Bitten Tongue Remedy (Good for Lips, too!)

 Bite your tongue? Essential oils can heal it practically overnight.

Accidentally bit my tongue the other day…OUCH! on my way to an appointment. Didn’t have time to put essential oils on immediately.

bottle of essential oil with brown label Many essential oils have anti-infectious properties.

Essential Oils to the Rescue for a Tongue Bite!

When I got home, used my go-to bitten tongue remedy: GERMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil to reduce inflammation. But the bite seemed mildly infected and still was bothering me the next morning. So I dabbed on a touch of my favorite highly anti-infectious essential oil blend to kill any hint of infection. That did the trick!

My tender tongue was MUCH better the following day. Decided to continue with alternating  a touch of GERMAN CHAMOMILE with COPAIBA essential oil ~ both of which are mild and strongly anti-inflammatory ~ to reduce the little bump and speed the healing in three days, rather than the normal week or so it takes most bitten tongues to get better.


~ For conventional first-aid advice for bitten tongues, read this helpful article.
~ Tongue graphic adapted from Chris Spooner’s bold illustration graphic inspired by Rolling Stone’s famous tongue icon.

COPAIBA Essential Oil: Rediscovering a Traditional Healing Plant Essence

Photo of Copaiba balsam tree (Copaifera Officinalis) Copaiba balsam tree (Copaifera officinalis)

COPAIBA, a new-to-the-USA therapeutic essential oil, has been re-introduced into our healing pharmacopeia after a century of obscurity.

This medicinal gem is NOT steam-distilled like other therapeutic essential oils. Tapped directly from a traditional medicinal tree indigenous to Brazil’s Amazon jungle through a hole drilled into the trunk of the 50 to 80-foot tall tree. Out pours liquid copaiba oleo resin. The resin is then distilled under vacuum pressure ~ without water or heat ~ to separate off the precious aromatic essential oil. All harvesting of Young Living’s COPAIBA essential oil is done by native Brazilian tribes.

 Young Living Copaiba therapeutic-quality essential oil is excellent for healing wounds, fungal infections, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation.

Used as a traditional folk medicine for nearly 800 years and still sold in Amazonian pharmacies, COPAIBA was also listed in the US Pharmacopeia for topical and oral uses, a century ago (from 1820 to 1910). Still on the FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) List for oral consumption, COPAIBA essential oil is recommended for digestive discomforts. For stomach aches, stomach infections, and gastritis: Use up to ½ teaspoon, twice daily. Four to six drops per day in a capsule should be of benefit.

COPAIBA Has 50% Concentration of Anti-Inflammatory Beta-Caryophyllene

A 1996 study showed beta-caryophyllene to be effective in treating stress-induced ulcers. Beta-caryophyllene, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound is found at 50% concentration in pure COPAIBA essential oil. Comparing other healing essential oils: Beta-caryophyllene occurs in pure HELICHRYSUM essential oil at a 8%- 12% and in pure CLOVE essential oil at 6-8%.

COPAIBA is useful for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Pain.

Applied topically for pain, Young Living’s Director of Product Formulations, Marc Schreuder likes COPAIBA mixed with a little PEPPERMINT. COPAIBA’s also effective as an antiseptic, and used as immune support for fighting cellular mutations and tumors.

After studying COPAIBA for eight years, Marc Schreuder, commented COPAIBA was “HELICHRYSUM on steroids.” He says it is his #1 favorite oil, with FRANKINCENSE being #2.

always buy the best essential oilsMr. Schreuder refers to COPAIBA as “SANDALWOOD on steroids” due to its high sesquiterpene content. SANDALWOOD considered  excellent for emotional support…COPAIBA is six times better. Combining COPAIBA and FRANKINCENSE creates the highest spiritual and emotional frequency oil blend.

Buy The Best! Much of the readily available COPAIBA oil on the market is adulterated with soy bean oil (a predominantly GM/GE crop) or kerosene to extend the yield. But not COPAIBA available from Young Living Essential Oils.

~ Information on Copaiba: gleaned from Debra Raybern’s notes from a July 7, 2009 Copaiba Conference Call with Marc Schreuder, Young Living’s Director of Product Formulations
~ Photo of Copaiba Tree: Thanks to Barloventomagico Flickr Photostream

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