Organic Rose Hydrosol ~ Kitty 1st Aid Purr…fection

In the depths of winter, both indoor-outdoor cats I’ve had have gotten teary eyes for a short while. I’m not trained in veterinary medicine, but if I recall correctly what the vets have said, it’s caused by a common virus cats may contract…similar to people “catching colds.”

Anyway, I don’t like my fur babies to be sick, even mildly so. My current kitty, a nearly 5-year old female, Jaeci (jay-cee) is TERRIFIED of being driven in the car. This makes me hesitant to take her to the vet’s, especially for a minor illness.

I’ve been researching holistic healing options for cats for several years, after I learned that it’s not advisable to use essential oils on them. Cats’ livers cannot process some of the therapeutic compounds, even from the best quality essential oils, and may react over time with a toxic overdose or worse.

Recently, I’ve been exploring the healing benefits of pure organic hydrosols. Hydrosols, a secondary product from the essential oils distillation process, are the water-soluble liquids from healing plants. During the distillation process, steam containing the oils is chilled, condensed into water with a layer of EO floating on top. The EO’s are skimmed off and bottled. Often, the remaining water is discarded. Unlike essential oils, which only carry lipid (fat) soluble compounds, hydrosols carry ALL the therapeutic compounds from the plant, both minute molecules of the Essential Oil and H2O soluble therapeutic compounds in a very dilute watery form.

Therapeutic Hydrosols are superb for many reasons, including being affordable and particularly excellent as a gentle healing option for children & babies, for very ill folks, the elderly…AND I’ve discovered…for CATS! The ‘misters’ or ‘spritzers’ made of distilled or pure spring water with a few drops of the appropriate Essential Oil are good for room scenting, for disinfecting, etc. But they aren’t to be confused with a pure organic hydrosol, which contains many other therapeutic benefits.

Jaeci enjoying her Mama-Cuddles

A couple of times this past month, Jaeci’s had watery eyes. I put a couple of spritzes of organic rose hydrosol on a soft facial tissue and wipe the cool fragrant mist across Jaeci’s face over her closed eyes. Only one application clears her eyes within a few minutes! And she doesn’t object to the treatment at all.

Cats generally prefer floral fragrances like Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli or tree scents like Balsam Fir, Rosewood, and Cedar. (Please don’t use Myrtle or Eucalyptus or Tree Tree hydrosols on cats as the essential oils are toxic to felines. I don’t know if their hydrosols are safe to use on our sweet felines.) Introduce any hydrosol, especially herbal scents, carefully to see what your cat’s preferences are. I’m going to try a spritz of organic Catnip Hydrosol in my kitty’s drinking water to see how she likes it….and as a flea repellent on her bedding.

Some resources for purchasing quality organic hydrosols are:

100 Pure Essential Oils at a VERY affordable price!

Nature’s Gift
Excerpted from their description:
“In Bulgaria, scientific research being done about the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of Rosewater indicates that Rosewater, taken internally (1 teaspoon in 8oz water), is effective against strep and staph infections, among many others. Rosewater has been recommended as a gargle or throat spray for sore or inflamed throats.

Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful woman’s tool for healing. It may be used externally, as a facial or body spray, or in a compress. Some recommend taking a teaspoon of the hydrosol to calm stress and anxiety. Others recommend a rosewater douche as a treatment for low libido (low sex drive); it seems to act on both the body and the psyche to gently bring down barriers. [Others] recommend taking Rose Hydrosol internally to help balance the female…endocrine system…it can combat PMS, menstrual cramps and moodiness, as well as assist during menopause.”

RoyalEssence has a good 3-for-1 deal

Sophia’s Garden is an organic biodynamic grower located in Sebastopol (local to us & a personal acquaintance). Monique has a special relationship to her farm & plants and with other growers she sources plants from (ie. roses from Mendocino). Though she doesn’t always have her whole range of hydrosols in stock – Sophia’s Garden’s out of Rose as of this writing – when the hydrosols are available, you may be sure they’re of the highest quality…and infused with a spiritual healing intent.

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