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FRANKINCENSE Oil for Body, Mind & Spirit

Young Living Frankincense Essential OIl with botanical illustration
"... when the DNA code within the cell's nucleus becomes corrupted," he says. "It seems frankincense has a re-set function.

Received an incredible testimonial about Frankincense via email that I want to share with our readers right away, especially those of you who may be facing serious challenges in your lives or who know other folks who are.

This woman’s testimonial is corroborated by a recent BBC article on Frankincense’s effectiveness published FEB 2010.

Here’s an excerpt: Immunologist Mahmoud Suhail is hoping to open a new chapter in the history of frankincense…
“… when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted,” he says. “It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be. “Frankincense separates the ‘brain’ of the [damaged] cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes.

Working with frankincense could revolutionise the treatment of cancer. Currently, with chemotherapy, doctors blast the area around a tumour to kill the cancer, but that also kills healthy cells, and weakens the patient. Treatment with frankincense could eradicate the cancerous cells alone and let the others live.”


*   *   *
Cynthe’s COMMENTS: Scientists tend to take the typical pharmaceutical approach of attempting to isolate Frankincense’s active anti-disease compounds, leading to problems with other chemical constituents that may cause other health issues (allergic reactions), when used singly. We need to respect these incredible essences, learning to use them WHOLE  just as Source has wisely created them.

*   *   *
Just received additional info on Frankincense.  But, first, a bit of background on the following comments & testimonial…

At an educational convention in 2010, attendees gathered to exchange personal healing stories using these immune supportive products. Here’s more information from Dr. Suhail (the scientist quoted in the BBC article), who was a guest speaker:

“Dr Suhail, mentioned in the article, was at the convention for the whole time and gave a presentation along with being on a panel….I ran into Dr. Suhail at the farm and he gave me and the people I was with some Omani frankincense nuggets. We chewed them and it was quite pleasant, even though I was trying to get it out of my teeth for the rest of the day.

While he works in Oman as a physician, he said they can’t do clinical cancer research there because nobody* [in Oman] has cancer. There are NO cancer units at the two hospitals there. He sees 1 or 2 people with cancer every couple of years and I think he said those are people who have lived outside the country. The local people chew the frankincense resin and also soak it overnight and drink the water, so it is very much a part of their lives.

Yes, the scientific researchers are always looking for the one ingredient that is the magic bullet… and perhaps there is value in that for something. However, I agree with you that the magic is in the wholeness, not the parts. I’m sure Dr. Suhail knows that too, as he spoke a lot about the healing properties of the resin and oil.”

Don’t remember if he said ‘all of Oman’ or the area he’s living in (I think he’s in the capital, Salalah). Don’t think Oman is very big, though. I think Dr. Suhail said there were around 2 million people in Oman.

Just did a little Google search. * This article from 2006 says that they get 1,000 cases a year in the country [Oman], mostly breast, prostate and childhood leukemia.

So apparently, there is some cancer there, but not nearly at the rate of the rest of the world. This rate also might be a reflection of the more “modern” people who travel and have a more Western lifestyle.
~ BR

Here’s the inspiring testimonial, word-for-word, via BR:

[An acquaintance] I was chatting with called someone over to share her oil story with me. I was very moved as I listened to this woman’s account of her experience with cancer, its recurrence, and how frankincense…literally saved her life.

She told me that she’d been previously diagnosed with breast cancer, used frankincense…and the cancer went into remission. The cancer came back with a vengeance after seven years. This time it was affecting many areas of her body. I can’t remember exactly, but I think she mentioned the brain as well as other areas.

always buy the best essential oilsAfter receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the doctors told her that there was nothing else they could do and that she had six months to live. She started using frankincense…aggressively. She “rubbed it all over” [her] body and took six capsules a day.

She said….she owed it to her family, and especially her children, to fight for her life. And that since she’d succeeded in beating the cancer before, she could do it again. I think it’s very significant that this woman was empowered with a strong belief in healing herself and didn’t collapse under the death sentence of the doctors. I don’t remember the exact length of time…she marinated in and ingested frankincense oil, but I think she said that in 1.5 months she was cancer free.

I will try to reconnect with this woman and get a more complete report. If I can do that, I’ll pass along what I find out to you. Of course, everyone is different. One person’s life path and healing will not necessarily be the same as another’s. But what a great inspiration to know…we have such precious healing substances right at our fingertips and can freely share with others whose health and lives could potentially be transformed just by receiving this information.

FRANKINCENSE (Boswellia carterii & Boswellia sacra), traditional Middle Eastern holy anointing essential oils

Frankincense Tree being tapped for its resinous sap
Frankincense Tree being tapped for its precious sap

Various species of Frankincense have been revered for thousands of years and were used in ceremonies & traditional rituals as incense to improve communication with Source / Creator / God / Spiritual Guidance….whatever term is meaningful to us. The ancient Egyptians also used Frankincense to fumigate their homes, as a general cure for all diseases, in cosmetics, perfumes,and embalming.

PROPERTIES: Anti-Catarrhal, Anti-Depressant, Anti-Infectious, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Anti-Tumoral, Expectorant, Immune-stimulant (increases leukocyte activity to defend the body against infection), supports Nerves, prevents Scarring, Sedative.

*   *   *
~ Emotionally: Frankincense promotes acceptance, emotional balance & stability, offers protection, fortitude, courage & resolution; increases introspection, spiritual awareness & inspiration, is an aid in meditative practices & prayerwork.

~ Physically: Frankincense supports the immune, bronchial, cardiovascular, digestive systems; nerves; skin, and is protective against many ailments & diseases such as diphtheria, gonorrhea, jaundice, herpes, meningitis, syphilis, TB, typhoid.

FRENCH MEDICAL USES: Asthma, Depression, Ulcers.

Frankincense Tears (Resin)
Frankincense ‘Tears’ (chunks of dried resin before distillation)

Bronchial System:
Useful for Bronchitis, Catarrah, Colds & Coughs, Laryngitis, Pneumonia. Boswellic acid (present is Frankincense) has been shown to be equivalent to a high potency dose of steroids;
One of the few Anti-Tumoral therapeutic essential oils. At a 2010 educational convention, Dr. H. K. Lin from University of Oklahoma discussed using Boswellic acid (from Frankincense) to destroy a variety of cancer cells successfully. He also stated Frankincense resin used daily ~ chewed like gum or soaked in water overnight and drunk upon arising ~  is a cancer preventive.
Helpful for High Blood Pressure, Hemorrhaging;
Digestive support:
Traditionally used to treat Diarrhea, heals Ulcers;
Endocrine Support:
Stimulates the Limbic system, Oxygenates the Hypothalamus, Pineal & Pituitary glands;
Immune support:
Frankincense resin has a high percentage of polysaccharides, boswellic acid and incensol which act as curatives and preventives in the human body. Frankincense is known to have DNA repair properties and cancer prevention properties because of the presence of alpha-pinenes, boswellic acid, and incensol which is considered very powerful for helping those with chronic degenerative diseases.
Nervous System: Heals brain damage, relieves Neuralgia & Sciatica;
Oral health: Sore throats & & Strep infections;
Prostate Issues
Skin regeneration: Aging, Infections – Staph, Insect repellent & soothes Insect / Snake Bites, is a remedy for Herpes, for Scarring, heal Sores & Wounds, Warts;
Stress & Tension:
Useful for counteracting Depression, Headaches, Stress, Tension, promotes positive attitudes;

If you are interested in where I source therapeutic oils, please contact me to learn more. For more information on alternative, integrative protocols, read this article about two innovative medical clinics in north America.

*   *   *
Essential Oils for Physical Health & Well Being by Linda L. Smith. ISHA, JULY 2005.
Reference Guide for Essential Oils, Tenth Edition by Alan & Connie Higley. Abundant Health, OCT 2006.
The Fragrant Heavens, The Spiritual Dimension of Fragrance and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Novato, CA: New World Library, 1999.

Frankincense Tears ~
Frankincense Tree ~

139 thoughts on “FRANKINCENSE Oil for Body, Mind & Spirit”

  1. Jesus Christ is the focus of Christian healing ministries that are freeing people from the pain associated with unhealthy lifestyles. There is no limit on the healing power of Jesus Christ. Negative emotions are damaging to the body. Modern life is often characterized by a mounting sea of daily pressures and stressful events which are coming at us from every direction. However, the real culprit behind stress and stress related illnesses is not the situations and daily pressures that are bombarding us. The real culprit behind stress is the emotional reactions that we are experiencing on the inside of us. These emotions can generate sickness within our body. Negative emotions release chemical reactions in the body and the brain. These reactions affect organs on every level including the stomach, heart, large muscles, and the cells throughout the entire body. The most dangerous emotions include: un-forgiveness, depression, rage, anger, worry, fear, grief, guilt and frustration.

