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August 2010 ~ ALL articles & updates are being posted to our Essential Oils For Healing blog, an excellent resource for learning how to use these healing oils.

Areas I'm particularly interested in are integrative therapies for healing from cancer (including the latest anti-cancer data on essential oils), creating hand-crafted all natural perfumes with pure essential oils in luxurious jojoba, and teaching clients how to support their health & well-being with essential oils.

April ~ Our Essential Oils For Healing blog is where all NEW articles, current reserarch, and our personal discoveries using essential oils are being posted. You're invited to bookmark the EOH blog, subscribe to the RSS feed, or make a comment on one of the posts and sign up for blog updates...that way you won't miss our articles as they get published.

therapeutic properties of orange essential oil

Were you aware essential oils from the orange tree’s flowers, leaves, and rind have powerfully healing effects? With remarkably anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumoral properties, based on it’s high 85%-96% limonene chemistry, ORANGE essential oil has combated tumor growth in over 50 clinical studies. (SOURCE: Essential Oils for Physical Health & Well-Being by Linda L. Smith)

In our article: ORANGE ~ Therapeutic Essential Oil As an Adjunct Cancer Therapy We ask, WHY aren’t Orange Essential Oil’s awesome anti-Cancer properties common knowledge? My guess…either most oncologists aren’t taught about or aren’t aware of D-Limonene and Perillyl alcohol’s benefits OR there isn’t enough financial incentive to have cancer patients self-administer orange oil for their own recovery as recounted in the personal testimonials at the end of this article.

Hands on Healing Blessings photoEASTER, a sacred Christian remembrance of the prophet Jesus’ resurrection, we felt was the perfect occasion to write about a hand-crafted ‘Holy Chrism’ blend that integrates special oils from various religious and cultural traditions: A Special ‘Holy Chrism’ Essential Oil Blend for Blessing & Anointing .

Hands-on Blessings are part of many religious traditions
Sacred Oils have been used for thousands of years in spiritual rituals of various cultures and in all religious traditions….most often in the act of hands-on blessings and sacred anointings for births, marriages, royal coronations, healing the sick, special holidays, to impart sacredness to special objects, and in death. (read more...)

March ~CLOVE essential oil came to the rescue in my husband's dental health emergency at the end of the month: Clove Essential Oil, The Classic Remedy for Toothaches & Gum Infections

clove therapeutic essential oilMy hubby, Bill’s rear lower molar had been bothering him for a month. It became TOO much…and started throbbing, radiating pain along the jawbone and up the side of his face. I had suggested to Bill several weeks ago to start dabbing the tooth & surrounding gum line with undiluted CLOVE oil in case there was an infection. But as some hubbies are prone to do, he hadn’t bothered. Reminded him again that using Clove oil would help stop the infection FAST! And help numb the pain, since it’s a topical anesthetic.

Initially, Bill applied THIEVES™ ~ a versatile, anti-infectious Young Living Essential oil blend ~ with a cotton-tipped swab dabbing it around the inflamed gum line and right on the sorest areas. Within 1 minute, the pain & discomfort were reduced by 30%. He repeated the application a 2-3 times before going to an emergency mid-afternoon dental appointment.

By 9pm in the evening ~ only 5 hours later ~ when our dentist phoned to see how Bill was doing and asked if the Vicadin was helping with the pain, Bill said he was hardly in any discomfort at all and hadn’t taken any Vicadin, yet. Bill commented a single dose of antibiotic he had taken, when he got home, was “already working.”

Overhearing the phone conversation, I noted a subtle tone of disbelief in Dr. Sandhu’s voice, but being a gentleman and a real doctor, he wasn’t about to dismiss what he likely thought was a placebo effect of Bill’s optimism. Dr. Sandhu encouraged Bill take some Vicadin before bed and to continue with the every-8-hours antibiotic prescription routine to minimize the infection before his root canal surgery the following day.

I, of course, have NO doubts, the two therapeutic essential oils Bill used were actually responsible for the dramatic, rapid reduction in his pain and discomfort. (Read more...)

romance perfumeFebruary ~ We continue discussing 'natural aromatics' in our article: Fragrance & Well-Being: Perfumes that Delight & Heal .

Here are some excerpts...
In the lucrative fragrance & cosmetics industry, manufacturing techniques generally alter pure essential oils ~ extracting only their aromatic attributes ~ stripping these healing essences of their therapeutic components, losing potential benefits to your well-being. Even worse has been the trend of substituting synthetic scents for more expensive prized fragrances to increase yields & profits (ie. rose, lavender, ???). Traces of petrochemical solvents often cause intense allergic reactions and toxic overload. Most consumers ~ unless you’re one of those folks “with allergies” ~ aren’t aware adulterated oils may cause rashes, burning skin irritations, breathing problems, and more serious chronic health issues.

The Ancient Perfumers Art has Come Full Circle
Burgeoning consumer & commercial interest in the therapeutic benefits of fragrant essences combined with a genuine need for products that foster well-being, are encouraging a return to the ancient craft of ‘authentic perfumery.’ With cosmetic & fragrance trends being market-driven, it will be up to the consumer to press commercial perfumers to use pure holistic natural aromatics in fragrances that both delight AND heal.

Essential oils are concentrated healing essenses with powerful effects. It's wise to have a good reference book to guide you in using therapeutic essential oils with care. Before buying my very first bottle of essential oil, I bought a basic essential oils reference book, the Higley's Reference Guide for Essential Oils which I still use today.

Have you noticed? We also have a menu link in the sidebar to essential oils books recommended highly as superb resources by my Clinical Aromatherapy instructor, Linda Smith.

