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Holistic Cancer Immune Support Alternatives & Prevention Options

 Blushed Ivory Gerbera Daisy, a SpringMoon digital etching by Cynthe Brush

This collection of holistic cancer lifestyle tips & therapies may help folks avoid cancer onset. They can also be used to bolster our bodies’ immune systems in dealing with cancer.

I began gathering these anti-cancer options in 2008, when our daughter-in-law was struggling with her breast cancer challenge. We and others, including nutritional researchers, have many natural & holistic immune system strengthening ideas to use as complementary cancer support alternatives. You could consider using some of these approaches along with conventional cancer protocols OR for disease prevention, if you want to maintain optimum health.

Japanese green tea*    *     *
Lifestyle factors / dietary changes can add to our well-being & cancer survivability stats:

~ In Germany, doctors ask cancer patients to stop eating all meats or drinking alcohol.
~ Drink several cups of organic green tea daily
~ Take time for daily healing visualizations, meditation, and/or Qi-Gong, as they may help significantly as well.

*    *    *

Iscador, Mistletoe extract for healing from cancer Iscador, Mistletoe extract for healing from cancer

Our German cousin told us about a well established anti-cancer medication, Iscador, an extract of mistletoe. This might be an excellent option. It has been used in Germany for over 30 years with formal studies conducted on thousands of Germans.

“One should keep in mind that Iscador remains the most widely used cancer medication in Germany and a convincing choice to countless clinicians, many of whom do not otherwise espouse alternative treatments.”

Iscador, book cover Iscador, book cover

Iscador has a well documented 40% survivability improvement factor. Seems crucial to use Iscador with conventional chemo along with whatever other protocols your oncologist recommends.

Here’s a UK info site for Weleda manufactured Iscar, the US name for Iscador (mistletoe extract). The site also includes a lot of articles & studies to read. Also, ask your oncologist to read & discuss the info further with you. From skimming over various articles quickly, it seems one of the major effects of Iscar-Iscador has is to bolster the immune system. So it works even when one is doing conventional chemo treatments.

Unfortunately, we had difficulty finding a dependable local doctor to order the meds and supervise treatment for the breast cancer that took our our daughter-in-law’s life.

*    *    *
Another dear friend sent the following info on an herbalist who assembles custom blends to help folks go through cancer treatment protocols:

John Macinelli
Covello, CA

Asked how my friend’s mother felt about the herbs and she said;
“The main thing [Mom] noticed was she never got sick through the CHEMO and the doctors were amazed that her blood count red/white cells stayed normal throughout the healing process. They also noted that she healed very quickly, faster then the normal patient. They never acknowledged the herbs, of course. This is what mom remembers, it all took place over 26 years ago. She continues to use his mixtures for health and I have used them at times, too.”

*    *     *
Other info on herbs & supplements

turmeric root and powderTurmeric Curcumin – Natural Cancer-Fighting Spice Reduces Tumors by 81%

A recommended dosage is to take 1000mg of Turmeric daily. I’ve read this brand with black pepper is particularly effective.

Used in the ancient Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, curcumin is a naturally powerful anti-cancer compound that has been found to decrease brain tumor size in animals by 81 percent in more than 9 studies. A derivative of turmeric, curcumin is the pigment responsible for turmeric’s yellow-orange color. Each 100 grams of turmeric contains around 3 to 5 grams of curcumin, though turmeric is a also very powerful on its own. New studies are shedding light on curcumin, and illuminating its numerous benefits on cancer and other diseases.

Researchers experimenting with curcumin in the treatment of a fatal brain cancer known as glioblastoma (GBMs) published their groundbreaking findings in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in July. Adding scientific basis to previous findings surrounding the positive effects of curcumin, they showed that the compound dramatically decreased brain tumors in 9 out of the 11 studies examined by 81 percent. Furthermore, there was no evidence of toxicity, whereas chemotherapy and other cancer treatments often result in extreme side effects that are sometimes worse than the actual disease.

*    *     *

Research via the web info on Essiac Herbal Tea Recipe, an Objibway native American formula that has been used to treat 1000’s of successful cases of breast cancer, some under the supervision of their medical doctors.

Read more on the history of this herbal formula or purchase Essiac Tea from this site.