    • Ronald ~ Thanks for your thoughtful comment. What you say is so true about the causes of disEASE: lack of forgiveness, depression, rage, anger, worry, fear, grief, guilt and frustration. I was surprised to learn in our Clinical Application of Essential Oils Certification classes that unresolved / unexpressed GRIEF is even more destructive to our health and well-being than ANGER is.

  2. I too have a testimonial about the wonderful power of Frankincense. I had planters warts all over the bottom of my foot and one was the size of a quarter. I started using Frankincense for my fibrous tumors and low and behold in two weeks the warts were all gone completely. At first I thought it was the wrong foot, so I checked the other to find nothing there either. It is truely amazing stuff!!!!!! I am now a real believer.

    • Laurie ~ Awesome testimonial! Several folks have said how Frankincense cleared up their plantars warts in a few weeks time. Will you share with us HOW you used the Frankincense…both for your fibrous tumors and the warts? The reason I ask is that I, too, have a small 1/4 inch diameter, stubborn plantar’s wart on the heel of my left foot that I have NOT been able to get rid of. At least, yet. I’d love to be rid of it!

  3. I called a few weeks and tried to order Frankincense but was told the FDA had pulled it off the market and your distributors could not get it. I managed to order from another company. Are you still having trouble getting it?

  4. Can you apply the francincense straight to your body? LIke on the neck and face? What other oil wold you reccomend for the face where radiation as completely hardened the skin???

    • Hi Jessica ~ You definitely may apply pure therapeutic-quality essential oils directly on the skin. Frankincense is very gentle, yet powerfully healing. There are many essential oils remarkable in their healing properties for the skin, especially Lavender. These two essential oils work well together. Read this article on healing burns to learn more and see results for yourself.

      Organic golden Jojoba oil may be used as the carrier if you prefer to dilute the essential oils. It has healing properties and is wonderful for the skin. Thanks for your interest in these amazing plant essences.

  5. Good Day. I am from the Philippines. I have nodules all over my thyroid and I have been having problems with my lungs..I was wondering if you could direct me to the right site to order frankincense oil? I know it has been know to cure cancer and tumors..Would appreciate a reply..I go for a ct scan and possibly a biopsy next week…thanks again in advance

    • Hi Chrissie ~ I order therapeutic-quality ‘Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra). The closest office to you for phone orders is the Singapore office: +65-6391-0170. Please use my name: Cynthia I Brush and YLO Distributor# 168709 as your referring YLO contact. Any questions you have about using the EOs, I’ll be happy to answer.

      Read this inspiring info about the latest research on holistic cancer cure options being explored in Oman, Egypt, Germany and in the USA:
      Recent clinical trials research, done in Germany, was presented by Dr. Mahmoud Suhail at last month’s educational essential oils annual convention. He discussed Sacred Frankincense’s (Boswellia sacra) effectiveness against brain cancer, curing a person of all signs of the tumor within 70 days. He stated the Sacred Frankincense was administered internally – 20 drops in [gel / veggie] capsules, 3 times a day. Although pure therapeutic-quality of essential oils may be ingested, this is not true for all essential oils or brands available in the USA.

      Immunologist Dr. Suhail is hoping to open a new chapter in the history of frankincense…“Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted,” he says. “It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be. “Frankincense separates the ‘brain’ of the cancerous cell – the nucleus – from the ‘body’ – the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes.”

      In this inspiring YouTube video, Dr. Suhail discusses findings about Boswellia sacra’s effectiveness in vivo testing (on live patients) in Oman & Egypt, as well as in laboratory testing, to be effective against other cancers. It’s well worth watching the entire 13.5 minute video. The info may change your lives!!

  6. Glad to hear you’re doing this! Please keep us posted on how you feel while taking Frankincense…and the diagnostic results when you do have them done next.

  7. Thanks for sharing your GOOD news! Sure sounds like something positive is happening for your acoustic nerve…such a quick improvement in auditory comfort level. Kudos to you for caring for yourself in this way. Perhaps you could cut your end of the day dose to making sleeping easier?

  8. How do I get this Sacred Frankincense (boswellia sacra) …I need as well as to know the amounts to take and put on skin daily. I want the kind that can be ingested. My 25 year old son has been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma and we are trying to locate alternative methods that God has created naturally to cure him. Any help would be so much appreciated

    • Hi Lori ~ Sorry to hear about your son’s illness. If you read my response to Esther in my replies on the ORANGE ~ Therapeutic Essential Oil As an Adjunct Cancer Therapy, the amounts to use are there.

      Other helpful ideas, you could consider having him drink anti-cancer Essiac herbal tea, 1 quart/week to bolster his immune system. The recipe is on the web. Reputable herbal / health food stores may also have the formula in bulk.

      Since we receive many requests for this information, I created a handy instructional packet (PDF) describing TWO detailed, easy-to-follow Frankincense protocols. The PDF includes resource links for purchasing Frankincense. Plus reference links about current research being done with Frankincense cancer therapies in the USA and abroad.

      The instructional packet costs: $19.99. We accept credit card payments over the phone: 707-542-0280 (9am-9pm California time) or I can email a Paypal invoice, whichever you prefer.

      I am very selective about the suppliers I would purchase Sacred Frankincense (boswellia sacra) from. Here is our instruction page on how to order from them.

      Best wishes for your son’s well-being.

  9. I have an acoustic neuroma tumor. After diagnosis, I started using helichysum and getting Raindrop treatments and myofascial massage. After 8 months, my tumor showed shrinkage on my followup MRI and my symptoms subsided. I am hopeful these positive resuts will continue. Please feel free to contact me.

    • Thanks! Gale ~ For sharing your treatment choices for an acoustic neuroma tumor. How did you use the Helichrysum essential oil? Was the Raindrop massage adapted in any special way for your situation? Know it can be modified, depending on what one is dealing with. Our readers and I would appreciate knowing more.

  10. Hi, It’s been a very busy time for me. I will try to boil down what I have done into:
    1. I simply inhale the helichrysum oil, breathing it in deeply a few times a week.
    2. I get a 90 min massage almost every week. About one a month, I have the Raindrop Therapy done. My therapist also performs myofascial (sp) massage which is aimed at increasing circulation.

    How did this all start? I went to a massage therapist in August 2011. She happened to be a Young Living distributor and her father had been a Touch for Health Instructor. She recommended the heliochyrsum oil. So I started with that around November 2011. Then, I decided to go from monthly massage to weekly massage. She told me about the Raindrop Therapy and I went for it. Now it is controversial but I have had no issue with it.

  11. My AN is very, very small. My symptom was whooshing in my right ear which started in Jan. 2011. It kicked into high gear in mid January and I wound up in the emergency room diagnosed with a panic attack – at the time, no one realized, including myself, that my eyes being unable to track lines on a spreadsheet was related to the AN. In fact, I went on…whooshing .. until April 2011 when I got an MRI. I was shocked to find I had a 2MM AN.

  12. Now to some, that sounds like nothing. However, it is something when you have a younger sister who was disabled with balance problems caused by a 3 MM AN 10 years ago! I went home and drank 3 shots of brandy when I got my diagnosis – and I don’t normally drink. I was at my sister’s side when she had her surgery, and while she is single sided deaf due to the tumor removal, and she still has some balance issues, you wouldn’t know it to look at her that she ever went through such a serious surgery.

    I realized talking with my sister, in April 2011 after the diagnosis, that I had been having subtle balance symptoms for several years. Things I chalked up “being weird” I
    guess, like having issues with walking o shiny surfaces. My sister and I had never talked in great detail of her symptoms since she just, well, she just goes on and doesn’t complain. But once we started comparing notes, we realized I was going on the same track.

    Things got worse for me in June 2011, I experienced disorientation while driving. I was unable to drive for about 3 weeks, on doctor’s orders, while my family doctor and my neurosurgeon passed me back and forth on what was wrong.

  13. My sister and I made it to the AN Symposium in that month – and that is when we began to realize that my sister was an “outliar”. Many, many experienced AN doctors were there – and the smallest AN one had taken out was 5MM. We knew we were different (and we don’t have NF2) since we don’t have hearing loss, my sister only lost hers due to the surgery.

    90% of AN have hearing loss, the other 10% more balance – and that is usually due to the position of the extremely small AN.

    My MRI after my disorientation shows an AN slightly over 2MM.

    I am pleased to say that I am functioning on a normal level, that I really don’t think too much about the AN, except I have to be careful when I work with spreadsheets, etc, due to visual effects. My MRI in July 2012 showed an AN at 2MM (I am sorry my very first MRI was just under 2MM). I know that the difference for me is probably 1MM between being fine, with some minor symptoms, to being disabled. My sister walked like she was drunk, she could not get relief even lying in bed since the room would spin…and we have now found another individual through the ANA that has a small AN which is going down the route she took with her symptoms.

