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Essential Oils 1st Aid for Bitten Lips / Mouth Injuries

This has been a weekend of therapeutic essential oils discoveries!

Friday night, I bit the inside of my upper lip – HARD. Within a few minutes, it was swollen enough that it could be seen looking at my reflection in the mirror. Knew I had to figure out the right essential oil to use……and FAST!

Looked in the Higley’s Reference Guide For Essential Oils to see what might be helpful. They list both Chamomiles – German (Blue) & Roman – as excellent choices. Hadn’t tried my bottle of deep indigo blue German Chamomile yet. Figured this was my opportunity!

Poured a drop (more than was necessary…just a touch would have been enough) of German Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, on my finger and rubbed it all over my swollen lip. Was totally mild with a taste that is very tolerable.

By the next morning (8hrs later), the lip swelling was gone & the teeth lacerations were healing. I applied another drop to continue the healing. With twice a day applications within 24hrs the wound was completely healed!

Gosh! Was I delighted with this discovery. Normally, bite wounds like that are swollen, sore, and bothersome for several days to a week. And it’s so easy to aggravate the injury by accidentally re-biting the swollen area while eating.

So, add some incredible ‘Indigo Blue’ chamomile to your first-aid oils ASAP!

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1 thought on “Essential Oils 1st Aid for Bitten Lips / Mouth Injuries”

  1. A year later and I’ve done it again…. A few days ago, I bit my my lower lip HARD. Arrgh!

    Got my German Chamomile and applied ‘just a touch’ a couple of times that evening and several times in the days since.
    – 90% of the pain was gone by the next morning.
    – The cut was closed within 24hrs.
    – And the wound lump is almost gone a few days later.

    Consider using German Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, for soothing TEETHING BABIES sore gums. Recently read this mild, deep blue essential oil is the strongest known anti-inflammatory of all therapeutic essential oils, plus it’s analgesic (pain-killing) and gentle enough for babies. Wish I had known this when my two – now grown – sons were teething.


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