Essiac Tea Essiac Tea

*    *    *
In looking into Vitae Elixxir (see next entry) prompted by a friend’s email, I came across this interesting nutritional supplement Poly-MVA that has successfully helped cancer patients heal completely and survive for years past their original diagnosis. (Poly-MVA is being used by the integrative cancer clinics having remarkable successes in Reno NV & Tijuana, Mexico)

Be sure to read the testimonials page on the site…the whole page, so you see survivors comments as well as the doctors feedback.

The physicians’ links list medical practitioners that are familiar with the product. Search for your own area.

*    *    *

Vitae Elixxir ~ Ralph Schauss formula (Do a search for contact info.)

Here are some links I found:

For some background history on Ralph Schauss & VE
~ http://www.annieappleseedproject.org/vitaeelixxir.html

Very interesting comments by a woman using VE for her skin cancers, the last two posts on the page:
~ http://justnaturalcures.com

About using Poly-MVA to support & counteract severe nauseating side effects some people have when taking Vitae Elixxir:
~ http://www.facr.org/article-95.html

The following is a summary of Ralph Schauss’ tape “Recovery:”
(Testimonies are available from Ralph Schauss upon request.)

A prominent PhD herbologist grows the herbs in the state of Washington. It takes more than thirty days to formulate the elixxir in laboratories.

One of the jobs of the immune system is to rid the body of all pathogens. As the body ages the immune system is less efficient. Plant’s immune systems have natural chemicals in their roots, stems, bark, etc. Thousands of years ago, people learned what plants to eat to cure and prevent sickness. Twenty-five years ago various herbologists, biologists and other professionals were [asked] to [develop] and formulate this elixxir to prevent or eliminate abnormal toxins, parasites, microbes, autoimmune disease, abnormal cancer cells and other disease causing pathogens. It is effective on any and all [of more than 102 identifiable cancers] with few exceptions.

All cancer cells have very large nuclei carrying the DNA of the cancer cells. Sometimes the nucleus can be five times larger than a normal cell. The elixxir has been formulated to seek out and bind to and have an affinity for those cancer cells only, and destroy them by direct contact. It will not bind to normal, healthy cells. It is specific for cancer cells.

Also during this time, bacteria, fungi, viruses and worms that cause many other noncancerous diseases are eradicated.

The herb molecules and proteins stimulate the immune system. The herbs will bind to certain sights or receptors, as they are professionally called, that all cancer cells have on their outer plasma membrane. When the herb molecules bind to cancer cells, the cells are then identified as an antigen or disease causing agent thus identifying them for your immune system as a disease causing agent. This stimulates the immune system, the T natural killer cells and other immune cells to attack and destroy the cancer.

The herbal molecule formula will also interfere with the protein called BCL2. Certain cancer cells need this protein to reproduce. A certain type of chemo called taxol does the same thing. However, vitae elixxir does not have the severe toxic side effects that taxol has on healthy cells. Also cancer cells need certain proteins which are not cancerous that cause them to bind together to form tumors. They are called stroma connective tissue, a fibrous material. The herb lessens these proteins.

The herbs stop further metastases elsewhere in the body in 30-60-90 days. By interfering with a certain chemochyme produced by the immune system, which causes a lot of cancer metastases, the process is stopped. Nearly all cancers are caused by viruses which enter healthy cells and interfere with tumor suppressor genes. The suppressor genes prevent abnormal cells from replicating and also destroys them before they become cancerous.

Oxygen free radicals cause cell damage, some possible cancers and other diseases. The herbal remedy is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and will prevent most oxygen free radical damage, which causes the body’s aging process. Skin cancer, including melanoma, can lessen and the remedy can remove the possibility of [further] skin cancer metastases. Topical application of the elixxir will remove skin cancer in 2-3 weeks.

One to three centimeter tumors in the body are reduced or eliminated in ninety days. Larger tumors may take longer. The herbs do not eliminate the non cancerous fibroid part of the tumors.

Chemotherapy, radiation or certain surgeries are not discouraged when using the herbal products. They may give the individual four to six months to live, which is the time the herbs need to work. Cancer cells not destroyed by chemo, radiation or surgery are destroyed by the herbs. One must stay on the herbal program for six months after the cancer clears and one is in total remission. Then one moves toward a very low dosage for the rest of one’s life. The cancer should not reoccur. There is no conflict with any medication, herbs or therapies and the remedy can enhance their efficacy.

Brain and bone cancers need longer for fuller recovery.

If more than 50 or 60% of organs are cancerous, the herbal programs won’t be beneficial as there is not enough time to live for the herbs to work.