    Also, I decline dental xrays. No direct link but still….my sister and I had them routinely growing up as part of our regular dental health. No more.

  14. I cannot prove it, but I believe the oil, the massage and the raindrop therapy shrank my tumor. I hope that it remains stable for my next MRI or shrinks more. I did get some frankincense recently and need to add it. I need to do it while I feel well now to keep things on track.

    Again, I can’t prove it. I just can’t. But, I feel it helped – for sure. I also now drink the NingXia from Young Living also.

    Sorry it took me a while and sorry I went on and on in these posts but I am bound and determined to keep the AN at bay, and believe it or not, I am actually thank ful for the darn thing since it has caused me to focus more on my health and now I have gone to reiki classes, touch for health conference, aromatherapy classes, etc. all due to the AN. I have met so many neat people and learned so much. You can email me at

    I admit, I have not gotten up my nerve to ingest oil yet. I don’t know why. I have starting infusing Thieves blend into the air at night in my bathroom as I get ready for bed. I have also dabbed the hel. oil behind my ear a couple times. I need to increase this activity, I kind of view myself as a test for this stuff. ANs aren’t the end of the world but they bring with them tough symptoms…it is exhausting at times for your system to compensate….not to mention…the surgery or radiation (which I will not do radiation since it can swell a tumor first before it dies – and all the AN doctors agreed, surgery is the solution for disabling balance symptoms.)…the surgery carries complications too.

    Sorry this was so long!!!

  15. Oh, and I guess I will say – my MRI in June 2011 after my disorientation, was done in a 3T machine and showed slightly over 2MM.

    My MRI a year later, in the same machine, read by the same technican, was 2MM. And I believe that ties to why my symptoms, particularly of disorientation while driving, had subsided between the 2 MRIs.

    My doctor said it was “stable”, my sister looked at the write-ups and said…It shrank!! Same machine, same person, plus I could tell I was better. WOO HOO!!

  16. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds really scary and worrisome, both the nightmares and the cholesterol levels.

    It’s true we have to be careful of drug / chemical interactions if we’re taking concentrated doses of medications and/or essential oils. And each one of us reacts differently. How quickly / slowly did you ease off the Frankincense? Would you let us know which meds the Frankincense may have interacted badly with as you were taking yourself off the oral dosage?

    How are the AN symptoms now? Did they get worse once you stopped taking the Frankincense? Has the intense humming returned? These details may be helpful for others to know.

  17. Any advice for ovarian cancer? We are doing an integrative approach, chemo vitamin iv bags and nutrition.. already had the surgery.. this is a relapse episode.. this cancer has a huge emotional component that needs healed which is why I personally believe it came back (I’m not the one with the cancer). I’m interested in suggestions regarding oils and anything else that would help. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Coleen ~ Please read my replies to all the reader comments on this post and also on “ORANGE ~ Therapeutic Essential Oil As an Adjunct Cancer Therapy”. Do note: Some folks can’t tolerate intense doses of Orange EO. Others do fine.

      Since we receive many requests for this information, I created a handy instructional packet (PDF) describing TWO detailed, easy-to-follow Frankincense protocols. The PDF includes resource links for purchasing Frankincense. Plus reference links about current research being done with Frankincense cancer therapies in the USA and abroad.

      The instructional packet costs: $19.99. We accept credit card payments over the phone: 707-542-0280 (9am-9pm California time) or I can email a Paypal invoice, whichever you prefer.

      I have other information on specific essential oil protocols that healed a young woman’s cervical cancer in 18 months, which may also work for ovarian cancer if your friend is interested in a personal consultation. My fees are: $26/15 minutes – $44/30 minutes – $80/hr.

      To address emotional issues, I highly recommend working with my long time friend Judy Dragon, a theta-healer.

      Thanks for stopping by our site.

  18. Hi,
    my father had prostate cancer 12 years ago. Had hormones and radioterapy and now cancer is also on the bones. What can we do with it? he did not have chemo yet.


    • Hello Juju ~ Health info like your father’s situation always saddens me. Have you read all my comments to readers on this post? The reply to Coleen just above has links to another article plus comments to read as well. Using Orange / Grapefruit essential oils along with Sacred Frankincense intensively internally via suppositories and ingestion is what others have done. Do watch Dr. Suhail’s video about Frankincense.

      I have additional information on making enriched (concentrated) Sacred Frankincense, which is being used in clinical trials on advanced cancer cases like your father’s. If you would like a personal consultation on your father’s behalf, I will email that information to you. My fees are: $26/15 minutes – $44/30 minutes – $80/hr. Payment is via Paypal.

  19. HI Cynthe,
    I too am YL and so glad to see you are too! I was confused because I see a web site for doTerra linked here, and I thought that you were with it. Can you get that removed? It is confusing (and disturbing to those of us with YL). thanks, Stephanie

    • Hi Stephanie ~ Thanks for stopping by and taking time to make a comment. Which DoTerra link caused confusion for you? I’ll check it out. A few DoTerra folks have made comments to our posts, which is okay with me. Our approach is to encourage open dialog and exchange of information to everyone interested in using essential oils for health and well-being. I reference YLO in many places on my site, including my ‘Buy The Best‘ page. (Need to update that page with YLO’s snazzy new logo!) Have a great day!

  20. Hi. I just purchased Sacred Frankincense, Cypress, and Melaleuca alternifolia YLEO.

    I have purchased them for my dad who has Stage 4 colorectal cancer with one met on his lung. He is currently undergoing chemo and radiation.

    Any suggestions on the best oil protocol for this using the three I mentioned?

    Thank you so very much in advance as I am desperate to help him.

    • Jennifer ~ I am sorry to hear about your father’s illness. Please read all my comments to readers on this post, especially my replies to both Juju and Colleen for ideas on how to use Sacred Frankincense and citrus EOs. I’m curious, what made you select Cypress and Melaleuca alternifolia for treating him? Wishing you and your Dad the best.

  21. HI Cynthe,

    Thanks for your comment. I have now looked on two places on your site and I do not see the doTerra link. I originally came onto your site via the internet, using a Google search (I was looking for a link to Dr. HK Lin’s research on Frankincense on line, trying to find an easy link), and ran into your site. Yay! Then at the bottom, in a list of (references?) there was the www. link for it. So at first I thought you were with it, and then read farther and saw that you were not, and indeed were with YL. (another Yay!) I believe if I did the search again I would probably find it, but I’m not sure. It just looked as tho’ you had a connection to it. I don’t mind if d.T. people are commenting etc. but I want to know if the web writer (you) IS affiliated. Thanks again, Stephanie

    • Hi again, Stephanie ~ I have the info on Dr. HK Lin’s Sacred Frankincense protocol. Obtained a detailed run-down from a Facebook site I follow. Have been meaning to post it on my EOH blog for several months now as a resource for folks looking for alternative adjunct treatments for cancer.

      10-2014 Dr. HK Lin has personally requested that no one post his research info or videos on public forums, including websites. If anyone would like to follow his wonderful research, please check out this site.

  22. Hello–
    I am just beginning my research on this topic, as my very good friend was recently diagnosed with appendiceal cancer after having had an appendectomy for a ruptured appendix. We won’t know the stage of the cancer until after his surgery on 3/22, but it is definitely not stage 1, as it has already affected the large intestine. The surgeon is to remove a good portion of the large intestine and check the lymph nodes. In addition, it is likely that my friend will receive HIPEC (hypothermal intraperitoneal chemo) and possibly intravenous chemo afterward.

    If we decide to attempt chemotherapy post-surgery, is it generally suggested that we wait until after the chemo to begin essential oil therapy (inhalation, topical application, and/or ingestion) or can the treatments be employed simultaneously?

    Just reading these comments and reviewing the research on orange and frankincense oils has imbued me with a sense of empowerment and hope. I have used essential oils for a long time, but primarily only topically–but I know they are very powerful, and it is intuitive to me that they likely hold many answers for the treatment of illness.

    I am glad I came upon your site when searching for essential oil suggestions for cancer, and I appreciate your help very much.

    Thank you,

    P.S. In addition to the orange and frankinscese, I’d be interested in your opinion of lemongrass oil. It is possibly reviewed here already…I apologize if I overlooked it. Thanks again!

    • Hi John ~ Glad you found our site. Very sorry to hear about your friend’s illness.

      Posted a NEW article today on several other holistic adjunct cancer therapies as there is a tremendous need for folks to have immune-supportive treatments to choose from. Still need to add the amazing info on the spice turmeric’s effectiveness against cancer. A British women even cured herself of cancer despite her doctor’s cynicism.

