficult medical conditions.”

Because essential oils in France are used in a medical and pharmaceutical way, Dr. Penoel was able to clinically demonstrate the incredible therapeutic capacities of this oil when used in its fullest medical ways.

Applications of Kunzea:

~ TGA approved (AUSTL 72143) for relief of arthritis, muscular aches, rheumatism, flu, nervous tension, stress, anxiety.

~ Known to also help with migraines, eczema, tinea, insect bites, burns.

Individuals may use Kunzea for self-help health care for:

* temporary relief of arthritis & rheumatism
* relieve flu symptoms
* relieve muscular aches & pains
* helps reduce anxiety and stress
* relieves eczema, rash, tinea, recurring shingles, insect bites, minor burns
* may relieve migraines
* insect repellent
* reduce bruises & inflammation
* strains and other soft tissue injuries
* room deodoriser

~ Again, paraphrased from Dr. Daniel Penoel:

“…The discovery and study of the South African aromatic plants scheduled for future trainings have therapeutic qualities that will aromatically connect individuals and medical patients/clients with the immense, unsullied form of healing energy coming from “the cradle of mankind”.

However, at this stage, what is occurring with medical research projects on Kunzea and Fragonia, in France, is bringing confirmation  of superior results from the veterinary medical field.

In this regard, nobody can speak of any ‘placebo or suggestion’ effect. Once the owners of the pets observe hopeful results, they are overjoyed to see their normally devastatingly ill best friends being rescued from their ‘scientifically predicted fate’, then they start saying, “Hey! What about us humans ? Who is the Doctor that we should see to be treated in like manner for our difficult medical conditions ? “

[As a doctor], the most comforting thing was getting proof from my Vet doctor [associate] that, after having done research with Kunzea alone – as any intial research should be done anyway – he started to add Fragonia on my advise. Consequently, he has seen [a real] difference with an increase and improvement of healing results.

Kunzea has… significant influences on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual realms of being. Whereas Fragonia™ brings the Yin aspect, Kunzea imparts the Yang element. You may combine 2/3 Kunzea + 1/3 Fragonia™ for morning and noon use; and 2/3 of Fragonia™ + 1/3 of Kunzea for evening use

The marriage of Fragonia™ and Kunzea…brings a higher, more powerful healing experience to all levels of one’s life and consciousness.

It has become clear why a special oil from Tasmania and a precious oil from Western Australia should be used in combination to accomplish miraculous results.

*  *  *
More on Daniel Penoel MD

A world renowned medical Aromatherapy expert, Dr. Daniel Penoel is one of the pioneers of the therapeutic uses of essential oils, the cornerstone of his practice since 1977. He is highly respected in the medical world through his rigorous approach to teaching and clinical work. He continues to research and author books on the applications of essential oils in medical and holistic settings. As a medical adviser he is regularly invited to lecture at major International Institutions and Conferences.

He is the founder of Medical Aromatherapy and has taught across Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Canada over 15 years. Dr Penoel is also the founder of Quantum Aromatherapy® a brand new concept which revolutionizes our way of understanding and using Aromatherapy through the ‘double understanding’: the corpuscular approach and the undulatory approach. He may be reached via

10 thoughts on “KUNZEA ( Kunzea ambigua) Essential Oil’s Healing Properties”

  1. I am working with farmers in Tasmania to develop the purest of oil from native Kunzea ambigua. We discovered that the oil on the market was not the purest on the narket because the harvest areas were inundated with fern. We sighted a lot of fern debris at the distillation unit after stilling. We have since produced an oil without any evidence of fern, having instigated a rigid harvesting regime. This oils has been promoted to companies overseas and we have used it in our own creams to test on individuals who have been very pleased with the results. We are very interested in your work and would like to send you a sample of the oil to test.
    Kind regards. Julia Levinson. Heritage Oils Tasmania 0427416681. (We do not have a website)

    • Julia ~ Thanks for writing. I have only used Kunzea for personal use. And occasionally get comments from readers wondering where they can purchase therapeutic-quality Kunzea essential oil.

      How do you produce your oil? Are there established therapeutic standards with GC/MS and optical rotation reports available? What other firms are purchasing from you? Have you contacted Dr. Daniel Penoel who introduced Kunzea to the USA?

  2. I believe that Kunzea oil was a component in a product called “ECLECTRIC OIL” available in Ontario, Canada in the 1940’s. My family used it much in the ways described above. Any comment? ECLECTRIC OIL no longer seems to be available but at that time was said to have come from Australia!

    • Hi Jane ~ ‘Electric Oil!’ What a curious product name. Wonder why that particular name was chosen? Do you have any ideas? I have not heard of it before….and the 1940’s was a bit before my time.

      Kunzea is native to Australia, so I’m not surprised that’s where the ingredient was sourced. What brought you to researching Kunzea and coming across our site? Thanks for sharing your comment.


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