Healing Spider Bites with Therapeutic Essential Oils

I’m a gardener. Backyard gardening is wonderfully creative, therapeutic and soul-nourishing. It’s a fairly low-risk hobby, but some potential dangers lurk…in the insects – spiders, wasps (yellow jackets), bees (for those who are allergic), and snakes; soil-borne pathogens (tetanus / staph); and accidental injuries from tools & wires /nails.

June 5, 2007
I noticed 2 or 3 spider bites on my inner left arm just below my elbow after carrying an armful of summer pruned fruit tree clippings. I’m prone to insect bites of all sorts – fleas and mosquitoes find me absolutely yummy! So, I know what those bites look like. These were definitely different.

Didn’t do anything for the spider bites at first. By 2nd or 3rd day, the reaction was getting worse,

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Soothing Yellow Jacket / Wasp Stings with Essential Oils

As long as we’re chatting about insect stings & spider bites, thought I’d include another therapeutic essential oils self-help success story:

always buy the best essential oilsNotes from 9-5-2004
My girlfriend Pam got stung by a mad yellow jacket right on the tip of her big toe, while she was on the phone with me. Must have hit a nerve ’cause Pam said it felt like the toe had been smashed by a hammer!

Suggested she put LAVENDER essential oil and a great Young Living Oils blend called Purification on it immediately…. or as soon as she could.

Pam told me later the pain from the sting diminished instantly with the therapeutic essential oils applications! How’s that for a great summertime essential oils first aid tip!!

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