      Some suggestions based on my daughter-in-law’s breast cancer experience:
      ~ Do keen research on the chemo options your friend is offered by his oncologist.
      ~ Find out what the % rate of effectiveness is.
      ~ Find out what the side effects are.
      ~ Find out the surgeon and other doctors’ prognosis.

      My main objection to chemo is it suppresses the immune system just when the body is in critical need of immune support. There is clear recent evidence chemo may reduce a person’s chance of surviving cancer. Read this article on the latest findings:

      “Finding evidence of significant DNA damage when examining the effects of chemotherapy on tissue derived from men with prostate cancer, the writings are a big slap in the face to mainstream medical organizations who have been pushing chemotherapy for years as the only option available to cancer patients.

      The news comes after it was previously revealed by similarly breaking research that expensive cancer drugs not only fail to treat tumors, but actually make them far worse. The cancer drugs were found to make tumors ‘metasize’ and grow massively in size after consumption. As a result, the drugs killed the patients more quickly.”

      To answer your questions:
      ~ The essential oil treatments may be applied simultaneously along with the chemo. An exception might be using Grapefruit essential oil, which can have the effect of neutralizing chemo drugs.

      ~ I am not familiar with using Lemongrass essential oil as a cancer treatment. What have you come across? I’m always interested in learning. For me, personally, I have to use Lemongrass essential oil with caution. I have a genetic sensitivity. Lemongrass irritates my skin and if taken internally in large doses, could cause some intestinal distress. But everyone’s different.

      I have an article by HK Lin who is doing research on treating cancer using Sacred Frankincense. See my comment to Stephanie…have left a link to his site, if you want more information.

  23. My father just started a combined radiotherapy with quimitherapy due to a nasopharynx carcinoma. I read in a book that aromatherapy should not be used when quimioterapy is ongoing.

    I understand that frankincense oil is very beneficial to support cancer healing.

    If it is something we could use, how and how often we should use? Many thanks.

    • Hello Martha ~ Yes, there are several encouraging clinical trials being done with cancer patients using Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra), in particular. If you read all the comments on this post as well as “ORANGE ~ Therapeutic Essential Oil As an Adjunct Cancer Therapy” you will find many holistic alternative therapies folks are using to bolster the body’s immune system. Do a search for ‘cancer’ on our site and all our related articles should come up for you to read through.

      I am not familiar with ‘quimitherapy,’ so can’t speak to why aromatherapy is not recommended. Best wishes to your father and family in your search for the right combination of options to help him. Take care.

    • Martha ~ Some therapeutic-quality essential oils and other alternative health protocols, like ionizing footbaths, detox poisonous chemo chemicals from the body. When walking a cancer path, the patient needs to choose therapies s/he believes in. If your father is interested in alternative adjunct cancer treatments, please have him or concerned family members read all the articles & comments. There are many protocols to choose from or better yet, combine.

  24. Hello,
    My aunt has basal cell carcinoma and has already had two patches removed from her face. I have read that Frankincense is effective in treating basal cell. Can you tell me which Frankincense I should order (Boswellia carteri or Boswellia sacra)? I am confused about the difference between the two.
    Thank you!

    • Gina ~ Both types of Frankincense have natural anti-tumoral chemical compounds. And are great for immune support. I’d select Boswellia sacra, since recent clinical trials are so promising. Do have your aunt read all the articles we’ve posted on anti-cancer options, including the comments. There’s LOTS of helpful information to choose from. We also provide paid personal consultations with protocol ideas & resources, if she’s interested.

  25. Thank you, Cynthe! Yes, we’ll be sure to read the articles on the anti-cancer treatment options. I’m SO THANKFUL there are safe, effective alternatives to conventional treatments! I know my aunt does not want the doctors hacking away at her face anymore. Blessings.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I need Essential oils in bulk quantities for my company. Please confirm me if you are dealer of essential oil or please send me addresses which company deals in essential oils.
    I need your urgent response.


    • Hello Nisar ~ I am not an essential oils distiller / manufacturer. Our specialty is developing recipes and making hand-crafted healing blends for individual clients. Thanks for your inquiry.

  27. I am a consultant for doTerra Essential Oils. I am also a regular user of Frankincense as I had ovarian and peritoneal. Stage 3. Prognosis 2 to 3 years. Just completing 7th year. After 3 returns and chemo 3 times, I could not get through the third round. I had prayed much and felt led to do frankincense and eat a lot of whole foods and eliminate processes , most dairy & red meat. Eat small amount of fish & chicken.

    I started getting better and have been doing this over a year & a half. Doing better all the time. Incredibly busy . Dropped that chemo weight . Life is good.

    My husband has had great success with frankincense and skin cancer. Highly recommend.

    • Such good news! Vonnie ~ Everyone has their own story. Would you be willing to share how you used Frankincense EO in the past 18 months for dealing with the cancer you had? How did your husband use it for his skin cancers? I’m eager to get the word out on these awesome essential oils to others struggling with challenging cancer journeys. Thanks for coming by and taking a moment to share with us.

  28. goodday madam, pls my 8years daughter has brain stem tumor known as (diffuse infiltrating pontine glioma DIPG), an unoperatable tumor. our Dr here in switzerlan doesnt know what next to do after radiation was conducted 30 times.he told us that our lovely daughter have just a short time to live. we are now left to our own faith. we have also been using the Frankincense product for 2wks now. pls kindly advice us on what next to do or any Dr that can heal her. pls help us. God bless you for ur good works.

    • Dear Mr. Ezeafulukwe ~ Thank-you for writing and replying to the personal email inquiry. I am saddened to hear about your young daughter’s brain cancer. There are natural remedies that people are using in Europe and the USA, although one has to be very dedicated on finding sources and supplies. Many of these natural options are not inexpensive either, though compared to conventional drugs they are. But are not paid for by health insurance here. Perhaps Switzerland is more enlightened?

      Read ALL the articles with suggestions for cancer that we have on our site. Type CANCER in the search box and the articles on Orange / Frankincense essential oils, lifestyle and nutrition ideas will show in a list.

      One of the articles Conquering Cancer ~ Breakthrough Healing Protocols is posted on another website, where there are many many comments to read.

      Please read ALL the comments and my replies for many suggestions of protocols (lifestyle, nutritional, therapeutic-quality essential oils, etc.) others have used with good effect are there. This article Complementary Holistic Adjunct Cancer & Disease Prevention Therapies has important suggestions on Iscador (originally developed in Switzerland), Essiac herbal tea, turmeric, and more.

      Just this week, I read about using Cannabis oil as an alternative cancer therapy that is supporting remarkable response in babies and young children. Here is a YouTube video on how to make the oil.

      And here is an in depth article by a parent using cannabis to treat her daughter for aggressive leukemia. Here’s an article from another parent inspired by the first one.

      From the reading I’ve done, an intensive mixed approach of doing various nutritional protocols and alternating therapeutic essential oils with tested cancer destroying molecules gives the immune system the best chance of rallying.

      I wish the best for your daughter and family.

  29. I am fascinated by frankincense and it’s tremendous healing potential. I read how much persons have been helped from cancer to parkinsons to people with stress. I am really amazed and thankful to God for placing such a tremendous potion for healing so many ailments. I myself suffer from trijeminal neuralgia and lupus and experience difficulties in speech and language at times and excruciating pain. While planning to give up on living, asking God to put me to sleep, the Holy Spirit took my attention to the computer where I typed in oil that can alleviate pain and came across a testimonial where someone’s speech was altered and got help from the frankincense oil by placing it under their tongue. However I have not placed it under my tongue I used it topically (my temple, back of neck, bottom of my feet, around my area of pain which is the left side of my face) and I have found tremendous relief. Thank God!
    However I have used it with other things but I believe the frankincense is the cause of my relief. I started to put two drops of the oil in a glass of water and drink it. I am trying to get the crystals so soak in water and drink them because that is pure. Also they have the topical ones and the oil that can be ingested. God put it on the earth for the healing of the nation. Let us be vigilant in taking our health naturally by eating the right things and using natural herbs and essential oils to heal our damaged bodies. God said the herb of the land is for the healing of the nation.

  30. I am considering frankincense. I want to know how I can be monitored while taking it. Is there some doctor that will do a scan to see if it is working? I’m just thinking if I don’t do chemo, my doctor will not do that. I don’t know though. Can you do chemo and frankincense together?

    • Susan ~ Thanks for your comment. Keep in mind, choosing to use chemo, radiation, and/or alternative holistic cancer therapies are always personal decisions…NOT mandatory protocols. Usually when a person is dealing with cancer, they have a team, at least several doctors, monitoring them. It would be unprofessional, unethical and unkind for any of your doctors to disrespect your choices. It’s their professional responsibility to monitor your health, if you are their patient. If the MDs you are working with don’t, then find doctors who ARE supportive.

