Sliced Thumb Heals Quickly with Essential Oils

While washing dishes in early December, a ceramic plate broke apart in my husband Bill’s hand ~ slicing his left thumb completely across the pad quite badly ~ 1/16 inch deep or more. He yelled out in pain, which he rarely does. We wondered if we might have to take him to the Hospital Emergency Room for stitches…?

Using Basic First Aid Techniques, our first concern was to stop the bleeding:

~ We applied direct pressure with a clean paper towel (his hands were already clean from washing dishes).

~ Bill sat down and propped his elbow on the dining table, elevating his hand higher than his heart.

~ I retrieved an iced freezer pack (one of those ‘blue things’…whatever they’re called?) so he could hold it against the towel covered thumb to chill the injured area and slow the blood flow.
NOTE: Do NOT put ice or an ice pack directly on damp bare skin…it will freeze the tissue, which may stick to the ice, and suffer more damage.

~ Then I assessed the seriousness of the injury by observing how much blood he was losing, asking Bill how much pain he was feeling, checking his responses and emotional condition.

*   *   *
Only then did I go get my essential oils.

My first criteria were: What would stop the bleeding / ease pain? and What would prevent infection / speed healing?

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