Helichrysum Essential Oil for Steam Burned Fingers

 Badly burned my middle, ring, and little finger in a kitchen accident with scalding steam. This photo was taken less than 9 hours after the accident following LOTS of essential oils applications to prevent tissue damage, inflammation, blistering, infection, and scarring.

Saturday started with a kitchen accident. As I was pouring boiling water, prepping my morning mug of hearty Irish tea, the teapot lid fell off. A cloud of scalding, concentrated steam enveloped three fingers of my right hand. Instant, intense PAIN! Burned badly, I dropped the pot on the stovetop, turning towards the sink to run cold water over my fingers.

With a burn, it’s CRITICAL to cool the skin and deeper layers as quickly as possible. The longer the tissues are over heated the more damage occurs. Standing at the sink I gathered my wits, planned first aid strategy considering which essential oils to use. Decided to

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