      I don’t know what sort of cancer you are dealing with? You may email me privately and I will share a Frankincense protocol that supported a fellow in ridding his body of a large colon tumor quickly. Everybody is different and healing responses vary.

      There are newer studies implicating chemo in making cancers more aggressive and fatal:

      Tuesday, August 07, 2012
      Chemotherapy backfires – Causes healthy cells to feed growth of cancer tumors
      by Mike Adams

      (NaturalNews) “Ever since chemotherapy was introduced into the practice of western medicine, doctors and oncologists have been trying to answer this nagging question: Why does chemotherapy seem to work at first, but then cancer tumors cells grow back even more aggressively while the body becomes resistant to chemotherapy?

      It turns out that chemotherapy damages healthy cells, causing them to secrete a protein that accelerates the growth of cancer tumors.
      This protein, dubbed ‘WNT16B,’ is taken up by nearby cancer cells, causing them to ‘grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,’ said Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. He’s the co-author of the study that documented this phenomenon, published in Nature Medicine.

      This protein, it turns out, explains why cancer tumors grow more aggressively following chemotherapy treatments. In essence, chemotherapy turns healthy cells into WNT16B factories which churn out this ‘activator’ chemical that accelerates cancer tumor growth.

      The findings of the study were confirmed with prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer tumors. This discovery that chemotherapy backfires by accelerating cancer tumor growth is being characterized as ‘completely unexpected’ by scientists.”

      If my husband or I were facing cancer, we would choose Frankincense rather than chemo. We’d also make various lifestyle changes, incorporating other holistic health-supporting nutritional foods and herbs. Search our site for more ‘cancer’ articles and ways to bolster your body’s health. Best wishes to you.

  31. Hello Cynthe,

    Thank you for all the info on Frankincense. You mention a protocol of someone who used Frankincense for colon cancer. Could you please let me know how he used it? What was the protocol?

    Thank you very much.
    Simona Sebastian

  32. Greetings!
    Thanks for the information on Healing.
    Can you send me the protocol you mentioned for colon cancer using Frankincense oil?


    • Pamela ~ Glad you’ve found our site and are considering Frankincense for its healing applications.

      Since we receive many requests for this information, I have created a NEW handy instructional packet ‘Frankincense for Immune Support with Cancer’ $19.95 (PDF) describing TWO detailed, easy-to-follow Frankincense protocols. The PDF includes resource links for purchasing Frankincense. Plus reference links about current research being done with Frankincense cancer therapies in the USA and abroad.

      We accept credit card payments over the phone: 707-542-0280 (9am-9pm California time) or I can email a Paypal invoice, whichever you prefer.

  33. Hello. My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Grade 4 (Primary Brain Cancer) in July of this year. I have so many people in my ear to research this and research that and try this and try that. I am so overwhelmed with all this research and feel the pressure of it all just sitting on my chest because I know how aggressive and hard to treat this type of cancer is, and all I want to do is help my husband as much as I can. He had radiation and takes chemo 5 days out of the month, but this standard care of treatment for this type of cancer doesn’t usually have good results. I’ve only heard good things about the essential oils and want to start him on the best regimen for brain cancer. Can you help me???? We have been living a complete total nightmare for 5 months now, and I feel so helpless. Thank you for any help or information you can give!

    • Lisa ~ I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s health challenges. Completely understand your feeling of helplessness and overwhelm. We’ve been through this with beloved family members ourselves.

      Please read my reply to Pamela A. earlier as I would make the same suggestion for you to consider. If you search our site for the word ‘cancer,’ several articles will appear that offer many ideas of immune supportive protocols. One friend, who works as a caregiver, really speaks highly of Essiac tea, a quart daily. It helped a dear friend with cancer live for 5 years past the 6 month timeline the doctors gave her.

      There are other remarkable natural protocols that have helped folks recover from cancer. And there is research that shows chemo may not be the best choice for some folks. Please read my response to Susan Gatlin and the article linked there.

      I am on vacation at the moment. Will be back by the 17th, if you wish to consider a consultation for your husband at that point.

  34. Hi Cynthe
    I’m looking in to essential oils and I wanted to know can frankincense be ingested as I’ve read different opinions. Some say it can and some strictly advise against it.

    • Hello Azhar ~ Thanks for your question. Did you read our article about Frankincense thoroughly? In it I quote a comment from Dr. Suhail who says in Oman it is common practice to soak Frankincense resin in drinking water or to chew on small nuggets of resin (similar to using chewing gum).

      It is always wise to purchase from a reliable Frankincense producer or importer if you are going to use a product for health purposes.

  35. Hello Cynthe,
    You seem very kind and caring so I feel very comfortable to ask you Where to by the best Frankincense and Myrrh?

    Pamela W.

    • Pamela ~ Totally agree! I highly recommend reading this book and using this miraculously detox tea. From all the testimonials in the book and on-line, the tea supports the immune system to correct MANY issues, even serious ones. My husband and I have been reading the book loaned to us by a friend and are now using the tea for our own well-being.

  36. I am a 65 year old woman who was diagnosed with metastasized ovarian cancer (stage 4) in 9/13. I did 6 rounds of chemo, had a complete hysterectomy 4/14, and the 4 more rounds of chemo. I responded well to both chemo and surgery. Since June/14 I’ve been on a maintenance avastin every 3 weeks. My CA125 tests results have been btw 4 – 6 until this last one (1/19/15) which was 20. Even though this is w/in the normal limits, my oncologist believes it could be a return of the cancer cells. I will have a CAT scan on 2/16/15. My doctor and I discussed the use of frankincense. She suggested I start it immediately to see if there is a change in all my blood work including the CA125. My other blood work is typically good. My problem is I don’t know the best place to order it, and I don’t know if I should use oral, topical or both and at what dosage. Could you please help me with this. I’ve checked the internet, but it is very confusing. Please email me this information as soon as possible. I appreciate your help. Thank you, Pat Hall

  37. Hello.
    Thank you for helping so many people with your knowledge.
    My sister’s mother in law has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. She is already undergoing radiation and chemo. I want to suggest frankincense along with that… is there a problem in doing both simultaneously? Should she limit her use of frankincense? How much might she take internally and how often? Thank you!!

    • Lori ~ It’s fine to use Frankincense at the same time for immune support. She could use it topically on her feet, am/pm, and wherever she’s being exposed to the radiation therapy. If your sister’s mother-in-law seems open to the idea of natural alternatives, then she could consider our Frankincense pamphlet for other internal use suggestions besides ideas mentioned in the woman’s testimonial in this article.

  38. I just had a zyto scan done this evening. I had 34 points off with 25 of those being frankincense. The others were 4 for lemon two for digestion, one for metabolizing oils and one for marjoram. Of course everyone knows Frank as the cancer oil which has me pretty freaked out. What else in your opinion would pull a marker that high?

    • Hi Christi ~ I was not aware of Zyto scans. Did a quick look on-line, but need to read more to understand what it is capable of, how accurate the readings are, what effects the results, what being ‘off’ means, etc.

      First off, do yourself and your well-being a BIG favor…don’t freak out. Frankincense is awesome for SO MANY reasons:
      ~ It can calm us down (sounds like that might be just what you need) ;~}
      ~ Raises our frequency therefore bolstering our immune system
      ~ Helps correct our DNA if anything is impacting us (like damaging toxins in the environment, infectious diseases, and more)

      Please read our article thoroughly, especially the part right after the picture of the Frankincense tree where all Frankincense’s marvelous benefits are listed.

  39. Hello,
    I am battling breast cancer, 16 rounds of chemo, double mastectomy a month ago and lymph node removal from both arms and will start radiation in two weeks. I am very interested in using Frankincense but wasn’t aware you could ingest until I read your post. Would you know the dosage for the capsules and where I can purchase ingestable Frankincense? I appreciate your time and love your website!

    • Hi Lisa ~ Thanks for your kind words!

      Sorry to hear you’re having to deal with such a health challenge. Have you started / completed the chemo sessions or is that what your oncologist has scheduled for you? If chemo is done, you may want to read the book about and use the gentle, miraculously healing, detox tea I mentioned to Pamela Wilbur several comment earlier….the links to those items are in the comment. From all the testimonials in the book and in on-line reviews, the tea supports our immune systems to correct MANY issues, even serious ones.

      I purchase Frankincense essential oil for topical & internal use from Young Living Essential Oils. They also sell Sacred Frankincense, which is being studied for its positive effects on diseases like you’re experiencing. If you decide to buy from Young Living, let them know you found out about their products using my name: Cynthia Brush and YLO customer #168709.

