Fragonia™ & Kunzea Therapeutic Essential Oils Speed Healing of Nasty Mosquito Bites

This would make a terrific Halloween post as I’m prone to getting bitten by blood-sucking critters….thankfully not vampires, nor bats or other fanciful creatures!

But, fleas, mosquitoes, and the like, find me delicious. They hone in on my whereabouts – indoors or out – leaving both my husband and older son unscathed.

Sunday morning (4 days ago), I woke up with two nasty mosquito bites, 1/2 inch apart, on my inner right forearm just below the elbow. Heard a mosquito’s dreaded whine as I went to bed the night before, but couldn’t spot her in the low light.

Normally, I kill mosquitoes without hesitation, either before they bite or right when I’m bitten, minimizing how much blood thinning venom gets injected. But she ‘got me good’ as I was sound asleep – 2 nasty bites with a full doses of venom each.

2 Nasty mosquito bites, first 24hrs
2 Nasty mosquito bites, first 24hrs

Since being a small child, I’ve always reacted to insect bites with an intense maddening itchiness! Because the mosquito had her fill, my immune system reacted with a large, hot, slightly painful, red welt. In the photo above (taken 24hrs after being bitten), the swelling almost obscures the lower bite near two subtle whitish streaks.

In the photo below, you can see the distortion of my right inner forearm from the welt.

Inner arm swelling from mosquito bites
Inner arm swelling from mosquito bites

I immediately applied anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory therapeutic essential oils, especially once the bites started

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