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Holiday Cooking and Baking: Healing Oven Burns and Cuts

gingerbread cookies decorated as portraits of kids on your gift list
In all the activity hubbub, some of us with end up with oven burns & cuts.

graphic of winter holiday greetingsIt’s winter holiday season! Folks all around the world are planning their Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s celebrations. For many of us that involves cooking special meals, baking cookies, and other treats like delectable edible gifts.

In all the activity hubbub, some of us with end up with oven burns & cuts. Hopefully, minor ones. Basic First Aid techniques (described in the linked article intro) and therapeutic essential oils are EXCELLENT for these sorts of common injuries and work just as well for tongues burned from sipping hot drinks or taste-testing foods that are too hot.

You can prevent infection (essential oils are anti-microbial), ease pain (many essential oils are analgesic), speed healing, minimize scarring (lots of essential oils stimulate cell renewal / are superb for the skin), and with proper care…you may be able to defer a visit to the doctor or hospital.

We have several helpful “cuts and burns” articles on this EOH blog full of handy-to-use information. You may want to give them a quick read now to make sure you have these superb healing essential oils in your first aid kit supplies.

image with peppermint leaf
Peppermint and Copaiba essential oils can help cool and soothe your skin.

Here’s a list of quick links:

Lavender & Peppermint ~ First Aid For a Steam Burn
12-11-10 Just added photos to show how well my hand healed.

Rx for Minor Burn – TRINITY Essential Oil Blend to the Rescue!

Sliced Thumb Heals Quickly with Essential Oils
12-11-10 Shows photo of my husband’s thumb with absolutely NO trace of a scar from the deep cut he suffered.

Essential Oils Help Rose ‘Wrastling’ Scratches

Parents and pet owners take note: These tips and the essential oils mentioned are also excellent for scratches from pets or scrapes from playing.

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If you are interested in purchasing essential oils, read more on ‘Buying The Best’.

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Macadamia nuts & virgin coconut oil give Banana Bread a tropical deliciousness.

And as long as we talking about holiday foods, here are some of our family’s special treats we enjoy making to share and give as gifts. The recipe links are to the wonderful food blog I inherited from my precious daughter-in-law, Briana Brownlow. Come…  Enjoy the foods we love to make!

CHRISTMAS COOKIES: Cute Gingerbread Kid Portraits ~ Make GREAT GIFTS! (See four other cookie portraits of my grown kids and a former neighbor’s daughter to inspire your own ideas. Every recipient, grown or small, enjoyed their edible gift.)

Tropical BANANA BREAD with Macadamias & Virgin Coconut Oil. YUM!

DATE NUT BREAD: Delicious Low-Fat, Easy to Bake Holiday Treat. Perfect for parties & gifts!

Preserving Magic: CANDIED Meyer LEMON SLICES & Glittery ORANGE RINDS ~ Tasty Holiday Treats!

Marzipan & Chocolate Ganache TRUFFLE SNOWBALLS ~ These elegant indulgent candies are worth every second it takes to make them.

photo of holiday treats: candied lemon slices, orange rinds, and marzipan chocolate truffles
A trio of holiday treats: Candied Meyer Lemon ‘Wheels’ & Glittery Orange Rinds ~ Marzipan Chocolate Truffles.

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