      I’ve put together a Frankincense reference pamphlet on other internal protocols for using Frankincense as well.

      There’s no prescribed capsule ‘dosage.’ The person quoted in this article used 6 capsules daily (my guess is 2 caps filled, morning – noon – night). Folks who use these oils as alternative remedies for themselves basically are experimenting and following their own intuition on this. You could read our article on Orange essential oil for more ideas. Look right under the botanical illustration for a woman’s testimonial suggestions.

      Best wishes for a full recovery!

  40. Cynthe…Hello again. Well, as you can see, I started something with the Frankincense! That’s good, because Ladies we NEED to do something else besides relying on man-made medicine. I’m NOT saying it’s not good, BUT think of GOD’S creations and HIS medicine. Let’s try it, what do we have to lose? I’ve read on these oils and i am going to also try the orange oil, which is also good for cancer, HATE the word! Oils give you a sign of peace and well-being. Myrrh is another I’m going to try. Think of it….What did the Three Kings bring Jesus? It makes sense to me. God Bless us all, we are in this together.
    I will pray for all of you and me.
    Thank you Cynthe,
    Pamela Wilbur

  41. I have just started using essential oils. I rub a drop or two every day on my breasts, you can also rub it on your lower abdomen. I’ve read it’s excellent for “the girls” and reproductive organs. I would love to hear an update from Pat Hall, and I pray that she is doing well.

  42. Looking at using for pancreatic cancer! We will apply to area and use under the tongue. Does this sound like a good way to approach this terrible illness?

    • Glad you found us Melisa, though it’s dismaying to hear someone dear to you is suffering. Essential oils have to be used intensively when facing a cancer challenge. You may learn more about some Frankincense protocols others have used successfully in our pamphlet: Frankincense For Immune Support.

      Another excellent option, which may be used additionally is the highly regarded detox herbal tea made by FlorEssence (available on-line). I highly recommend reading this book and using this gentle herbal tea. From all the testimonials in the book and on-line, the tea supports the immune system to correct MANY health issues, even serious ones. My husband and I have read the book and are now using the tea for our own well-being.

      Keep in touch and let us know how these work for the person who is facing this illness.

    • Anne ~ Sorry to hear you’re facing a breast cancer challenge. Sacred Frankincense (boswellia sacra) is highly regarded by researchers trialing some clinical applications. There aren’t ‘pills’ but you can use gel or veggie caps if you want to use the essential oil internally. Please read all the comments on this post for ideas. Also, read our article ‘Orange Essential Oil For Immune Support‘ and all the comments for additional suggestions. We have other articles on lifestyle issues when faced with cancer. You may find them by using the search function. Best wishes for your well-being.

  43. Had a spider bite 2 weeks ago. Now I ache all over and have low energy. will Frankencense water detox the poison in this body? How much? Any other recommendations?

    • Oh, dear! Susan ~ How does the site of the bite look? Do you know what sort of spider bit you? What makes you suspect the bite and your symptoms are related? Drinking lots of fluids (water, lemon water, Frankincense water) would all be helpful. Have you read our articles on insect bites? There are good suggestions there that I’ve used myself with spider, wasp, mosquito bites / stings. Let us know how you’re feeling in a week or so, after you give them a try.

    • Kelly ~ Depends on the size capsule you’re using 0 or 00. In the 0 caps I use…15-25 dps. You don’t want to overfill, spill, make a mess, and waste the precious oil.

  44. What about my 7-year old daughter ingesting Young Living Sacred Frank for her brain tumor? I am scared to take the next step and have her ingest. We have been applying Sacred Frank and lemon topically to her tumor site, but we just found out last week that there was some growth. I need to up our game!

    • Hi Jill ~ It is good to be cautious treating young children. A gentle approach to add to what you are doing would be to have her drink this immune supportive herbal tea made by FlorEssence (available on-line). Reading this book and using this gentle herbal tea is highly recommended. From all the testimonials in the book and on-line, the tea supports the immune system to correct MANY health issues, even serious ones. Best wishes for your daughter’s well-being. Please let us know how she does.

  45. my mother- in- low has breast cancer stage 4 . please advise me what kind frankincense oil she can use ? plus she has a lot of pain. What kind oil she can use for pain? Thank you.

    • Mira ~ I’ve emailed you directly with suggestions similar to ones made to other readers here. The detox tea is especially important. Please let us know how she does in a few months.

  46. Hello, can you guide to specific oils for cancer prevention, specifically breast cancer. Also are there any oils that will help a fatty liver? Can I apply them topically, are they still effective?

    • Hi Cindi ~ Hope you received the email I sent replying to you directly sharing information about what others have done. Yes, essential oils may be applied topically. They are absorbed completely via the skin and distributed to every cell of your body within a half hour.

      I would have to do research on whether essential oils are useful in the case of a fatty liver…and which ones to use. Personal custom research requires an ‘Aromatherapy For You‘ consultation.

  47. I’m new to using essential oils. My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I’ve read a lot about using essential oils to help fight the cancer growth. My father will start radiation soon and I would like to help him fight his cancer. Can you please help us? I do have young living essential oils.

    • Hi Nima ~ Glad you’ve found our site. I haven’t been aware of Oromandibular Dystonia before, so looked it up quickly to see what the issue is. With those involuntary muscle spasms, I would think muscle relaxing, stress reducing essential oils might be very helpful. Seems the medications used to manage the symptoms are geared toward modifying brain chemistry, so there are several ways to go…Frankincense crosses the blood-brain barrier and is relaxing (stress-wise). Lavender essential oil might be an option. Marjoram essential oil is wonderful for muscles.

      There are many more choices. Some may work better for you than others as we’re all individuals. Also, the question arises as to what brought your symptoms on? If you are interested in a personal ‘Aromatherapy For You‘ consultation, we can research more customized options to use.

    • Hi Lisa ~ There’s no formal protocol with using Frankincense for serious illness. Please read through the article and all the comments to readers for various ideas and suggestions. There has been some clinical experimentation showing some essential oils are more effective against certain cancers, but the individual response always has to be taken into consideration. And using a combination of approaches (herbal detox tea; limiting EMF exposure; dietary changes ie. NO SUGAR, juicing lots of green vegetables & carrots, little meat, no alcohol; etc.) to support the immune system along with using essential oils is more helpful.

  48. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. I diluted frankincense essential oil 6 drops in 1 oz olive oil and rubbed it on my abdomen, thighs, above and below the prostate area. That night I had difficulty going to sleep and felt generally bad in the areas I had used the oil. Could I have used too much and had a healing crisis? Is that common?

    Also, how would I take this internally?

    • Hi Richard ~ 6 drops of Frankincense diluted in 1oz of olive oil = 2/100 strength. Most therapeutic dilutions would be 5-10x as strong (ie. 30-60 drops or more). UNLESS the quality of the oil was impure, that very dilute blend is unlikely to have caused discomfort ~ but not impossible ~ as every body reacts differently? What brand of Frankincense essential oil did you use?

      There are a several supportive options you may consider using. Please read my response to our reader, Melisa (written on April 20, 2015) written on this same health issue under this article for more ideas. Internal rectal applications using a syringe would likely be more effective than swallowing capsules.

      Best wishes for your health.

  49. My father, aged 83 years is diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, please advise how alternative healing can help him. He has allergy to fish oil.

    • Lee ~ I’m sorry to hear of your father’s health challenge. Please read through ALL the comments to readers on this article for ideas of how to support his health and well-being. If you do a search on our site using the term ‘cancer,’ you will find other lifestyle, nutritional, and alternative suggestions he may consider using.

  50. Hi! I hope you can help. My sister has stage 4 Breast cancer. She is juicing, following anticancer diet. Taking chemo pill. She starting using Doterra frankincense. How much can she take topically and/or internally? I can’t find any protocols using oils. Thank you. God bless you.

    • Hi Maria ~ Sorry to hear about your sister’s health challenge. Our pharmaceutical & medical industries prevent access to alternative protocols. Please read through the article and all my comments to readers for some ideas. You could also use our pamphlet “Frankincense for Immune Support.” My understanding is that the BEST Frankincense EOs to use are: Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra. Don’t think those are what DoTerra sells. Please have your sister check.

      On the front page of our site, right under my photo and the SEARCH box are links to VERY effective immune support products available from Amazon. Highly recommend those for your sister to consider. Best wishes to her and your family!

  51. I have been struggling with headaches brought on by “trigger points” or muscle knots in my neck that just won’t go away despite trying about everything over the past two years. It seems there is a cycle going on where the central nervous system is on alert and the brain is sending these contraction signals to the muscles and then I am having pain as well.
    I had someone share with me today about the amazing healing properties of essential oils. I think for me it will be a combo of healing the brains message and healing the muscles as well. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Will,

      Has cervical or nerve damage been ruled out by your health care professionals? Are you engaged in any sort of repetitive work or sport that could be aggravating your symptoms? It’s important to figure out why your body is responding this way to eliminate those factors.

