Part 2) Therapeutic-Quality Essential Oils Aid Healing & Preventing Infection in Wounds or Surgical Incisions

The second article in a 2-Part Series:
Essential Oils May Help Heal Hospital-contracted Infections & Prevent Deaths

My apologies for taking almost a year-and-a-half getting to this follow-up article. When I posted the first article (FEB 2008), I had NO idea what a poignant & grief-stricken year lay ahead for my family.

In March 2008, 2-1/2 years after first being diagnosed, undergoing a single breast mastectomy followed by intensive chemo, my sweet daughter-in-law Briana Brownlow received the terrible news that the breast cancer had metastasized to her bones & lymph (lungs).

Just a month shy of her 29th birthday, when she discovered the ‘lump’ in 2005, Bri was one of 5% of women diagnosed under the age of 40. She died quietly here in our home in late OCT 2008. I was by her side, holding her hand as Bri took her last soft breath.

Ironically, in April 2008, after we found out about the cancer metastasis, our websites got hacked viciously. With less than a week’s warning, our former hosting provider demanded we take our sites off-line….since they were being used to launch attacks on other sites – a serious felony. So, while Bri’s body was being ravaged by cancerous malignancies, our websites were acting like cancer gone wild over the internet. Shocking and eerie, to say the least.

It forced us to make our sites extra secure with constant management by an internet security specialist and to rebuild this blog from scratch, which has turned out to be good. And though we still miss Bri terribly, our family is recovering and learning to face the future without her.

Now, back to this article. Our custom essential oil blends ~ created to bolster folks’ immune systems ~ have been very effective in helping people recover from major surgeries or infections. Will share notes on these blends & a few testimonials from

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