Definition of Allopathic Medicine

Allopathic medicine: The system of medical practice which treats disease by the use of remedies which produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment. MDs practice allopathic medicine, which is also called conventional medicine.

The term “allopathy” was coined in 1842 by C.F.S. Hahnemann to designate the usual practice of medicine (allopathy) as opposed to homeopathy, the system of therapy that he founded based on the concept that disease can be treated with remedies (in minute doses) thought capable of producing the same symptoms in healthy people as the disease itself.
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The American Medical Association (AMA) and the National Residency Matching Program use the term to refer to the schools and residency training programs which they govern, e.g. an allopathic medical student. Thus, the term distinguishes these schools and programs from those that receive accreditation by the American Osteopathic Association.

More 1st Aid…EYEWASH with natural ingredients

Briana, my daughter-in-law has had a persistent, minor infection on her lower eyelid…a small stye or an inflammation of an eyelash pore (?)…since January. It had gotten tender to blink…and sore. She asked if there was anything we could do to help it heal.

Remembered an interesting, easy-to-make eyewash listed in the Higley’s Reference Guide For Essential Oils. They say it’s from Stanley Burrough’s book Healing For the Age of Enlightenment, mentioning that it has helped “clear glaucoma, cataracts, spots, film, and growths of various kinds.”

Well, it lives up to its reputation! Bri used the drops (one in each eye, 3x day) for most of a week. Then she was out of town for ten days and a bit more erratic with the applications. All pain/discomfort has vanished and the red inflammation is almost gone. Another week or so of use and it should be totally cleared up.

Her hubby (my son, Marc) used it to relieve his very itchy, hayfever eyes as well.

Here’s the recipe:
– 5 Tablespoons distilled water (we used 10 Tablespoons to keep it from ’stinging’ as much)
– 2 Tablespoons honey
– 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

Shake well to mix. Put in a dropper bottle to use. Does not need refrigeration.
NOTE: It stings a bit when you first put the drops in, but the stinging diminishes quickly.

Give it a try, if your eyes are in need of care.

Essential Oils 1st Aid for Bitten Lips / Mouth Injuries

This has been a weekend of therapeutic essential oils discoveries!

Friday night, I bit the inside of my upper lip – HARD. Within a few minutes, it was swollen enough that it could be seen looking at my reflection in the mirror. Knew I had to figure out the right essential oil to use……and FAST!

Looked in the Higley’s Reference Guide For Essential Oils to see what might be helpful. They list

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The Secret Power of Essential Oils and the Aromatic Way

I’d like to share an excerpt from page 52-53 of Dr. Penoel’s book “Natural Health Care” that seems basic and important in understanding the ‘being’ of essential oils:
“…The extraordinary phenomenon of photosynthesis converts electro-magnetic and light energy received on the surface of leaves and needles into biochemical energy. Through this process a great variety of complex molecular compounds are produced, including fats, proteins, cellulose, etc., which serve as the foundation of nourishment for other living things. Fairly recently in the earth’s history (a few hundred million years ago compared to three and a half billion years since life first appeared), a very important phenomenon occurred: The evolution/creation of plant sexuality. This first appeared with the conifers and was followed by the evolution of our charming companions, the flowers, multicolored and perfumed, a source of constantly changing and renewing rapture. Nature continued to discover the value of the Aromatic Way in the plant kingdom, in the form of essential oils manufactured by various structures of many plants. Development occurred rapidly from that point on. A frenzy of spectacular creativity created unending variety. As of 1997, chemists had identified 70,000 different types of aromatic molecules, and new ones are being discovered every day! These molecules constitute the most concentrated and the most easily available form of combined Matter, Energy, and Information.

Herein lies the secret of the power of essential oils. It is this Aromatic Triad, carried by aromatic molecules (matter) imbued with energy potentials and information potentials unequaled in the living world that penetrates into the core of the organism through Osmobiosis…”

~ Katrina S.