      Great that essential oils were mentioned to you. They are AMAZING! Conifer oils are excellent for both pain and stress relief. Certain floral and herbal essential oils work well, too (ie. Lavender, Peppermint, Rose, etc.). Interestingly, many essential oils’ compounds cross the blood-brain barrier, so have the ability to heal the neural pathways as well.

      We offer several synergistic blends you could consider to help your muscles affecting those trigger points relax: BackUp ~ ForSOOTHE™ ~ SweetBALM. If one blend or oil doesn’t offer relief, try others. Every body responds and heals differently and sometimes one has to experiment a bit to find the ‘perfect’ combo or therapeutic strategy. Let us know what you decide and how your body responds to essential oils.

  52. Cynthia,

    I just read that you shouldn’t use frankincense EO if you are currently on chemotherapy. Here is what I read. Many essential oils have protective & antioxidant effects on our cells, and there is a reasonable chance that they will do the same for cancer cells – protect them from the chemotherapy – which of course would not be a good thing. This opinion is shared by many. It probably sounds odd – you’re thinking that frankincense oil should kill cancer cells and not protect them – but the only evidence for killing cancer cells (apart from one skin cancer report) comes from a few lab tests when high concentrations were used.

    Moderate amounts of EO will not kill cancer cells, but could protect them. And taking large amounts of essential oil could very well interfere with the chemotherapy itself, by increasing or decreasing the concentration of drug-metabolizing enzymes in the liver. By causing a chemo drug to be metabolized more quickly, you reduce the duration of its effect. On the other hand if you inhibit its metabolism you reduce the efficacy of the drug. Neither of these is desirable, and chemo drugs are very carefully dosed for each patient.

    Can you share your thoughts? This is the first time I’ve read this. Can you still use it topically?

    • Hi Joyce ~ This is an interesting subject that will continue to be debated. (BTW, I’d be interested in the source where you read the discussion.)

      Simply put there are two radically different approaches to the treatment of cancers:
      1) The current AMA approach to cancer treatment is to cut out (surgery), poison (chemotherapy), and burn (radiation) the cancerous tumors that are big enough to detect with toxic sugar solutions / CT scans. This approach causes massive collateral damage killing most fast growing healthy cells (intestines, stomach lining, hair, skin, and more.) and damaging the immune system.
      2) A holistic approach supports the immune system to correct and eradicate the cancerous cells though diet, herbs, essential oils, lifestyle changes, mindful intent, prayer, and more. We discuss a few of these approaches on this blog.

      My understanding from research I’ve done is that Frankincense has the ability to reprogram the DNA of our cells. DNA in cancerous cells is damaged causing the cells to ‘forget’ how to die, when they should. Frankincense also bolsters our immune systems, enabling the body to rally its resources to correct, destroy, to get rid off pathogens (damaging microbes, viruses, misbehaving cells…ie. cancer and more). So, the belief that Frankincense might ‘protect’ cancer cells is based on someone’s misunderstanding of how Frankincense supports our bodies.

      The latest findings on chemo…and why to consider NOT using it: There is new evidence that chemo drugs cause the body to produce a substance that makes cancerous cells return with a vengeance, after an initial period of seemingly successful treatment. Read more about that clinical study explaining why chemo has such low success rate percentages. Here’s an excerpt:

      “…It turns out that chemotherapy damages healthy cells, causing them to secrete a protein that accelerates the growth of cancer tumors. This protein, dubbed ‘WNT16B,’ is taken up by nearby cancer cells, causing them to ‘grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy,’ said Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. He’s the co-author of the study that documented this phenomenon, published in Nature Medicine.”

      On the other hand, Frankincense will have a beneficial impact on our immune systems, making us more resilient. This process could very well negate the effects of chemo drugs, which destroy the immune system, or at the very least, impact it severely. Chemo treatment and use of Frankincense are diametrically opposed in how they function. My personal choice would be to use Frankincense along with other immune system supportive options.

  53. I started using Frankincense oil, three months ago, (about 30 drops in 1 ounce of olive oil) rubbed on my thighs and lower abdomen around my prostate area. I had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, that was Stage 4, which a bone scan confirmed it had spread to my ribs and spine.

    Also since early Summer I have been using one dropper full of medical marijuana (CBD that has no psycho effect) 5 or 6 times a day. Since I have been using it I believe that my health is improving with absolutely no pain or discomfort. CBD appears to be effective.

    But, today I read that Frankincense Essential Oil can possibly reduce the effect of chemo on tumors. What about CBD?

    Should I not use Frankincense with CBD?

    • Dick ~ Apologies for my delayed response. Am a bit busy with holiday preparations these days.

      I am not an expert on the medical use of marijuana for cancer though have read with great interest about its positive effects. My understanding is the oil extracts that DO contain THC are the most effective with cancer…leading to complete remission for some users.

      I would not anticipate marijuana and Frankincense to be incompatible. I have not read anything to that effect. Are you tracking your health improvements with PSA or other tests? Best wishes for your continued well-being!

    • Amy ~ Has the cancer metastasized to other parts of her body? She may want to consider some of the Frankincense applications we described in our pamphlet, Frankincense for Immune Support. If it’s still confined to her stomach, and if she’s no longer using chemo, drinking this gentle herbal detox tea made by FlorEssence (available on-line) and reading this book is highly recommended. From all the testimonials in the book and on-line, the tea supports the immune system to correct MANY health issues, even serious ones. Best wishes for your Mom and family.

    • Barbara ~ Thanks for the link to that article. The expert quoted has a high profile in the EOs industry. From his statements I’ve read, the gentleman takes an extremely conservative approach to using essential oils…especially in situations like yours, where your immune system NEEDS holistic support in the face of your health challenges.

      Here’s what one woman wrote about her experience just over a year ago: “This year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After completing surgery and chemotherapy, I began a 7-week radiation treatment on the affected area. With my pale skin, the doctor prepared me for the worst (i.e., blisters, intense burning, and possibly scarring).

      Throughout the radiation treatment I added Lavender essential oil to my routine, using it up to 3 or 4 times daily. I would mix it into the prescription cream that the doctor had me using.

      The radiation burn did not become bad until about week 6. The blisters were kept under control, and I am happy to report NO scarring! My doctor was amazed at how great my skin tissue looked during and after radiation treatment. I would highly recommend this protocol for anyone undergoing radiation for breast cancer.”

      Another woman shared a testimonial about her experience, 2 years ago: “I have just finished radiotherapy, otherwise known as radiation therapy. This consisted of 25 sessions, 20 minutes each, with installation. Earlier this year I had mastectomy and chemotherapy.

      It took me about a week to find a good combination of oils and my own ‘procedure’ but as a result I didn’t suffer almost at all during radiotherapy.

      Just AFTER each session, I was putting a couple of drops of Melrose on the treated area. Sometimes during the day or before going to sleep I was reapplying Melrose on my skin. The part of skin which received radiotherapy looks as if I have spent 3 weeks in Hawaii but nothing worse ;-).”

      Although neither of these women used Frankincense, you can draw your own conclusions based on their real life experiences as to whether the essential oils were helpful or not. BTW, I just read about a study conducted in Spain on how Rosemary essential oil has been found to be particularly effective for radiation protection.

      Best wishes for your health!

  54. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 18months ago. Had bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I’m interested in using YL frankensence oil as a preventative for reoccurrence as I still have 2 young boys that need me here. Thank you!

    • Hi Tammy ~ So many women are having to deal with breast cancer these days. My heart is with you on this journey. Kudos for looking for holistic options to support your immune system, so you can be here for your sons and to enjoy life!

      Breast cancer tends to metastasize to the lungs, bones and brain. Sniffing from the Frankincense bottle often (or diffusing it at night) will help protect both your lungs and brain. I’d suggest using the Frankincense daily, diluted with YLO Lavender and organic jojoba oil. Applying the blend you make over your chest and especially your underarms will help your skin and your lungs. We have other ideas in our ‘Frankincense For Immune Support’ booklet. And consider incorporating the important life-style suggestions in our article ‘Holistic Cancer Immune Support Alternatives and Prevention Options.’
      Best wishes for your health!