Statistics from 1000’s of cases:
85-100% success if patients have five to seven months to live
40-50% success if patients have ninety days to live
If there is less than ninety days to live use of the herbs is not encouraged.
Age is of no consequence.

The herbs can be used as a cancer preventative.
There are no harmful side effects from the herbal remedy.
If not taken with food and water, nausea can result.
For people with large tumors, there can be sharp shooting pains or dull pains as the cancer is being destroyed.
For 60-120 days most tests, like CT scans, are not always accurate as there can be tumor necrosis where the tumor swells as it is being destroyed.
The patient must be monitored by their doctor during their recovery.
One should not drink hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with the herbal products. It may interfere with the herbal recovery program.
Any and all products come with complete instructions.

*    *    *

The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin

The Maker’s Diet, a book by Jordan Rubin. You may be able to find it in the local library.

Pg 114 describes T-cells and macrophanges. Jordan found that polysaccharide peptides or glycoproteins enhanced macrophange and killer cell production. They are in greatest abundance in edible fungi (mushrooms) and germinated grains and seeds. His grandmother was 70, the cancer was level IV. She could not survive the chemo. Jordan has something called a Poten-Zyme process that predigests the mushrooms.

Mushroom supplements can be purchased from a good health food store. And mushrooms are great cooked or sliced raw in salads.

bottle of myrrh essential oil Myrrh therapeutic essential oil bolsters the immune system.

NOTE: This approach may not be appropriate, if you are on an anti-fungal diet.

One item of interest on pg 184 was specifically for breast cancer: “Myrrh contains a compound called ‘furanosesquiterpenoid’ which deactivated a protein in cancer cells that resists chemotherapy, according to researchers at Rutgers University. This compound has [been] proven effective against breast cancer among others.”

NOTE: MYRRH may be purchased as a therapeutic-quality essential oil.

*    *    *
Marin & Sonoma county’s (CA) Unusually High Breast Cancer Rates

Burton Goldberg’s site mentions a factor I’ve never read about before that could be contributing to this alarming statistic.

Geopathic Stress and Cancer
Energies from the earth itself can have a carcinogenic effect on humans. Magnetic radiations from the Earth presumably connected with geological fractures and subterranean water veins, can, when situated underneath homes have remarkably deleterious effects on the occupants.

The concept of geopathic, or pathogenic, influences from the earth, took root in Germany in 1929 when Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl made a systematic tour of the community of Vilsbiburg. It had 565 houses, 3,300 residents and an unusually high rate of cancer. Von Pohl was acting on a hunch inspired from a survey of Stuttgart in the 1920s that showed a clear correlation between between major geological faults in the city and those districts that had the highest cancer mortality rates. His tentative conclusion was that an unknown but noxious radiation emanating from the Earth faults might be an important and overlooked contributory cause of the cancers.

According to Dr. Nieper, director of the Paraclesus Silbersee Hospital in Hannover, Germany, 93% of all patients with a malignancy have been exposed to geopathogenic influences. As a standard aspect of cancer treatment, he advises “removal of the patient from the sites of geopathogenic exposure,“noting that such sites may be identified by way of dowsing or a magnetometer (capable of registering abnormal magnetic fields).”

Some well-known types of geopathic carcinogens are: radon, indoor air pollution from “sick building syndrome,” ionizing radiation, and nuclear radiation. It may be wise for each of us living in areas of risk to have our homes tested.

~ Friends, here in California, whose family members have successfully used herbs to combat cancer or to ease the side effects of conventional protocols
~ Family members in Germany, who have been touched by cancer, and have used some of these alternative treatments for their own well-being
~ Info on Essiac Herbal Tea: word-of-mouth from graphic design clients, gardening friends, and The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, pg.262, by David Stewart, PhD
~ A fascinating alternative cancer treatment workshop I attended in 2009 sponsored by Burton Goldberg, plus his site: www.burtongoldberg.com

Natural Remedies for Dizziness and Vertigo plus Exercises Offer Remarkable Relief!

My father used to suffer from Meniere’s. It started in the 1990’s, and may have been related to the beginning of his hearing loss disabilities. Dad was in his mid-60s / early 70’s. The symptoms were VERY debilitating with rapid eye wavering, severe vertigo dizziness, and an inability to keep his balance.

That Inspired a New Natural Remedy for Dizziness Using Essential Oils:

In 2005, I researched and developed a proprietary combo of therapeutic essential oils for vertigo that support nerve health and are anti-viral. This article is about my father’s experience, since he’s SO pleased with the results.

