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10 Reasons to Use Essential Oils

In this article, we share handy uses for the following essential oils:
· 3 versatile ’single’ EOs: Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint and
· 4 wonderful blends: Joy, PanAway, Peace & Calming, and Purification

10 Reasons to Use Essential Oils in YOUR Home
1 – You, someone you know, your dog or horse might have a mishap or accident.
2 – You might be sleepy after lunch and having trouble concentrating.
3 – You might have eaten something that did not agree with you.
4 – You might have met someone that did not agree with you.
5 – You might be stuck in traffic and feel agitated.
6 – You might find yourself in a public restroom that doesn’t have soap or hot water.
7 – You might get stung by a bee or other insect.
8 – You might get a painful sunburn.
9 – You might have sore muscles after exercising.
10 – You just simply want to smell good and feel even better!

* * *
always buy the best essential oilsEssential oils may be used in the following ways:
· Dietary Supplements: All single oils may be used as dietary supplements.
· Diffuse: All of the oils may be diffused. The most beneficial type of diffusers disperse the oils in a micro fiber vapor without heat, which can damage essential oils and their beneficial chemical compounds. This allows the oils to stay suspended in the air to bolster your immune system and reduce risk of infection. Freshening the atmosphere with natural fragrances without need for harmful, synthetic air fresheners.
· Direct Application: All of the oils can be applied to the Vita Flex points on the feet, added to bath water mixed with 1/4c whole or low-fat (not skim) milk, 1c. Epsom Salts, or YLEO’s Bath Gel Base; applied topically; or used with body and foot massage.

If you want to know more about these oils, the following links will open PDFs, which you may print out or save to your computer:
LEMON Essential Oil TIPS

Tips on using JoyPanAwayPeace & CalmingPurification
• Four versatile Essential Oils blends

For other helpful uses, read our list of My Family’s Favorite Oils. Lavender, Lemon and the ‘Peace & Calming’ blend are discussed there.

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