  55. Hi, Cynthe! My mum (merkel cell carcinoma metastatic in pancreas) has two more rounds of chemo to go, they are three weeks apart from each other. Last week, I gave her a bottle of frankincense carterii essential oil, also one of rosmarin and another one of lavender…She has been sniffing them from the bottle, because I still need to get her a carrier oil. The lavender one I told it’s ok to use it directly on the skin… I am very concerned about what I have just read about using frankincense together with chemo… although I am against the chemo, I don’t want to run the risk of neutralising its “good” effects… I may buy the booklet pdf to follow your instructions, but I am afraid that by the time I get it delivered to me, it may be too late. Would you be so kind as to shed some light on our paths and tell us if you think it is ok for her to have it rubbed on the sole of her feet, or inhaled through a diffuser, during the chemo sessions, before or after? do we need to wait hours, days, weeks… I would like to thank you in advance and congratulate you for such great blog. I look forward to hearing from you. Namasté!

    • Hi Ligia ~ Sorry to hear about your Mum’s health challenges. If the 3 essential oils are 100% pure (no aromachemicals added) then all should be fine to use undiluted (no carrier oil necessary) on her skin, feet, etc. If I were in her situation, I would apply them to the abdomen directly over her pancreas as well as using the Frankincense protocols. (BTW the protocol booklet is a PDF delivered via email, so you will get it immediately.)

      The articles you are finding about Frankincense interfering with chemo drugs are misleading in the sense that the article(s) imply that chemo is ‘helpful.’ Chemo is poisonous. And destroys the immune system, which has already been weakened or a person would not have gotten cancer! Frankincense and other essential oils support the immune system, so the body’s own resources can combat the cancer (and the poisonous effects of the chemo drugs). Of course, one has to make choices about treatment approaches.

      I am not a ‘licensed medical practitioner.’ And not a chemo advocate. My knowledge comes from reading / researching holistic options that support our bodies in an increasingly toxic environment caused by GMO foods, fake sweeteners, pesticides, climate engineering, mobile phones & laptop computers (held near our bodies), cell towers and many other sources of EMF radiation exposure, etc. Please read our articles on this subject by searching for the topic ‘cancer.’ You will learn much about how to support our health and well-being.

  56. Hi cynthe

    This is vinnie my daughter is 5 year old now and she is delayed at speech she makes sentences like I want to go bathroom and I want cookie and answers when asked a question like where did u go and she answers I went to school but if I ask what did you do she keeps mum as she does not know how to frame a sentence . When she was 3 year old she did not say even say mamma and dadda but now she calls everybody and she does all the words from alphabets and numbers till 100 and songs almost 15 rhymes but few not clear . Only thing as a mother when I see other kids of her age they talk fluently and communicate well and I want my daughter to talk fluently and communicate and understand and respond . So recently a week ago some of my friend said apply frankincense oil along with ddr prime and fractionated coconut oil as it will help repair DNA and help in speech . I really wanted your advice and can I apply frankincense alone too . Please help me

    • Hi Vinnie ~ Has your daughter been assessed by her pediatrician, a child development specialist, or speech therapist? Do you or her medical specialists have any idea what may be the cause of her delayed speech development? Were there any trauma / illnesses during pregnancy or birth delivery issues?

      I have read / been taught that Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) does repair DNA. This is also true of other essential oils like Sandalwood, etc. If you purchase a quality Frankincense EO, you may use it on her upper spine where the dent is, right under the base of her skull, along with Lavender EO. I would suggest organic JoJoba oil as the carrier, it has wonderful qualities and will absorb completely into her skin with no oily residue.

      I am not very familiar with the dT essential oils and blends. Looked up the ingredients of DDR: “Frankincense Resin Oil, Wild Orange Peel Oil, Lemongrass Leaf Oil, Thyme Plant Oil, Summer Savory Plant Oil, Clove Bud Oil, Niaouli Leaf Oil.” Several of those EOs I would hesitate using on a young child daily, especially Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove. They are VERY potent, possible skin irritants, but powerful in their effects. Read our article about how to dilute EOs for use on children. OR purchase a reference book for your library.

  57. Cynthe
    Thanks for the prompt response , yeah we had her evaluated and she is just speech delayed and the speech delay runs in my husband family and there was no trauma during delivery but it was a delayed delivery after 36 hours of labor otherwise there is no other illness as you suggested I will order for a frankincense oil and how many times can I apply it on my daughter and for how long can I apply
    Thank you very much

    • Hi again Vinnie ~ Well, if it runs in the family then it’s not much to worry about. Be patient and appreciate your daughter’s uniqueness. Be careful not to let her feel like anything is ‘wrong’ with her. I’d apply the EOs diluted to 10%, morning and evening as long as your daughter is happy to do so. Keep notes. See if you notice a difference within 6 months or so.

  58. Where did you buy the frankincense oil at? I am looking for one that is suited for internal consumption. Any information would be helpful, as I noticed not all are labeled for ingestion

    Thank you

  59. Hi,
    my 10yrs old sin got epileptic fits which happens mostly at night or early hours of the morning,non of his medication helps to control the seizures,now he’s like forgetting,can’t concentrate and he’s so behind with his school work cause now he’s like a4yrs old,someone told me about the frankincense oil can this help him?how to use it for him

    • Maureen ~ Dismaying to learn of the epilepsy your son is challenged with. One of the problem with seizures is that repeated occurrences cause damage as you are witnessing. What do you and his doctor think has caused the seizures? Do other members of his family / relatives suffer from epilepsy? Is there any chance this has been caused from childhood vaccinations or other external sources?

      Frankincense essential oil may help. I’ve read it re-establishes correct DNA patterns. I know a woman who had brain damage and went blind from petrochemical poisoning and she healed herself, regaining her sight, using Young Living Frankincense essential oil (Boswellia carteri). What I would suggest your son do is to smell the Frankincense from the bottle as often as possible.Also you can apply several drops to the back of his neck at the dip between his neck muscles under his skull, morning and evening, where it will be absorbed through his skin and into his brain. If you decide to purchase from them, let Customer Service know you learned of their Frankincense from Cynthia Brush, YLO Customer #168709….however they will not be able to discuss ANY medical applications / information with you due to pressure from the FDA.

      Depending on where you live, you may want to look into medical cannabis oil, which has an astonishing record of healing children with severe epilepsy.

      Best wishes for your son’s health! Please let us know what you decide to do and how he responds.

  60. Desperately looking for help and hope for 10 yr old diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG). Any info is greatly appreciated.

    • Arlene ~ Very sorry to hear about your 10 yr old suffering from this terrible disease. Frankincense and citrus oils, (esp. Grapefruit and Orange), may be helpful with cancer challenges. But they have to be used intensively with such an aggressive disease. Not everyone can tolerate citrus oils in concentration. And citrus oils are phototoxic (cause sunburn on exposed skin) if not used with care.

      Frankincense is expensive in the daily quantities one would have to use to help this young child. It could be applied several times/day to the back of the neck at the base of the skull over brain stem and diffused in the child’s room at night / in the rooms where the child is during the day. You could also have the kid drink Frankincense resin water like is done traditionally in the mid-East.

      There are nutritional supplements that support folks’ battles w/cancer like turmeric (taken in capsules). Please search our site using the term ‘cancer’ to see what other ideas we have found and shared to help families dealing with these diseases.

  61. Hello, I have been having lower back pain now for about three years. I decided to go see a chiropractor to see what was going on and if he could help. I didn’t receive very good news(surgery in future) so I began thinking my oils could help. I have only been using YL for 5 months and love them. Two of my discs are “wearing out” and I have bone spurs around them which is causing sciatica pain. Ever heard of an oil helping regenerate a discs? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

    • Misty ~ Glad to hear you’re enjoying your YL oils. Have you read our article on bone spurs? YL’s RC blend has helped a number of folks find relief by helping the body reabsorb the bone spurs. This can take quite awhile (months to years) of regular daily application. Might be worth giving it a try before surgery.

      The other protocol I can suggest is to get regular (monthly) Raindrop therapy sessions with a skilled practitioner, perhaps customized to support spinal disc health, to see if your disc can regenerate? I haven’t heard if this is possible, but it’s certainly worth a try. I could do more research for you, but that would necessitate a paid consultation. Best wishes for your health and well-being!

  62. Hi.
    I have a family member with hereditary cancer. 4 years old. Has been treated at St. Jude’s for Brain Cancer. Germline mutation in the P53 gene. At. Jude’s said there isn’t anything they can do for him. He has had 3 brain surgery’s, radiation, boost radiation and 4 rounds of Chemo. They have given him 1 month to live.. do you think the Frankensence oil would help him. I under I will pass through the blood brain barrier. How much should a child that small use ans how? Thank you in advance..

    • Dear Kathleen ~ I am finding your comment 2.5 months after you posted it. Unfortunately, it was buried in a mound of spam comments. I’m so sorry to hear of the young boy’s cancer. If he’s still alive, using Frankincense at this late stage will likely not be an aid after so many devastating surgeries, radiation, and chemo. I wish him and your family some peace and grace through this horrible circumstance.


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