Essential Oils May Heal Hospital-contracted Infections & Prevent Deaths (Part 1)

Medical professionals & insurance companies are well aware of the staggering number of patient deaths that occur EVERY year due to medical professionals’ misjudgment & errors, and adverse drug reactions – estimated to be in the range of 95,000 to 2,000,000 deaths. The term for this is “iatrogenic disease.”

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What does the word ‘iatrogenic‘ mean?
The website: www.iatrogenic.org has some excellent articles discussing this frightening issue and a superb definition of the term – iatrogenic.

Iatros means physician in Greek, and –genic, meaning induced by, is derived from the International Scientific Vocabulary. Combined, of course, they become iatrogenic, meaning physician-induced. Iatrogenic disease is obviously, then, disease which is caused by a physician.

Or perhaps it is not so obvious. The growing complexity of modern life (and medicine) has promoted the elasticity of language. In common usage…iatrogenic disease is now applied to any adverse effect associated with any medical practitioner or treatment. The practitioner need not be a physician,

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