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What's NEW ~ 2009 Updates

December 30, 2009 ~ I'm VERY PLEASED to announce I received my CCA Certification after completing 240hrs of professional training & research in the clinical (medical) application of therapeutic essential oils for health & well-being. This is in addition to a decade of personal hands-on experience using essential oils.

CCA certificate from ISHA

October 10, 2009 ~ It's been a busy year for me. Busy with creating new essential oil blends; doing personal consultations; learning as always about essential oils; and working on completing my CCA coursework (Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy), so I'll have my certification soon!

I'm also enjoying having both my grown sons living at home. My youngest son, David, moved back after my daughter-in-law Briana's death to offer his brother, Marc, emotional support....really sweet of him and helpful to all of us. Dave brings an enthusiasm and active energy to our family dynamic. With the other three of us a bit lethargic and burdened, it's just what we needed.

Briana Brownlow, Dec 1976 - Oct 2008
Briana Brownlow photo montage

OCTOBER, Breast Cancer Awareness month is the first anniversary of Bri's death (October 27, 2008). Have several important articles planned that you or someone you know may find interesting and helpful. They will be posted on our Essential Oils For Healing blog even though they don't discuss essential oils usage directly.

The first post discusses two innovative, integrative Cancer clinics whose patients are experiencing superb results! Most of these folks have advanced, stage 4 'terminal' cancers…and come after other conventional protocols have failed or become intolerable or have been told by their oncologists "There is nothing more we can do for you." I am impressed ~ and inspired ~ by the health-supporting therapies these compassionate physicians are offering their cancer patients.

Mid-month I posted an article on family-directed home funeral services. What we did for Briana and what she would have preferred...if she had chosen to make a plan. Families used to do this commonly in the early part of the 20th century ~ keeping the body at home so family & close friends could come say "Good-bye" in the intimacy of our homes, rather than using the formal atmosphere of a funeral chapel service.

I may also post notes & snippets of information on immune support alternatives for folks dealing with cancer via nutritional and essential oils.

* * *
May 4, 2009 ~ I'll be adding updates: Blog articles and descriptions of my newest essential oils blends very soon. I've been wanting to get back to this blog, since January, but it's taking our family awhile to integrate our beloved Briana's death at the end of October.

It's hard for me to believe as each month passes, one after the's 6 months since Brizy died. Half a year, already. We're doing okay. But grief is a long, drawn out process. It has its own unique pace with each of us

Learn to Use Therapeutic Essential Oils, Safely & Effectively
rosemary sprig gif

Aromatherapy with therapeutic-grade essential oils (EOs) is excellent for first aid; daily self-care; and can be used to ease physical, emotional, mental or spiritual suffering in health care / healing settings...often with profound results.

Massage practitioners / bodyworkers, alternative therapists, hospice / holistic nurses, parish nurses, chaplains & ministers, parents, teachers, daycare providers, health-minded teenagers to seniors can use aromatherapy with therapeutic essential oils effectively.

If you're NEW to therapeutic essential oils with no idea where to begin, what EOs to buy or use, first...check this list of my family's favorite 'all-purpose' essential oils. It was originally compiled for a friend interested in alternative health, who asked me for some ideas of where to begin.

* * *
Our secure Gaia's Pharmacopeia e-store with essential oil blends I've formulated for various health issues is available for your self-help health care needs. My newest blends: InHale™ for asthma & bronchial relief, BurnRx™ for aiding burns to heal w/minimal scarring, hormonal support (see below), FlexRx™ for speeding recovery from ligament/tendon injuries, LymphClear™ a new blend for lymphatic support, Shado™ to help recovery from sunburn & precancerous skin conditions, and TumEase™ for soothing digestive upsets are all on-line. Give them a try!

When you order, each synergestic blend is carefully & personally formulated for you from our current supply of precious essential oils. We do not have pre-blended inventory. Every order includes a reference sheet detailing the healing properties of the EOs in the blend along with usage suggestions along with 10 minutes of FREE email / phone consultation.

Custom Endocrine & Stress Blends

Created several blends for Endocrine Support & Stress Relief last year as I learned more about chronic health challenges and experiments with managing my own endocrine balance issues:
- Inner Calm™ (stress relief)
- Masterful™ (pituitary support)
- Tranquility™ (hormone support, stress reduction, herpes/neuralgia relief)
Consider giving them a try, if any of these health issues are challenges for you.

* * *
My educational health advocacy services, Aromatherapy For You and Personal (Essential) Oils Blends (see sidebar menu) are a resource you may appreciate for experiencing how aromatherapy can enhance your life. I'm happy to discuss health / well-being issues that concern you and suggest or research essential oils appropriate for your situation. I can offer ideas on how to use essential oils you already have at home. A page for each service itemizes costs and includes an on-line form for your Health History / Fragrance Preferences / Session Aims, which will help you clarify your goals and assist me in understanding your needs.

Consultation rates: $35-half hour or $60-full hour sessions. Looking forward to working with you!

* * *
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