FRAGONIA™ (Agonis fragrans) Essential Oil’s Healing Properties

(Credit: Article adapted from Dr. Daniel Penoel’s Newsletter, August 15th 2007 )

Agonis fragrans ~ The Aromatic Pearl from Western Australia

This fairly recently released western Australian essential oil with a unique bush fragrance and anti-microbial properties was… unknown to aromatherapy until Dr. Daniel Penoel was introduced to this “new” essential oil, when it was brought to France for Dr. Penoel’s [gas chromatography] analysis.

Fragonia is distilled from a small shrub found on the south coast [of Australia] commonly called ‘coarse tea-tree’ by the cut flower industry.  A very special oil, it unblocks the emotions, bringing peace and calm. Emotional peace. Balancing.

Dr. Penoel has found Fragonia to have many excellent molecular properties and emotional benefits. Subsequent preliminary research has led to encouraging

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KUNZEA ( Kunzea ambigua) Essential Oil’s Healing Properties

(Credit: Article adapted from Dr. Daniel Penoel’s Newsletter, August 15th 2007 with botanical information from

Kunzea ambigua ~ The Aromatic Treasure from Tasmania

Common Name: Tick bush
Family: Myrtaceae

Kunzea ambigua is a tall spreading shrub 2- 4m high. It is sometimes confused with Tea Tree (Leptospermum), but is distinguished by the ‘fluffy’ appearance of the flowers, caused by numerous long stamens. It is fairly common in heaths and woodlands on sandstone.

The leaves are tiny, 5-12mm by 1-2mm, crowded on short lateral branches and covered in oil dots.

The white flowers have 5 petals which are almost hidden by the many longer stamens when the flower is open. They are very attractive to butterflies and several kinds of pollinating flies. Flowering season: October to December.

This Tasmanian essential oil developed by John Hood in the 1990’s is recognized by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act as an external treatment for ear, nose and throat inflammations and infections; for common respiratory ailments; to reduce pain, for muscular and joint conditions; and for the relief of minor conditions of anxiety and depression. Alleviates skin conditions such as eczema and rashes, in people, as well as pets.

Dr. Daniel Penoel MD ~ An Aromatic Medicine Practitioner’s Comments

Dr. Daniel Penoel MD, the French doctor and practitioner of Aromatic Medicine has discovered

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