Natural Remedies for Dizziness and Vertigo plus Exercises Offer Remarkable Relief!

My father used to suffer from Meniere’s. It started in the 1990’s, and may have been related to the beginning of his hearing loss disabilities. Dad was in his mid-60s / early 70’s. The symptoms were VERY debilitating with rapid eye wavering, severe vertigo dizziness, and an inability to keep his balance.

That Inspired a New Natural Remedy for Dizziness Using Essential Oils:

In 2005, I researched and developed a proprietary combo of therapeutic essential oils for vertigo that support nerve health and are anti-viral. This article is about my father’s experience, since he’s SO pleased with the results.

Standing Tall essential oils blend relieves dizziness and vertigoThe StandingTall™ essential oils blend is available from our on-line store: www.GaiasPharmacopeia.com  For ease of use, we have pre-diluted the blend to a 20% concentration. For chronic health issues, diluted essential oils blends are often more effective in supporting our bodies’ healing process.

Usage Suggestions for Standing Tall® Natural Dizziness / Vertigo Treatment:

~ Apply daily upon arising & at bedtime, 1-2 drops to pads of big TOES / THUMBS / BASE of SKULL (brainstem).
~ For symptomatic relief – Inhale deeply for 1-2 minutes, apply 1-3 drops on TEMPLES / BASE of SKULL

One of the health-supporting effects of using therapeutic-quality essential oils for dizziness are their ability to oxygenate our cells. Dr. Joseph Serpe’s Neuro-Institute site also discusses the importance of Oxygen Therapy, which they use to treat patients suffering with Meniere’s Disease, and dizziness from BPPV:  “Oxygen is fuel for the brain and nervous system and is important for the health and recovery of the cerebellum.”

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