Standing Tall essential oils blend relieves dizziness and vertigoThe StandingTall™ essential oils blend is available from our on-line store: www.GaiasPharmacopeia.com  For ease of use, we have pre-diluted the blend to a 20% concentration. For chronic health issues, diluted essential oils blends are often more effective in supporting our bodies’ healing process.

Usage Suggestions for Standing Tall® Natural Dizziness / Vertigo Treatment:

~ Apply daily upon arising & at bedtime, 1-2 drops to pads of big TOES / THUMBS / BASE of SKULL (brainstem).
~ For symptomatic relief – Inhale deeply for 1-2 minutes, apply 1-3 drops on TEMPLES / BASE of SKULL

One of the health-supporting effects of using therapeutic-quality essential oils for dizziness are their ability to oxygenate our cells. Dr. Joseph Serpe’s Neuro-Institute site also discusses the importance of Oxygen Therapy, which they use to treat patients suffering with Meniere’s Disease, and dizziness from BPPV:  “Oxygen is fuel for the brain and nervous system and is important for the health and recovery of the cerebellum.”

Play Video

Easy, Self-Help Hand Holds Support the Body’s Nervous System

Along with applying the therapeutic essential oils for dizziness, use these easy, self-help, Hand Holds – on your tailbone & at the base of your skull – combined with deep, relaxed breathing. According to Acupressure / Jin Shin Jyutsu / Chinese medicine, etc. the breath drives the body’s energy flow through the energy meridians.

HOLD until you feel pulses (like a subtle heartbeat), matching in intensity & rhythm. If you can’t feel the pulses, holding the position 3-5 minutes will help anyway.

illustration of cerebellum brain's center of balance and smooth muscle movement

*   *   *

Doing ‟Heel Thumps” Vertigo Exercise Daily May Improve Your Balance

One of my Chinese Tai Chi teachers also recommends doing “Heel Thumps” daily to improve your balance. An article on WilsonEar’s website states “In over 90% of cases of Meniere’s Disease, a weak cerebellum is why you still have balance problems, dizziness, vertigo and nausea.” This Heel Thumps technique stimulates and strengthens our primitive brain, the cerebellum.

illustration of inner ear canal with otoconia 'ear crystals'

Animation of dislocated inner ear ‘crystals’

The following Heel Thumps technique may also settle inner ear debris or otoconia crystals that form as we age.

~ Wear athletic shoes to cushion your feet.
~ Hold onto a wall or sturdy (heavy) piece of furniture.
~ Rise up on the balls of your feet and “thump” down onto your heels (not too hard), so your whole body jiggles a bit from the impact. This stimulates the balance center in the primitive brain.
~ Do them morning & evening, 20 thumps per session, for 3-6 months to see if you notice an improvement.

*   *   *

Great Results! Simple Daily Routines Eliminated Dizziness

~ My Dad applied Standing Tall™ faithfully per the usage suggestions above.
For the past 2-3 years, he’s changed his routine to only inhaling the oils deeply instead of applying them to his neck.
~ He did the Heel Thumps daily along with the oils application…and now in his late 80’s continues to do them.

Before starting these self-help practices for vertigo, he walked like a ‘boat at sea’ with a rolling, listing quality that made me nervous to watch, fearful he might trip and fall, especially on the steep, straight, 16-step flight of stairs to his basement office.

The difference in his balance and steadiness while walking & using stairs was dramatically improved, after only a year, when I was able to visit him next. His bouts of severe eye rolling and vertigo have completely ceased and he hasn’t suffered a recurrence in years.

Hope some of these ideas help relieve YOUR dizziness!


Animated Otoconia GIF from Northwestern University,my mother’s Alma mater: http://www.northwestern.edu

Read more on Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/bppv/bppv.html

Read more on Meniere’s Disease http://www.wilsonear.com/education/balance/menieresdisease.html

Read more on other therapies at Dr. Joseph Serpe’s Neuro-Institute’s site: http://napervillebbt.com/menieres-disease-2

Bitten Tongue Remedy (Good for Lips, too!)

 Bite your tongue? Essential oils can heal it practically overnight.

Accidentally bit my tongue the other day…OUCH! on my way to an appointment. Didn’t have time to put essential oils on immediately.

bottle of essential oil with brown label Many essential oils have anti-infectious properties.

Essential Oils to the Rescue for a Tongue Bite!

