juniper essential oil
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JUNIPER Essential Oil: Gentle and Effective for many Health Issues

juniper essential oil
Juniper essential oil is celebrated for its potent detoxifying and purifying properties, making it a powerful ally in cleansing the body and supporting a healthy immune system. Its calming scent also aids in reducing stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of peace and well-being.

Juniper Essential Oil Overview

JUNIPER was traditionally used for physical & spiritual purification and is considered one of the four universal essential oils (meaning useful and effective for many issues, gentle in application).

Juniper’s HEALING PROPERTIES: Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Astringent, Cleanser, Detoxifier, Diuretic, Stimulant, Tonic.

~ Physically
Juniper has been used for acne, dermatitis, eczema (patch test first…add to a carrier oil), cleansing infections & healing wounds, for liver complaints, to relieve arthritis/rheumatism, kidney stones & bladder problems, urinary tract & pulmonary infections / coughs, to ward off contagious disease, for headaches, fevers, healing nerves, ulcers.

* * *
~ Hangover? Trying taking a bath adding 5 drops of any of the following essential oils: jasmine, juniper, lavender, peppermint, rose, rosemary, or sandalwood. See how you feel in a few hours or the next day. And let us know.
SOURCE: Carol Wiley

Essential Oils Recipe for Bladder Infection Relief

Unlike some urinary herbs used to treat infection, essential oils work well in both an acid or an alkaline environment meaning they may be used in conjunction with cranberries, which acidify the urine. Use the following oils in a regular bath or a sitz bath to prevent bladder infections or to clear one up:

6 drops Tea Tree
2 drops Thyme linalol
2 drops Juniper
2 drops Clove
2 drops Oregano

1 ounce carrier oil (Calendula is one of the best choices)

Mix the oils. Massage oil blend over lower abdomen / bladder area 2x daily until symptoms are gone. Please see your doctor, if there is a chance you have a kidney infection.
SOURCE: Kathy ???

* * *

Juniper Hydrosol for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones may be able to be treated with Juniper hydrosol / hydrolat (the essential water, a distillation by-product from the manufacture of EOs)? An essential oils reference book in my personal library states Geranium combo’d with Juniper essential oils can dissolve kidney stones. I’d apply the blend with a hot compress on the back over the kidneys area.

Another option might be to treat kidney stones with Juniper hydrosol / hydrolat (the essential water, a distillation by-product from the manufacture of EOs)…

~ Emotionally
Juniper promotes balance, relieves depression and evokes feeling of love, peacefulness, and may help elevate one’s spiritual awareness.

Nov 16, 2011

Juniper berries!

My hubby and I took a walk around the neighborhood a couple of days ago. Strolled past a little juniper loaded with these berries. Memories flashed back to our garden in (West) Pakistan where I grew up. Our gardener, Nanak, planted a row of live Christmas trees my parents would buy each year.

Love rolling the fragrant berries around in my fingers and smelling their scent. Juniper is the source of a universal healing oil for emotional balance (OPTIMISM! as if I need more of that…confidence & euphoria), skin ailments (ie. acne, eczema, infections), and digestive issues. Curious how our noses know what’s good for us.

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