Bonz™ Essential Oils Balm for Broken Bones, Fractures and Joint Injuries

Bandai !! Jumping experiment (part II)

In May of 2006, our 24-year-old Tai Chi instructor broke his ankle doing a Kung Fu flying jump during a public demonstration.

After receiving standard medical treatment…wearing a cast for 6 six weeks, followed by physical therapy exercises once the cast was off, and although he took care not to re-aggravate the injury, his ankle was still aching painfully 2-3 months later with hard tissue spots and uncomfortable stiffness.

I wondered if a synergistic blend of essential oils could speed healing of broken bones, fractures and joint injuries… easing pain, reducing inflammation & internal scar tissue to restore full function to his ankle. So, I researched essential oils to achieve those healing benefits.

The result, BONZ has been one of my MOST successful synergistic blends: a combination of five powerfully healing essential oils, including

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