When I got home, used my go-to bitten tongue remedy: GERMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil to reduce inflammation. But the bite seemed mildly infected and still was bothering me the next morning. So I dabbed on a touch of my favorite highly anti-infectious essential oil blend to kill any hint of infection. That did the trick!

My tender tongue was MUCH better the following day. Decided to continue with alternating  a touch of GERMAN CHAMOMILE with COPAIBA essential oil ~ both of which are mild and strongly anti-inflammatory ~ to reduce the little bump and speed the healing in three days, rather than the normal week or so it takes most bitten tongues to get better.


~ For conventional first-aid advice for bitten tongues, read this helpful article.
~ Tongue graphic adapted from Chris Spooner’s bold illustration graphic inspired by Rolling Stone’s famous tongue icon.

COPAIBA Essential Oil: Rediscovering a Traditional Healing Plant Essence

Photo of Copaiba balsam tree (Copaifera Officinalis) Copaiba balsam tree (Copaifera officinalis)

COPAIBA, a new-to-the-USA therapeutic essential oil, has been re-introduced into our healing pharmacopeia after a century of obscurity.

This medicinal gem is NOT steam-distilled like other therapeutic essential oils. Tapped directly from a traditional medicinal tree indigenous to Brazil’s Amazon jungle through a hole drilled into the trunk of the 50 to 80-foot tall tree. Out pours liquid copaiba oleo resin. The resin is then distilled under vacuum pressure ~ without water or heat ~ to separate off the precious aromatic essential oil. All harvesting of Young Living’s COPAIBA essential oil is done by native Brazilian tribes.

 Young Living Copaiba therapeutic-quality essential oil is excellent for healing wounds, fungal infections, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation.

Used as a traditional folk medicine for nearly 800 years and still sold in Amazonian pharmacies, COPAIBA was also listed in the US Pharmacopeia for topical and oral uses, a century ago (from 1820 to 1910). Still on the FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) List for oral consumption, COPAIBA essential oil is recommended for digestive discomforts. For stomach aches, stomach infections, and gastritis: Use up to ½ teaspoon, twice daily. Four to six drops per day in a capsule should be of benefit.

COPAIBA Has 50% Concentration of Anti-Inflammatory Beta-Caryophyllene

A 1996 study showed beta-caryophyllene to be effective in treating stress-induced ulcers. Beta-caryophyllene, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound is found at 50% concentration in pure COPAIBA essential oil. Comparing other healing essential oils: Beta-caryophyllene occurs in pure HELICHRYSUM essential oil at a 8%- 12% and in pure CLOVE essential oil at 6-8%.

COPAIBA is useful for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Pain.

Applied topically for pain, Young Living’s Director of Product Formulations, Marc Schreuder likes COPAIBA mixed with a little PEPPERMINT. COPAIBA’s also effective as an antiseptic, and used as immune support for fighting cellular mutations and tumors.

After studying COPAIBA for eight years, Marc Schreuder, commented COPAIBA was “HELICHRYSUM on steroids.” He says it is his #1 favorite oil, with FRANKINCENSE being #2.

always buy the best essential oilsMr. Schreuder refers to COPAIBA as “SANDALWOOD on steroids” due to its high sesquiterpene content. SANDALWOOD considered  excellent for emotional support…COPAIBA is six times better. Combining COPAIBA and FRANKINCENSE creates the highest spiritual and emotional frequency oil blend.

Buy The Best! Much of the readily available COPAIBA oil on the market is adulterated with soy bean oil (a predominantly GM/GE crop) or kerosene to extend the yield. But not COPAIBA available from Young Living Essential Oils.

~ Information on Copaiba: gleaned from Debra Raybern’s notes from a July 7, 2009 Copaiba Conference Call with Marc Schreuder, Young Living’s Director of Product Formulations
~ Photo of Copaiba Tree: Thanks to Barloventomagico Flickr Photostream

‘Sticks and Stones…’ Essential Oils for Beach Injuries, Bruises, etc.

jenner california beach vista, vertical format Jenner Beach ~ Sonoma County Coast CA

Sunday was fading into mid-afternoon, which seemed later with November’s daylight savings ‘Fall Back’ time change. I’d had it with sitting at the computer and wanted a nature outing, fresh air, and a walk.

We live less than an hour’s drive from the Pacific ocean with lovely sandy beaches, steep cliffs, and rugged sea stack outcroppings just off shore. The water is frigid, only suitable for swimming in a wet suit, but the beaches are fabulous for brisk or leisurely walks and photographic inspiration.

