Pure Essential Oils Prevent Infections from Cat Bites or Scratches

We have an exceptionally intelligent kitty, Jaeci, who can be a bit of a handful to deal with…especially for folks she doesn’t know (or trust completely). She’s hyper-sensitive, rather ADHD (inattentiveness – willfulness in Jaeci’s case – combed with over-activity, impulsive reactions). She gets overstimulated quickly. Her affectionate, playful nips can easily be “not so gentle.”

Occasionally, we or our friends get bitten when petting or playing with her. Cat scratches and bites are ripe for infection as anyone who owns cats or works around cats knows VERY well.

I got bitten last winter and my friend Pam, whom Jaeci doesn’t know well, got a deeper “two fanged” bite a couple of months ago. Normally, Jaeci velvets her paws while playing (at least she does with me), but we haven’t been able to cure her of her nipping habit. I’ve certainly worked with Jaeci on it and still correct her firmly every time she forgets or acts out.

I never worry, as we prevent infections with superb first aid essential oils.  If you are a cat / pet owner or work around animals, you may want to add some of these superb essential oils to YOUR first aid kit as well.

If you don’t have essential oils on hand, and would prefer a convenient option, try one of our custom-formulated antibiotic blends: StaphRx™ or Trinity™. You’ll be happy you did.

bottle of essential oil with brown label
Many essential oils have anti-infectious properties.

My first “go-to” essential oil for preventing infection is a 100% pure essential oil blend with Melaleuca (Tea tree), Rosemary, and Clove. It doesn’t sting even on open wounds, a real advantage when dealing little kids’ and children’s scrapes and injuries. It does smell medicinal (due to the Tea Tree oil), but it WORKS! So who cares?

My friend, Pam, was shocked and a bit traumatized by being bitten. She’s a long-time, experienced, cat fan and didn’t expect Jaeci’s reaction. Pam also has some chronic health challenges with a compromised immune system, so was fearful the bite would get badly infected. Pam washed it off immediately and applied directly pressure with a clean paper towel to stop the bleeding.

I went to get band-aids and the anti-infectious blend from my substantial essential oils stash along with a small 3ml empty bottle. Planned to fill it to give Pam to take home for am/pm applications until her wound was completely healed.

Put 2-3 drops of the Melaleuca (Tea tree), Rosemary, and Clove blend on the pad of the band-aid before applying it to Pam’s hand. This was to protect the bite from dirt and abrasion and speed healing. Filled the little bottle with more of the essential oils and sent Pam home with it.

always buy the best essential oilsPam faithfully applied the anti-infectious blend, not only morning and evening, but whenever she thought of it during the day. She also called her MD to see what else should be done. Her doctor prescribed a preventative course of antibiotics ~ standard medical protocol with cat bites ~ which fortunately Pam was able to tolerate without digestive upset.

Neither Pam nor her doctor were aware the essential oils in this blend (and most therapeutic essential oils for that matter) are highly antibiotic, anti-infectious, anti-viral, and antiseptic. Pure essential oils are absorbed directly through the skin within seconds. AND in every cell of the body within 20 minutes of the initial application! So Pam was already using a “systemic antibiotic,” nature’s natural healing remedy rather than a lab manufactured pharmaceutical.

healing cat bite on base of senior woman's thumb
Therapeutic-quality essential oils heal cat bites and scratches quickly without a hint of infection!

I had suggested she take photographs to document her healing process. (Don’t know if she did.) It’s easy to forget how amazing these essential oils are in helping our bodies heal, when compared to using conventional medications.

I called Pam two weeks later to see how she was healing… VERY impressed, she said the Melaleuca (Tea tree), Rosemary, and Clove blend worked like a charm without the slightest hint of infection! Plus her skin was healing within days compared to the weeks into months another injury had taken earlier in the year.

I hope to get a personal testimonial and photos from Pam at some point, which I’ll share with you.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, if you are a cat / pet owner or work around animals, you may want to add some of these healing essential oils to YOUR first aid kit as well.


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