Pendulums – A Handy Tool for Use with Essential Oils

As Clinical Aromatherapy students, we’re refining our skills in using pendulums for determining which therapeutic essential oil/s & which energy balancing technique/s are needed to support an individual’s mind and body to regain well-being.

Tara Marcus (who hosted our study group at Shambhala Ranch a week ago) did a short presentation on the pendulum for us. We learned

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Essential Oils for Herpes, Canker Sore Remedy, Minor Burns – TRINITY™

Super Blend of Essential Oils for Herpes / Canker Sores / Cold Sores

My husband, Bill, had been a “type one” Herpes sufferer his whole life. Every time there was a stressful business situation, a pressured financial situation or difficulty in traveling…. he would feel the tingling on his lip and begin to feel the headache and malaise that comes with some herpes outbreaks. It was disabling in many circumstances. It was like living in a prison.

Bill had tried many things, none of which worked perfectly. But when I created Trinity, he had a better tool for fighting off the herpes lesions that would normally hang on for a week or ten days. This would happen every month or two!

But when using Trinity topically on his lip (and neck and jaw), he was able to turn back the progress of the viral outbreak before it really got going. Taken early enough, the lesions would mostly dry up overnight. Two or three days in more advanced cases.

Bill has found the holy grail of fighting these outbreaks is to take mega doses (4000 mg) of Lysine two or three times a day starting immediately upon feeling symptoms. If the lesion has broken out already, he applies Trinity to dry it up quickly and disable the virus at that location. That’s his formula.

Incidentally, for those of you who suffer with herpes lesions on your lips…. don’t eat lots of chocolate, nuts or drink a lot of coffee because these elements (and some others like legumes) will hike your Arginine level and correspondingly lower your Lysine blood level. If you overdo it…this will bring on a Herpes outbreak, sure as shootin’! But if Herpes gets a foothold, go ahead and try the aforementioned solution.

If you would prefer a natural and convenient solution for your canker sores / herpes outbreaks, try our custom-formulated Herpes blend: Trinity™. Dry up those lesions quickly!

This Essential Oils Blend is Great for Burns, too!

On our February 2009 Aromatherapy Study Retreat at Shambhala Ranch in Mendocino county (CA), I accidentally burned my finger during my meal prep shift.

Followed standard first aid protocol: Cooling the skin immediately with an item from the freezer, but could tell the burned area was going to sting and be sensitive for a few days anyway. Thank GOODNESS for Susan Betancourt’s astute suggestion to use a drop of TRINITY™ an awesome ‘proprietary’ blend I had created and given her as a gift.

ONE drop – Did the job! The sensitivity & discomfort were gone immediately…as if I hadn’t been burned at all. WOW! were Susan and I amazed…and impressed at this easy DIY Rx for minor burns.

Susan had another interesting idea – to use ‘just a touch’ of TRINITY™ on

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Wanna Trade / Buy YLO Products?

Animal Scents Shampoo, 8oz – $15 wholesale (only used teeny amount) – LOVE the smell of this! Had hoped to use it for myself, but it seems to be a castile soap base, which doesn’t rinse well in our ‘hard’ water.
Anyone who uses / enjoys Dr. Bronner soaps will like this YLO product.

Email: Cynthe@EssentialOilsForHealing.com if you would like to purchase these products from me (plus 8% CA Sales Tax, S/H) OR if you have equivalent cost value products to trade.

Our Sense of Smell Stimulated by Quantum Frequencies?

December 15, 2006
Controversial Theory gets Green Light from Physicists
~ JR Minkel
Adapted from the Scientific American article at: www.sciam.com (Search: Smell)

The question: What property of an odor molecule (the odorant) do our nose receptors pick up?