My husband and I basically had the Jenner beach to ourselves, seeing only four other folks but never crossing paths in the two hours we were there. Access is via a fairly steep, rutted path (muddy or sandy depending on the season) which puts off more timid or less agile beach goers.

Our outing went just fine, traversing the beach from end-to-end, exploring driftwood shelters, climbing over rocks chasing the setting sun…until we finally headed back at dusk. Jenner beach is strewn with driftwood (as you can see in the photo), rocks are buried in the sand, and large mounds of kelp are washed ashore from time-to-time….all of which make for tripping hazards and beach injuries for the unwary.

Well, you can guess what happened! Busily looking for the path back up the cliffs to where our car was parked, I didn’t lift my left foot high enough to clear the end of a driftwood log. SMACK! In the blink of an eye, I fell on my hands and knees HARD. Felt my heels kick up in the air as I watched my Nikon camera lens dig into the sand in front of me. (Yikes!) A classic cartoon-type tumble, it would have be humorous caught on video if there wasn’t the real possibility of an injury. I rarely fall or lose my balance, so not only was I surprised, but a bit shocked.

First Aid Training Advises Making a Quick ‘Damage’ Assessment…for Beach Injuries

~ My camera with it’s lens cap secured appeared to be okay. (Photographers will appreciate that #1 priority!)
~ My right shin was tender, feeling bruised, and slightly scraped….but not seriously.
Fortunately, I was wearing long pants and didn’t fall on any rocks or branches.
~ My hands weren’t scraped up, because I was wearing gloves.
The weather was rather nippy….and Jenner Beach is most always windy.
~ I didn’t appear to have whiplash from the impact shock. I seemed to be okay.

Got up, brushed myself off with gratitude, and trudged up the steep path to the car. Once my hubby and I were safely back in the car, I pulled out my padded wallet-sized pack of tiny essential oils bottles that I carry for first aid situations. Dabbed a Lavender-Helichrysum blend Bruise-Be-Gone™ on my sore shin as an anti-inflammatory disinfectant to stop any bleeding and to soothe tenderness.

As I sat in the car, noticed my shoulders ~ especially the left one ~ were a bit sore. Not really surprising, since they took the weight of my fall and the shock of impact. And although right after the fall, I thought my shin was the ‘main’ injury, it became evident after a couple of weeks that my left shoulder was the real issue.

Now, two and a half months later…
My shin is long healed with a small ding (scar) left in the skin, which wouldn’t be visible if I had applied Lavender consistently though the healing process. (Tsk, tsk. When will I follow my own advice?!!)

illustration of inflamed shoulder jointBut my left shoulder is STILL slightly sore when I raise my out stretched arm to my side at shoulder height and slightly forward, parallel to the ground. Suspect I may have a rotator cuff sprain / strain, which is slow to heal. The slight, but stubbornly persistent discomfort minimizes when I apply FlexR™ a synergistic joint injury essential oils blend designed to ease inflammation & pain helping ligaments & muscles heal.  The ache gets more noticeable after our Tai Chi classes, especially when we practice two Yang-style Sword Forms with weight-bearing overhead motions. I’m considering adding some rotator cuff strengthening exercises to help it heal completely. If you’re dealing with chronic shoulder pain, you may find the following resources helpful.


Rotator Cuff Injury Prevention and Recovery
6 Shoulder Stabilization Exercises
Rotator Cuff Exercises
Shoulder Pain Rehab Video


Pure Essential Oils Prevent Infections from Cat Bites or Scratches

We have an exceptionally intelligent kitty, Jaeci, who can be a bit of a handful to deal with…especially for folks she doesn’t know (or trust completely). She’s hyper-sensitive, rather ADHD (inattentiveness – willfulness in Jaeci’s case – combed with over-activity, impulsive reactions). She gets overstimulated quickly. Her affectionate, playful nips can easily be “not so gentle.”

Occasionally, we or our friends get bitten when petting or playing with her. Cat scratches and bites are ripe for infection as anyone who owns cats or works around cats knows VERY well.

I got bitten last winter and my friend Pam, whom Jaeci doesn’t know well, got a deeper “two fanged” bite a couple of months ago. Normally, Jaeci velvets her paws while playing (at least she does with me), but we haven’t been able to cure her of her nipping habit. I’ve certainly worked with Jaeci on it and still correct her firmly every time she forgets or acts out.

