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Blisters, The Bane of Dancers, Hikers & Runners, Athletes ~ Heal Quickly with Essential Oils

hiking blister on ball of foot
Less than halfway through our brisk hike I knew I had nasty blisters under the balls of both feet.
senior woman having fun with maple leaves
Cynthe having fun with huge maple leaves

OCT 28th
I should have known better.
My long-time friend, Laurie, invited me to join her and a walking buddy for a quick 3-mile walk around a lovely hilly Bremerton WA neighborhood. My husband and I had come up from the San Francisco Bay area on an impromptu vacation. It was a rainy week and we ‘girls’ needed to get our walk in before the next chilly  downpour.

My hubby was napping, so I decided not to go into the guest bedroom to get a second pair of socks. Boy, was that a MISTAKE! I have very flexible feet that move a lot in my walking shoes. Also, have my feet get sweaty & hot (major factors for developing blisters) and sensitive skin that gets abraded easily. Less than halfway through our brisk hike I knew I had nasty blisters under the balls of both feet.

When we got back to the house, I put some of my essential oils blends on the sore (but unbroken*) blisters right away. And protected the injured skin with band-aids. My strategy was to use both anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic essential oils to soothe the skin and minimize pain.

Blister PAIN Reduction

I was dealing with different types of blisters on each foot. My left foot, which is more problematic, had a huge fluid-filled blister. The right foot had a very sore, large red “pre-blister” but no fluid, yet. The essential oils I used were German Chamomile, Peppermint, initially followed by alternating applications of several of my custom GAIA’s PHARMACOPEIA blends: Cool BlueRevive, and Sweet Balm. (It wasn’t necessary to use all these essential oils. I use my own first aid injuries as experiments to see how quickly essential oils relieve discomfort and speed healing.)

The painful fluid-filled blister stopped hurting almost immediately, within an hour or so, if not faster. The red pre-blister was more pain tenacious and took a couple of days of 2-3 times a day applications for the pain to completely disappear when I pressed/rubbed the skin firmly. But I never was the slightest bit uncomfortable wearing the shoes I had been walking in.

blister healing, skin beginning to crack before peeling starts
Ball of foot where blister was. Healing skin beginning to crack before peeling starts.

Blister FLUID Re-Absorption

My next concern with the fluid filled blister, was to help the skin reabsorb the fluid and heal without breaking. The main danger with an *open blister is infection, in addition, to the discomfort of extremely sensitive, damaged tissues. I continued to use the German Chamomile for its anti-inflammatory properties, followed by applications of my special REVIVE blend, excellent for preventing and healing infections plus speeding recovery from surgical wounds.

NOV 1st (Intro photo)
The blister flattened out within a day or two, at which point I stopped using the band-aids. Continued to apply the essential oils for a week or so, and then left the skin to heal on its own.

NOV 18th

The damaged skin is beginning to show signs of readiness to peel. I left it alone to let the body heal at its own pace.

DEC 1st

The skin from the large blister started peeling yesterday, after a soaking bath. I carefully trimmed the loose skin away, so its edges wouldn’t catch on my socks. The new skin underneath is healthy and ever-so-slightly more sensitive than the rest of my foot. It will toughen up quickly. Did an hour-and-a-half Tai Chi class last night without a hint of discomfort. And my foot is fine this morning.

TORN BLISTER Essential Oil Treatment

Damaged skin under a torn blister is VERY vulnerable to infection and as we all know, extremely TENDER! I would have taken a different approach to handling that sort of situation. My go-to choice of essential oils would have been the excellent anti-infectious, but mild, Young Living blend MELROSE.** I have used it on small open wounds without discomfort.

GERMAN CHAMOMILE, perhaps, could be used this same way. I haven’t applied it to an open wound, but think it would be okay to use due to its non-irritating properties. Generally, non-sensitizing, though better diluted with a carrier oil for sensitive skin, babies & small children, the elderly, and infirm. I’ll do a bit more research for this article to see what other essential oils would be options.

ball of foot where blister was. damaged skin ready to peel away.
Ball of foot where blister was. Damaged skin ready to peel away.

Additionally, any open blisters would need to be well covered with sterile band-aids, changed several times a day to keep the area totally clean. I would also recommend cushioning socks as a barrier from further damage and sources of infection.

Melrose ~ Sliced Thumb Heals Quickly / YLO’s Melrose For Rose ‘Wrastling’ Scratches
Anti-Infectious Essential Oils ~ Healing Spider Bites with Essential Oils

The BEST sock fabric for preventing blisters = Acrylic, NOT natural fibers like cotton and wool! Surprised me to find this out. So…I’m planning to purchase acrylic sock liners to wear under my favorite padded hiking socks.

4 thoughts on “Blisters, The Bane of Dancers, Hikers & Runners, Athletes ~ Heal Quickly with Essential Oils”

  1. Very interesting I am keen on oils.Is ordinary chamomile the same as German chamomile
    Having just found a blister on the ball of my foot which felt like electricity burn I was at loss to find where it had come from. I have put a cover and germo!ene on it.


    • Hi Anne ~ No, the two chamomiles are not from the same plant. ‘Ordinary’ Roman Chamomile is Chamaemelum nobile and German Chamomile is Matricaria recutita. Both have anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, and pain relieving properties.

  2. Hi Cynthe,
    Thank you so much for your reply very kind of you. I have got chamomile and will try that on it .I found the information on your site very interesting looking forward to reading about different oils. Anne

    • You’re welcome. Anne ~ If you have Lavender EO, you could use it with the Roman Chamomile…a drop of each rubbed in until absorbed within several seconds. Let us know if it helps. Glad you’re enjoying learning about essential oils, that’s why I write the articles!


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