Essential Oils Enhance Your Dental Floss Routine

Most of us could benefit from being more consistent with a daily dental floss routine. If your gums are already a bit tender or bleed when you floss, adding pure therapeutic-quality essential oils to your brushing / flossing ritual may improve the health of your gums quite rapidly. It has for others.

Young Living Essential Oils uses Thieves® to support Oral Health

A drop or two of a therapeutic-grade essential oil or oil blend in a glass of water as a gargle, is much more pleasant and healthful than alcohol-laced commercial mouthwashes. Thieves® from Young Living Essential Oils is superb for

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Monster, Monster Go Away!

Are there monsters in your child’s bedroom? Calm their bedtime fears with relaxing essential oils…and they WILL sleep with this easy-to-make Anti-Monster Spray Recipe.

Easing Kids Bedtime Fears with Essential Oils

Read my friend Pamela M.  Seyler’s e-newsletter earlier this month and laughed in delight at the Anti-Monster Spray recipe she included. What a wonderful way to use essential oils to ease kids bedtime fears and to help them sleep! Here’s what she wrote:

“We all know that monsters under the bed at night can be detrimental to parents and kids getting a restful night’s sleep. Here is a super easy “Monster” spray

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Di-Gize® (formerly Di-Tone™) ~ A Young Living Essential Oils Blend for Tummy Aches

My grown son and I began a baking project
late in the evening. We were making gingerbread cookies as holiday gifts for a family with three young kids (5, 3, 1 years-old) that he was going to visit the next day ~ New Year’s. I was quite tired after finishing decorating one of the kids’ cookie in the wee hours. My son and hubby had gone to bed already.

After cleaning up my baking project and getting ready for bed, noticed my tummy was slightly upset…not exactly nauseous, but definitely NOT comfortable. This is a rare symptom for me, so I thought

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