The popular – but still unproved – explanation of smell assumes that shape is the factor, with receptors fitting like a lock into the molecule’s key. But the shape theory doesn’t explain why some nearly identically shaped molecules smell vastly different…

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THIEVES Essential Oil Blend Knocks Viruses Cold!

young living essential oils thieves blend
Thieves® Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils Blend by Young Living

Autumn & Winter bring ‘flu season.’ Some really nasty colds & flus have been making folks sick in the San Francisco Bay area (CA). I’ve been experimenting with Young Living Essential Oils’ awesome anti-viral blend THIEVES to keep from getting ill.

always buy the best essential oilsAt the first signs of subtle symptoms that my body’s fighting ’something’… ranging from extra tired eyes, unusual achy tension in my shoulders & neck, aching on top of my head / forehead, a dribbly nose, or sore throat – I go to THIEVES.

I put 3 drops in a veggie cap diluted (1-to-3) with 9 drops of a quality vegetable oil (Organic Almond or Jojoba). I take these 3 x day – morning, noon, night – until all symptoms are gone (2-3 days). My hubby takes them every hour or two, until he feels okay.

The other thing that seems even MORE EFFECTIVE is to rub 3 drops of Thieves onto the soles of my feet, 2 x day – morning & night…a real one-two punch that knocks viruses out cold!

A great ‘hot’ essential oils blend for cold weather, Thieves works by stimulating the immune system to heat the body, especially the head and upper body (feels like a short-lived fever). Even a subtle temperature rise will kill certain viruses and bacteria.

Thieves also has a wonderful fragrance for diffusing during the winter holidays to keep your home germ-free.

Lavender & Peppermint: 1st Aid for a Steam Burn


Burned the back of my left hand with a blast of steam from my teakettle. OUCH! I used therapeutic-quality essential oils to heal the fairly large – 1.5 inch x 1 inch – burn.

image showing barely perceptible scarring from a kitchen steam burn on back of hand
Pink oval illustrates the 1×1.5 inch area of a kitchen steam burn on back of my hand. The light yellow marks highlight the remaining, barely perceptible, scars. The burn was healed using therapeutic essential oils.
image of lavender blooms
Lavender angustifolia blooms

After immediately cooling the burned skin with cold water and several ice cubes, I applied a drop of LAVENDER essential oil for “cell regeneration” and a drop of diluted PEPPERMINT essential oil (1 drop Peppermint / 3 drops almond oil) for its “cooling” properties. Used this combination twice a day for two days. No blister formed and the pain/sensitivity was minimal.

Learn more about how to use pure Lavender & Peppermint essential oil for your family’s first aid needs:

Lavender Essential Oils Tips: $2.50 (PDF)

Peppermint Essential Oils Tips: $2.50 (PDF)

On the third morning, I accidentally rubbed the damaged skin covering off while drying my hands. The obvious danger was that the open wound would get infected! Because I have sensitive skin, I wasn’t confident about putting undiluted essential oils directly on the now exposed injury. By evening, it was painful, swollen and reddened all around the burn. Areas away from the wound along a vein were tender to the touch…I was a bit alarmed.

melrose young living essential oils blend
Melrose, superb for preventing infections, is an excellent addition to your first aid kit.

So, I consulted my Essential Oils Guide and discovered that MELROSE (a Young Living Essential Oils blend) is listed specifically for “healing burns,” as well as its “strongly anti-infectious properties.” I used a dilution – 1 drop Melrose w/2-3 drops almond oil on a non-stick gauze bandage, which I taped over the burn, changing it morning and evening for about a week. The swelling and redness were gone in a day. And the burn healed steadily.

My last minor concern was whether or not there would be any scarring. There’s virtually none. I can see a very subtle change in the skin texture, only because I know exactly where the burn was. It would be imperceptible to anyone else. This experience has given me total confidence in using essential oils for burns, skin wounds, and my family’s first-aid needs.

combo photo of open hand and hand as fist showing subtle scars from a steam burn
Healing essential oils prevent infection from burns & cuts, but also minimize residual scarring. You can barely see the scars in this recent photo.

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