I never worry, as we prevent infections with superb first aid essential oils.  If you are a cat / pet owner or work around animals, you may want to add some of these superb essential oils to YOUR first aid kit as well.

If you don’t have essential oils on hand, and would prefer a convenient option, try one of our custom-formulated antibiotic blends: StaphRx™ or Trinity™. You’ll be happy you did.

bottle of essential oil with brown label
Many essential oils have anti-infectious properties.

My first “go-to” essential oil for preventing infection is a 100% pure essential oil blend with Melaleuca (Tea tree), Rosemary, and Clove. It doesn’t sting even on open wounds, a real advantage when dealing little kids’ and children’s scrapes and injuries. It does smell medicinal (due to the Tea Tree oil), but it WORKS! So who cares?

My friend, Pam, was shocked and a bit traumatized by being bitten. She’s a long-time, experienced, cat fan and didn’t expect Jaeci’s reaction. Pam also has some chronic health challenges with a compromised immune system, so was fearful the bite would get badly infected. Pam washed it off immediately and applied directly pressure with a clean paper towel to stop the bleeding.

I went to get band-aids and the anti-infectious blend from my substantial essential oils stash along with a small 3ml empty bottle. Planned to fill it to give Pam to take home for am/pm applications until her wound was completely healed.

Put 2-3 drops of the Melaleuca (Tea tree), Rosemary, and Clove blend on the pad of the band-aid before applying it to Pam’s hand. This was to protect the bite from dirt and abrasion and speed healing. Filled the little bottle with more of the essential oils and sent Pam home with it.

always buy the best essential oilsPam faithfully applied the anti-infectious blend, not only morning and evening, but whenever she thought of it during the day. She also called her MD to see what else should be done. Her doctor prescribed a preventative course of antibiotics ~ standard medical protocol with cat bites ~ which fortunately Pam was able to tolerate without digestive upset.

Neither Pam nor her doctor were aware the essential oils in this blend (and most therapeutic essential oils for that matter) are highly antibiotic, anti-infectious, anti-viral, and antiseptic. Pure essential oils are absorbed directly through the skin within seconds. AND in every cell of the body within 20 minutes of the initial application! So Pam was already using a “systemic antibiotic,” nature’s natural healing remedy rather than a lab manufactured pharmaceutical.

healing cat bite on base of senior woman's thumb
Therapeutic-quality essential oils heal cat bites and scratches quickly without a hint of infection!

I had suggested she take photographs to document her healing process. (Don’t know if she did.) It’s easy to forget how amazing these essential oils are in helping our bodies heal, when compared to using conventional medications.

I called Pam two weeks later to see how she was healing… VERY impressed, she said the Melaleuca (Tea tree), Rosemary, and Clove blend worked like a charm without the slightest hint of infection! Plus her skin was healing within days compared to the weeks into months another injury had taken earlier in the year.

I hope to get a personal testimonial and photos from Pam at some point, which I’ll share with you.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, if you are a cat / pet owner or work around animals, you may want to add some of these healing essential oils to YOUR first aid kit as well.


Blisters ~ The Bane of Dancers, Hikers & Runners,  Athletes Heal Quickly with Essential Oils

Sliced Thumb Heals Quickly With Essential Oils

YLO’s Melrose For Rose ‘Wrastling’ Scratches


Wake Up! And Make Your Coffee Carefully… (How To Heal Burns Naturally)

photo of coffee filter on kitchen floor after being dropping with coffee grounds everywhere
The kitchen coffee disaster.

Mid-January this year, my sister burned her wrist with HOT coffee grounds. OUCH!

It was an accident. Making coffee is part of her daily morning routine. As an essential oils friend of ours mentioned, coffee grounds spilt on the skin are worse than a burn from hot coffee, since the grounds hold the scorching water on the skin longer.

Don’t have all the details of how it happened, but my sister shared photos with her Facebook friends and followed up on her healing progress with me. She has given her permission, so I can share her essential oils healing story with you.

Initially, the burn looked pink, angry, and sore. But she didn’t think it would blister. I took one look at this photo (see below) she shared on Facebook, and based on the size of the burn and the location ~ the tender skin on her inner wrist. ~ I was quite sure it was likely to blister.

photo of fresh burn from coffee grounds on woman's inner wrist
My sister burned her inner wrist with hot coffee grounds in a kitchen accident.

First Aid Tips On How To Heal Burns Naturally

These suggestions are for minor burns. Any serious deep burn or large burns need to be treated by a doctor.

