Essential Oils for Focus & Concentration: Outstanding Teachers Classroom Aides (Part 2 of 3)

A friend, an elementary school teacher, asked about essential oils for focus & concentration in learning & taking tests, settling students down in the mornings and perking them up from after-lunch ‘sleepies,’ and supporting students’ health to prevent illness… Could essential oils do that?

Definitely! Essential oils and essential oil blends have the potential to do all that…and more.

I’ve assembled single essential oils & EO blends from Young Living Essential Oils offerings that may be helpful for young children in elementary school classrooms and for families at home. Several essential oils serve dual purposes being anti-infectious AND calming OR aiding concentration AND being relaxing…so read through the descriptions to see what you may be interested in trying out.


*See diffuser notes at the end of the first article in this series: “Preventing Illness by Bolstering Immunity with Essential Oils

Quoting from the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, compiled by Connie & Alan Higley: “A university in Japan experimented with diffusing different oils in the office. When they diffused LEMON there were 54% few errors, with JASMINE there were 33% fewer errors, and with LAVENDER there were 20% fewer errors.

When oils are diffused while studying and

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Essential Oils Bolster Immunity: Outstanding Teachers Classroom Aides (Part 1 of 3)

School’s in! Leaves are donning autumn hues. Dusk and dawn steadily pinch light from both ends of our days. Surely as year-end holidays approach, seasonal colds & flus will threaten when temperatures drop. REMEMBER: essential oils bolster immunity!

Elementary school teachers, along with preparing classrooms and coursework, fortify themselves for common illnesses which impact their students every year. One friend asked recently if therapeutic essential oils bolster immunity? He wanted to help support his students’ health, assist with focus & concentration for learning & taking tests, settle them down in the mornings and perk them up from after-lunch ‘sleepies.’

Absolutely! Essential oils and essential oil blends have the potential to do all that and more.

I’ve assembled individual essential oils & EO blends from Young Living Essential Oils’ offerings, which I feel are appropriate for elementary school classrooms and for

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