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2008 Updates

Bittersweet Holidays Ahead

12-16-08 Today would have been my precious daughter-in-law Briana's 32nd birthday... She died in the wee morning hours on October 27th, here at home. I was sitting by her side, holding her hand, when she took her last quiet breath.

We celebrated her life with a heartfelt gathering of family and friends, last Saturday. Despite her bravery, optimism, patience and gratitude, Bri lost her fight against metastatic breast cancer.

Her husband, Marc Brownlow (my oldest son), his brother David, my hubby & I plus the rest of Bri's family and friends now have a long road ahead...integrating her loss into our lives. You may read Marc's essay and my tribute to our beloved Brizy.

7-15-2008 Fundraiser Update

Success! Well, the fundraiser at Chip-In is officially finished, but the Chip-In page remains for folks to see.

Bri figures all-in-all from friends, family, this fundraiser, plus a 'hardship' waiver from the hospital emergency room in March that she & Marc have been given nearly $20,000 in gifts for her health journey. Pretty amazing example of Love-In-Action! You may read her own tribute to this amazing experience on her blog.

Briana Brownlow fundraiser -

Only half-way through the fundraising time period, and we've already reached our initial goal for Briana's fundraiser in a heart felt response from around the world - USA, Canada, UAE, India, Australia, Singapore, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Greece.

If you are inspired to help support her in this journey, please use the ChipIn donation widget above. Your gifts are truly Love-In-Action. Bri and her husband, Marc, will be most appreciative! If you would like to get a sense of what a wonderful person Briana is, please visit her food blog:

I'm also starting a fundraiser for my sweet daughter-in-law Briana Brownlow to help off-set medical costs on the breast cancer healing journey life has presented her. (She is one of 5% of women diagnosed under the age of 30. Bri was just a month shy of her 29th birthday.)

After a single breast mastectomy, followed by intensive chemo, with her life and my son's life challenged on all fronts, now 2-1/2 years later - breast cancer has returned. So, we're doing treatment differently this time - focusing on HOPE and the BELIEF that she will heal - using alternatives like mistletoe extract injections (Iscador), Xeloda (a tablet form of chemo), healing herbs, fresh organic vegetable & fruit juices (especially carrot & citrus), supportive gemstones, prayerwork, energywork, and much more.

Oh, dear. Still debugging our Gaia's Pharmacopeia Shoppe that I put on-line last week. (The sidebar link works, but the store doesn't.....sigh.) Will be troubleshooting it this week. Be patient. It will be working smoothly soon. In the meantime, you can read about our special essential oils blends and order via email or phone from the blends page.

Speaking of blends, I'm really impressed with Bruise-Be-Gone™. Therapeutic Citrus & Lavender essential oils blended with other EOs to speed healing of bruises & hematomas. The essential oils help dissolve blood clots, stimulate the lymphatic system to clear the tissues, minimize scarring, and heal the skin.

In the past month (April-May 2008) I've been using it for a small lower leg hematoma (banged myself with a bucket while gardening - OUCH!) and for several very nasty bug bites....maybe spider bites? I've been applying Bruise-Be-Gone™ twice a day, upon wakening & just before going to sleep at night. Works awesomely!

The hematoma has been dissolving slowly. It's taking a month or two. Is still slightly pink and I can feel small lumps under the skin surface with minor tenderness. It will be gone soon enough.

The bug bites heal more dramatically. In less than a week, they've gone from an intensely itchy-painful, swollen, hot, red, scary inflammation to being almost gone. I started out using Young Living's PURIFICATION blend for the first day to neutralize the venom toxins and LAVENDER and GERMAN CHAMOMILE to calm the inflammation, sooth itching & reduce pain for a day or two. Then I've been using only Bruise-Be-Gone™ 'til the skin's completely healed. Give it a try, if bugs love nibbling you, too.

4-2-08 Was speaking to a client in the past few days about complications her adult son's experiencing from an ankle amputation surgery due to an old injury. This lady's totally committed to holistic healing. Has cured herself with a variety of techniques. Her son isn't quite as open to alternative healing options.....yet. However, his amputation stump has developed two neuromas - nerves severed during the surgery, which are causing him significant discomfort.

She found this site & my custom Sweet Balm™ essential oil blend that helped another friend heal her neuroma. We also discussed my client's son using ForSoothe™ or Young Living Oils PanAway as other self-help essential oil healing options.

Anyway, all this lead to remembering emails about a variation of Gary Young's 100% Total Pain Relief pre-and-post op surgery therapeutic essential oils blend. I've named it GYPain™ and decided to offer it to my clients & customers, pre-blended, to use for chronic aches & pains, for neuralgia relief, and on minor wounds. More info - costs & user testimonials are available on the Healing Blends page. Also, posted Julie Chertow's awesome 2007 testimonial from her abdominal surgery using her own variation of this blend, which is the one we're offering.

2-2-08 Happy New Year! Hope your end-of-the-year holidays were full of sweetness, nourishing your spirit as well as your connections with family & friends. Now, the CA Presidential Primaries & Valentine's Day are rapidly approaching....