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WELCOME to our Essential Oils Blog!

Excited by our personal experiences / results from using the wonderful therapeutic essential oils distilled by Young Living Essential Oils (Utah) and what we've learned in the Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy workshops....

We created our on-line Therapeutic Essential Oils Users Blog so we can share our discoveries, educate each other, support our health journeys, and best of all...stay in touch and nurture friendships!

New readers / site visitors are welcome to be part of our community. Please post comments to share your own oils experiences / ideas.

What's NEW ~ 2009 Updates

OCTOBER, Breast Cancer Awareness month is the first anniversary of Bri's death. Have several important articles planned that you or someone you know may find interesting and helpful. They will be posted on our Essential Oils For Healing blog even though they don't deal with essential oils usage.

The first post discusses two innovative, integrative Cancer clinics whose patients are experiencing superb results!

Do check back, there's more to come.

June 2009 ~ Added several interesting articles:

~ YLO’s Melrose for Rose ‘Wrastling’ Scratches
The concern for gardeners is preventing infection. Soil pathogens that could cause tetanus and/or skin surface microbes that could start a staph infection are fairly common. Young Living's Melrose blend is gentle and effective in preventing infection or healing infections that may have gotten started.

~ Bonz™ ~ A Balm for Fractures & Joint Injuries has helped many customers heal broken ankles & legs from falls, sports injuries and auto accidents.

~ Fragrant ‘Milk’ Fragrant ‘Milk’ baths, a simple luxury, have GENUINE health benefits. Milk contains Vitamins A and D, which helps make your skin soft, yet strong. It contains lactic acid with alpha hydroxy acids which help dissolve glue-like proteins that keep dead cells attached to the skin. The lactic acid found in milks, buttermilk,and yogurt act as a gentle soothing moisturizing exfoliant.

~ Here's an assortment of wonderful milk bath recipes like Lavender or Rose & Honey Milk Bath and Tropical Oasis Milk Bath with coconut milk & tangerine, ylang ylang or vanilla EOs. Give them a try. We all deserve a little luxury!

May 2009 ~ I've been wanting to get back to this blog, since January, but it's taking our family awhile to integrate our beloved Briana's death at the end of October.

I'll be adding updates on recent EOH blog articles such as this one about healing mosquito bites with essential oils plus introductions to our growing offerings of custom-made therapeutic essential oil blends (see below).

Our secure Gaia’s Pharmacopeia™ e-store is carrying several NEW synergistic essential oil blends formulated for various health issues. Now available for your self-help health care needs:

  • BurnRx™ for aiding burns to heal w/minimal scarring
  • FlexRx™ for speeding recovery from ligament/tendon injuries
  • InHale™ for asthma & bronchial relief
  • LymphClear™ a new blend for lymphatic support
  • Shado™ to help recovery from sunburn & precancerous skin conditions
  • TumEase™ for soothing digestive upsets
    All are on-line. Give them a try!

At the time of your order, each synergestic blend is carefully & personally formulated for you from our current supply of precious essential oils. We do not have pre-blended inventory. Every order includes a reference sheet detailing the healing properties of the EOs in the blend along with usage suggestions and 15 minutes of FREE email / phone consultation.

It's hard for me to believe as each month passes, one after the's 6 months since Brizy died. Half a year, already. We're doing okay. But grief is a long, drawn out process. It has its own unique pace with each of us.

* * *
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Hope you'll join in ~ whether you're new to essential oils or a long-time user ~ so we can build a wonderful virtual community!