Essential Oils for Herpes, Canker Sore Remedy, Minor Burns – TRINITY™

Super Blend of Essential Oils for Herpes / Canker Sores / Cold Sores

My husband, Bill, had been a “type one” Herpes sufferer his whole life. Every time there was a stressful business situation, a pressured financial situation or difficulty in traveling…. he would feel the tingling on his lip and begin to feel the headache and malaise that comes with some herpes outbreaks. It was disabling in many circumstances. It was like living in a prison.

Bill had tried many things, none of which worked perfectly. But when I created Trinity, he had a better tool for fighting off the herpes lesions that would normally hang on for a week or ten days. This would happen every month or two!

But when using Trinity topically on his lip (and neck and jaw), he was able to turn back the progress of the viral outbreak before it really got going. Taken early enough, the lesions would mostly dry up overnight. Two or three days in more advanced cases.

Bill has found the holy grail of fighting these outbreaks is to take mega doses (4000 mg) of Lysine two or three times a day starting immediately upon feeling symptoms. If the lesion has broken out already, he applies Trinity to dry it up quickly and disable the virus at that location. That’s his formula.

Incidentally, for those of you who suffer with herpes lesions on your lips…. don’t eat lots of chocolate, nuts or drink a lot of coffee because these elements (and some others like legumes) will hike your Arginine level and correspondingly lower your Lysine blood level. If you overdo it…this will bring on a Herpes outbreak, sure as shootin’! But if Herpes gets a foothold, go ahead and try the aforementioned solution.

If you would prefer a natural and convenient solution for your canker sores / herpes outbreaks, try our custom-formulated Herpes blend: Trinity™. Dry up those lesions quickly!

This Essential Oils Blend is Great for Burns, too!

On our February 2009 Aromatherapy Study Retreat at Shambhala Ranch in Mendocino county (CA), I accidentally burned my finger during my meal prep shift.

Followed standard first aid protocol: Cooling the skin immediately with an item from the freezer, but could tell the burned area was going to sting and be sensitive for a few days anyway. Thank GOODNESS for Susan Betancourt’s astute suggestion to use a drop of TRINITY™ an awesome ‘proprietary’ blend I had created and given her as a gift.

ONE drop – Did the job! The sensitivity & discomfort were gone immediately…as if I hadn’t been burned at all. WOW! were Susan and I amazed…and impressed at this easy DIY Rx for minor burns.

Susan had another interesting idea – to use ‘just a touch’ of TRINITY™ on

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