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Bitten Tongue Remedy (Good for Lips, too!)

ouch graphic with bitten tongue
Bite your tongue? Essential oils can heal it practically overnight.
 Bite your tongue? Essential oils can heal it practically overnight.

Accidentally bit my tongue the other day…OUCH! on my way to an appointment. Didn’t have time to put essential oils on immediately.

bottle of essential oil with brown label Many essential oils have anti-infectious properties.

Essential Oils to the Rescue for a Tongue Bite!

When I got home, used my go-to bitten tongue remedy: GERMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil to reduce inflammation. But the bite seemed mildly infected and still was bothering me the next morning. So I dabbed on a touch of my favorite highly anti-infectious essential oil blend to kill any hint of infection. That did the trick!

My tender tongue was MUCH better the following day. Decided to continue with alternating  a touch of GERMAN CHAMOMILE with COPAIBA essential oil ~ both of which are mild and strongly anti-inflammatory ~ to reduce the little bump and speed the healing in three days, rather than the normal week or so it takes most bitten tongues to get better.


~ For conventional first-aid advice for bitten tongues, read this helpful article.
~ Tongue graphic adapted from Chris Spooner’s bold illustration graphic inspired by Rolling Stone’s famous tongue icon.

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