Cold and Flu Season Is Near! Vitamin D Supports Robust Health

Winter and springtime’s change of seasons challenge our immune systems. With CV-19 hospitalizations on the rise, we can bolster our immune systems by spending time outside in the sun and with daily Vitamin D3 supplements. A recent study indicated patients hospitalized with COVID-19, who had sufficient levels of vitamin D, had a decreased risk for adverse outcomes and death.

Vitamin D is so important for immune function that low levels are associated with an increased risk of respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as viral and bacterial respiratory infections and immune-related disorders.

Research shows having healthy levels of vitamin D helps your immune system and may protect against respiratory illnesses. Another large 2017 analyses of prospective clinical trials showed taking vitamin D reduces the odds of developing a respiratory infection by approximately 42%.

Why Is Vitamin D Crucial to Our Immune Support and Health?

One of the main functions of vitamin D is to help activate T cells, aka the “killer cells” in the body. T cells actually detect and destroy foreign pathogens — like viruses. “That makes vitamin D especially crucial for maintaining a functioning immune system capable of fighting back foreign pathogens.

Get more vitamin D by eating the right foods, with vitamin D3 supplements, or by spending more time in the sunlight. Analysis suggests that taking vitamin D daily or weekly was more effective than larger doses taken in single or monthly boluses. The most common daily dose used was vitamin D3 300-4,000 IU.

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