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Recommended Therapeutic Essential Oils Reference Books

Consider borrowing therapeutic essential oils books from your local library if you can find them or browse local bookstores to find ones you to buy for your personal health library. Most titles may be ordered through your favorite bookstore. Or buy on-line for mail-order delivery using the links in our listings, or from other on-line bookstores, or from author / distributor sites. Check out our EOH blog store for other great titles & books on hydrosols (ie. hydrolats, essential waters).

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~ History, Chemistry, General Reference

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~ Art & Application for Physical & Emotional Well-Being

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~ Family Health / Parents, Babies & Children...and Pets

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~ Beauty & Nutrition


rose geranium flowerIf you're NEW to therapeutic essential oils with no idea where to begin...what EOs to buy & use first...check this list of my family's favorite 'all-purpose' oils. It was originally compiled for an alternative health friend, who asked me for some ideas of "where to begin."