You'll find the Higley's Guide listed there as well as in the Essential Books Store showing all the books I have in my personal essential oils reference library...and others that would be excellent resources. Both the essential oils books page and our store link directly to making it easy for you to read book reviews and buy some of these excellent resources for your own library.

Mandarin Spring natural oil perfume January ~ We introduced Mandarin Spring™, a 'natural' oil based fragrance that elicits appreciative “hmms & ahhs” from everyone who smells it, men and women alike.

A delightful rose & citrus perfume, Mandarin Spring™ has REAL health benefits ~ attributes of its pure therapeutic essential oil ingredients that I infuse in organic jojoba, a luxurious skin emollient.

One friend I gave some Mandarin Spring™ to as a gift found it INSTANTLY stopped her migraine headache after she applied 3 small drops to her forehead, between her eyebrows and rubbed in at each temple.

I'm constantly learning about these versatile healing essences. Just in the last two weeks I've made some TERRIFIC discoveries!

Early in the month I had a finger joint flare-up painfully...with arthritis or some sort of inflammation? It HURT! Decided I wasn't going to put up with that. Used two essential oils with almost instantaneous relief! Gosh, was I pleased and IMPRESSED....
QUICK Relief for Sore, Inflamed Joints
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Injuries, etc.

My sweet kitty Jaeci's eyes were a bit watery a week or so ago. Certain viruses can cause those symptoms in cats.

It's not advisable to use essential oils on cats, because their liver physiology is VERY different than other mammals. Some essential oil compounds can be toxic, even deadly. But hydrosols (hydrolats) ~ essential waters obtained during the oils distillation process ~ are VERY therapeutic and extremely gentle.

If you're a cat lover or know someone who is, read how easily & quickly Rose hydrosol cleared up her eyes...
Organic Rose Hydrosol
~ Kitty 1st Aid Purr…fection

I'm going to explore the healing possibilities of gentle hydrosols this next year, starting with myself and my family.

fern fronds bar

Every few months I'm planning to add blog posts on my favorite essential oils, discussing their healing properties & therapeutic uses. Here are three articles in this series:

GERANIUM Pelargonium graveolens
LAVENDER (Lavendula angustifolia)
GERMAN CHAMOMILE (Matricaria recutita)

* * *
December 30, 2009 ~ I'm VERY PLEASED to announce I received my CCA Certification after completing 240hrs of professional training & research in the clinical (medical) application of therapeutic essential oils for health & well-being. This is in addition to a decade of personal hands-on experience using essential oils.

CCA certificate from ISHA

Our Health Education Advocacy & Research Services:
Aromatherapy For You
Personal (Essential) Oils Blends
are a resource you may appreciate for experiencing how aromatherapy can enhance your life. I'm happy to discuss your health history / well-being issues and to suggest or research essential oils appropriate for your situation.

I'm happy to offer ideas on how to use essential oils you may already have at home. Both pages Aromatherapy For You and Personal (Essential) Oils Blends itemize costs & payment terms.

Please use the on-line form for your Health History / Fragrance Preferences / Session Aims, which will help you clarify your goals and assist me in understanding your needs. Looking forward to working with you!

* * *
Gaia's Pharmacopeia our secure e-store, carries Hand-crafted Essential Oil Blends formulated to address various health issues for your self-help health care needs.

When you order, each synergestic blend is carefully & personally formulated for you from our current supply of precious essential oils. We do not have pre-blended inventory. Every order includes a reference sheet detailing the healing properties of the EOs in the blend along with usage suggestions along with 10 minutes of FREE email / phone consultation.

Our newest blends are:
Achilles HEAL
another sports injury blend was formulated for a friend suffering from a persistently sore achilles tendon due to his running regime. Combined with rest & some physical therapy, he noticed steady improvement. An intense guy in a high-stress job, the effect he appreciated immediately was its pleasant, relaxing aroma.
MEN Over 40! This blend may also be used to relieve age-related prostate inflammation (hyperplasia).
BurnRx™ for aiding burns to heal w/minimal scarring
Copaiba+Peppermint developed this blend for a fellow Tai Chi practitioner suffering from a painful Morton's neuroma in her foot. In less than 2 weeks, it soothed the nerve & tendon inflammation so she could walk freely on her vacation abroad.
FlexRx™ for speeding recovery from ligament/tendon injuries
InHale™ for asthma & bronchial relief
ProstateRx™ is a refreshing blend formulated to reduce PROSTATE HYPERPLASIA (chronic inflammation characteristic of aging) and support PROSTATE HEALTH
• TumEase™ for soothing DIGESTIVE UPSETS
Mandarin Spring™ is an enthusiastically appreciated STRESS-RELIEF FRAGRANCE for women and men. An unusual blend with a Mandarin base, a hint of Rose, plus mysterious spice & wood notes offers subtle therapeutic benefits with an immediate emotional response of optimism and relaxation. Has also, stopped migraine headaches for some folks.
Give them a try!

Learn to Use Therapeutic Essential Oils, Safely & Effectively
rosemary sprig gif

Aromatherapy with therapeutic-grade essential oils (EOs) is excellent for first aid; daily self-care; and can be used to ease physical, emotional, mental or spiritual suffering in health care / healing settings...often with profound results.

Massage practitioners / bodyworkers, alternative therapists, hospice / holistic nurses, parish nurses, chaplains & ministers, parents, teachers, daycare providers, health-minded teenagers to seniors can use aromatherapy with therapeutic essential oils effectively.

If you're NEW to therapeutic essential oils with no idea where to begin, what EOs to buy or use, first...check this list of my family's favorite 'all-purpose' essential oils. It was originally compiled for a friend interested in alternative health, who asked me for some ideas of where to begin.