Don’t know if she thought to run cold water over the burn, but that would have been the first thing to do to cool the skin as quickly (and gently) as possible to reduce heat damage and to limit the depth of injury to her skin cells.

Other concerns with burn injuries are:

~ Preventing Infection
Therapeutic essential oils are EXCELLENT for this purpose.

~ Preventing further Injury to the Damaged Tissue
Soft gauze bandages for larger burns like hers or even simple band-aids for small burns keep the wound clean and offer good protection from abrasion.

My sister didn’t think to protect the burn injury at first. She wrote “When I was putting my arm through my backpack strap yesterday, I rubbed the skin and it came off. Ouch!!!!!! Stupid not to have covered it from the start. Didn’t think it was going to blister…”

January 16
By the next day,  the burn was definitely blistering a bit and sore, so she covered it with Bacitracin and a big bandaid pad.

I suggested she use her essential oils generously, but gently as her skin was going to be very tender & fragile. It was looking nasty.

Here are the suggestions I gave her: “Don’t put the Lavender [essential oil] right on the open wound. Use it all around the area on the unopened area. Wait a few moments, it will absorb completely, and then re-bandage. The EOs [essential oils] are anti-bacterial & anti-infectious.

Just checked my copy of your EOs [essential oils] stash list…Frankincense would be excellent to add after the Lavender application (as long as it’s a pure EO [essential oil], don’t remember what brand you may have). Powerfully healing. Strongly anti-infectious. Gentle. Excellent for skin rejuvenation. Hope you heal quickly!!! And be careful with yourself.”

I also, shared my own teakettle steam burn story from several years ago – when I used Young Living Essential Oils: Lavender & Peppermint & MelRose (a blend) to help it heal.

photo of less than week old burn on woman's wrist
Almost a week later, the wrist burn is looking ugly, but it’s not infected and is healing with the use of therapeutic essential oils.

Jan 20
She emailed: “Here is tonight’s photo of the wrist. I’ve been using a drop each of lavender and frankincense, twice a day.” ~ VCB

I replied: “That’s a really nasty burn. Glad you’re using your essential oils. And it’s clear of infection, one of the main dangers from open burn wounds.

Was quite RELIEVED when you mentioned the dark areas aren’t painful any more. Though they certainly look dramatic!! (Makes me wince…no wonder I didn’t pursue training as an MD!)

Your skin looks like it’s closing up pretty quickly. Do keep up the EOs [essential oils] routine even after the wound has healed over ’til the new skin has grown in and looks ‘natural.’ Are the two drops enough to cover all the damaged skin area? If not, use a couple more drops. The Lavender and Frankincense will keep scarring to a minimum.

Sorry you got injured. It’s been a bit of a rough start to the new year.”

photo of woman's wrist skin burn healing well
25 Days later, the wrist burn is healing well and looks like scarring will be minimal to none.

Feb 9
Almost a month later, my sister emailed a happy update: “My wrist is good. The main burn area is a pale pink now. There are two spots more badly burned that are redder and may leave scars. Nothing hurts, no tightness. And, yes, I’m trying to remember the oils. Forgot yesterday…”

And I replied: “Oh! Your wrist is doing fantastically. Isn’t the body amazing?!! If you can remember the oils, I’d be willing to bet you won’t have ANY scars. I’ve observed when therapeutic essential oils are used during the healing process….rather than afterward, scarring tends to be much less.

The key is remembering to use them. I’m not great at remembering either, once the major discomfort is gone. Glad to see you’re healing so well!”

Chatted with my sister again via email today. Here’s how her wrist looks now, six months later:

photo of woman's hand and wrist with skin healed after a nasty burn
With her skin totally healed from the coffee grounds burn, the only indications are some minor pinkish areas.

She says “there is only a faint scar where the worst of the grounds landed and a slight discoloration. No textural difference [in the skin surface]; no difference in sensations.” Since her sense of touch is completely normal, there wasn’t any nerve damage. I suspect with time the pinkish areas may also fade to her normal skin tone, especially since there aren’t any textural differences.

You may want to consider adding pure therapeutic-quality essential oils to your first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Lavender, is a terrific all-purpose essential oil to start with. Frankincense is super as well. With these essential oils you can be confident in treating your own minor wounds and injuries.

Learn more about how to use pure Lavender & Peppermint essential oil for your family’s first aid needs:

Lavender Essential Oils Tips: $2.50 (PDF)

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