The One Year Milestone Approaches…

BIRTHS, GRADUATIONS, WEDDINGS, and DEATHS are family affairs. Our American culture, generally speaking, has a weird relationship with death. We deny it. Live like we’ll never die. Admire youthfulness and sexiness decades past when other fine attributes should gain importance… On a whole, we avoid discussing the subject at all costs.

When someone close to us ~ a friend or family member ~ dies, common rituals are so far removed from their everyday lives and our relationship with them that most people end up feeling confused, estranged, out-of-place, out-of-touch, isolated, alone in their grieving process, unable to speak or participate in meaningful rituals, and spontaneous commemorative gestures.

After my daughter-in-law Briana died, Marc and our family decided to forgo

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Conquering Cancer ~ Breakthrough Healing Protocols

OCTOBER ARRIVES as the sun dips low in the sky and nights lengthen north of the equator… bringing the bittersweet first anniversary of my precious daughter-in-law Briana’s death from breast cancer.

Briana Brownlow, Dec 1976 - Oct 2008
Briana Brownlow, Dec 1976 – Oct 2008

To add to the poignancy, our wonderful health insurance agent ~ who helped Bri & my son, Marc, patiently through the financial nightmare of a serious illness ~ is now fighting her own battle with very aggressive inflammatory breast cancer. Needless to say, it makes me very sad, especially since our agent’s path of discovery mimics Bri’s recurrence…but a year later.

My own interest in natural healing and medicine, and being Bri’s daytime care giver during her illness, led me to finding out about two innovative integrative cancer clinics. These clinics are having amazing successes ~ truly remarkable results ~ with their clientele….most of whom come to them with different types of advanced, stage 4 (terminal) cancers…after all other protocols have failed or have become intolerable. I am impressed ~ and inspired ~ with the health-supporting therapies these compassionate physicians are offering their cancer patients.

There’s a part of me that’s deeply dismayed about

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